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All are aware of the huge benefits of practicing meditation. Meditation is proven to reduce stress, improve sleep patterns and make you more productive. It improves both your physical and mental health. But meditating is not very easy. If you have tried it, you must be knowing that it is not at all easy to calm your mind and start meditating. But with Zen 12 sessions which last for just 12 minutes, meditating is very easy. You do not have to focus or concentrate but just let Zen 12 do its work.

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About Zen12

Zen12 is a meditation program in which each session lasts for just 12 minutes. It uses special brainwave sounds which can shift you into a state of deep meditation and relaxation. Zen 12 contains 12 levels and each level helps you meditate even deeper. You can shift to the next level after each month. Zen 12 is based on 100-year research on brainwave entrainment. It uses pulses and tones which works on your mind to put it in a deep meditative state. It effectively uses meditation for uplifting the state of both your mind and body.

What do the 12 levels of Zen12 contain?

The sessions of Zen12 take you to deeper states of meditation instantly but the same style of meditation does not work for all. Taking this into consideration, the manufacturers have created four versions of each of the 12 levels.

Relaxation music

These are the most used version. It helps to calm the mind, relieves stress and chills you completely. Listening to these tracks releases all tensions and ensures that you get a good night’s sleep.

Guided meditation

These versions guide you into a very deep state of meditation where you are completely relaxed.

White noise

These sessions will block all the background distractions and you can get into meditating state easily.

Sounds of Nature

These sounds of babbling brooks and white noise take your mind into a peaceful state.

How Does Zen12 work?

Zen12 uses special tones and pulses which influence your brainwave patterns. These are like drumbeats and help you attain a state of meditation very fast. Instead of spending around 30 minutes to get into meditation, Zen 12 helps you get into that state in just 12 minutes. As you go to a higher level you get into a deeper state of meditation. There is no need to follow any rules, no schedules, no headphones, just play and you will get into the state of meditation instantly. That too without any effort from your end.

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How to Use the product?

Zen12 is very easy to use. You have to just purchase, download and start with playing the first session. There are no specific instructions to be followed, no special sitting position like the lotus position, etc., and using headphones not compulsory for these sessions.

It is recommended that you use every 12 minutes’ session at least a few times a week. After a month’s use or whenever you feel ready, you can proceed to the next level.

Is it safe to use the Product?

Yes, it is safe to listen to these mp3 sessions. These tones and pulses are based on the scientific brain entrainment method. It only influences your brainwave patterns so that you can meditate very fast.

Is the product addictive

No, the product is not addictive. It is based on a 100 year researched method that is not addictive.

zen12 review

Benefits of Zen12

  • It boosts up your brain level functioning.
  • It increases your level of inner peace and serenity.
  • It increases your creativity levels and also stays increased.
  • Your emotions become steady, even at the time of natural periods when there are mood swings quite often.
  • It improves concentration and boosts up memory power.
  • It reduces stress, pain, anxiety, and depression.
  • It increases physical and mental health.
  • It helps to maintain a good balance in the mood.
  • It increases self-control.
  • It helps to receive inspired thoughts or ideas.

Side Effects of the Product

There are no such side effects of the product. But there are a few precautions to be taken before listening to the audio clips. You must avoid listening to these sessions while driving or while operating any machinery.

Purchase & Price

Buying the Zen12 from the company’s website puts you in an advantageous position. As you purchase more the discount keeps on increasing.

  • If you buy the beginner membership, it will cost you $67 in which you get 24 MP3s and 6 levels. It can be used by only one person for 6 months. You save $60 in this.
  • The advanced membership should only be bought by people who have at least 6 months of experience. You save $60 in this. It will cost you $67.
  • If you buy the premium membership, it will cost you $87 in which you get 48 MP3s and all 12 levels. You save $100 in this. It can be by everyone for 12 months.
  • Additionally, you get audio guides to each level, also access to an exclusive 1-hour training session by Karl Moore.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

If you are unsatisfied with the course or program you have purchased or enrolled in, the company offers you 1 year of the money-back guarantee with no questions asked. You will get a full refund if you return it to the company within 1 year of purchase. But the bonuses won’t be taken back, it will be yours forever with our compliments.



How long does it take to get started with Zen12?
The sessions start in just 10 minutes. There is no guidance or instructions needed for this. You have to just download the MP3, press the play button and enjoy the audios. The tracks will do the rest for you.

Is it necessary to listen to use these audios daily?
No, it is not. You can listen to it once a day or multiple times daily as per your needs. If you get used to it, you can listen to it a few times a week also. Zen12 fits in your schedule.

When do the benefits start coming?
Benefits come almost instantly. You will feel the benefits as soon as you start listening to the tracks.

How much time do I have to devote daily?
Zen12 takes just 12 minutes of your whole day. If you get used to it, you do not have to listen to it every single day. Though many users listen to it multiple times as they think that they will get extra productivity.

How do these audios help me?
This uses a method called brainwave entrainment. This has been scientifically proven for over 100 years. It effectively controls your brainwaves and gives numerous positive effects.

Is there any way to try the product first before buying it?
Yes, there is a free trial that is available with a sample of all the four meditations on the first level. So this is the most common and the best way to check if the program suits you or not.

What is the way out if you don’t like a course you have purchased?
If you are unsatisfied with the course or program you have purchased or enrolled in, the company offers you 1 year of the money-back guarantee with no questions asked. You will get a full refund if you return it to the company within 1 year of purchase.

Is the product suitable for people of all ages?
No, this product can be used by people above 18 years of age.

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  • Zen12 sessions need only 12 minutes of your day and do not require any re-scheduling.
  • It boosts your self-esteem and builds up positive thinking.
  • It provides an easy approach to a wide range of meditation. You do not have to put any effort to meditate, Zen 12 does it for you.
  • It boosts up the focus, clarity and cognitive ability of your brain.
  • It deals with the problem of insomnia, gives you a quick and easier sleep.
  • It lessens stress levels and you can face the daily challenges of life with vigor.
  • It is easy to use, no special instruction or sitting position is required.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It allows a money-back guarantee for 12 months or 1 year for the satisfaction of the customers.


  • The whole course is digital which is on the device. You cannot have hard copies or books.
  • The sessions cannot be listened to while driving or operating machinery.
  • It has to be listened to and is not applicable for people with hearing impairment.
  • The tracks can be purchased and downloaded online and so it needs a good internet connection.

Customer Testimonials

When my son started going to high school, I saw his performance deteriorate. He could not focus on studies. He kept fidgeting with his fingers. He felt restless as if he is being chased by someone or something. As a father, I was worried, as he was always a sincere student. I took him to a counselor who suggested that he can start meditating for better results. That’s when I took the help of Zen 12. A meditation session of 12 minutes provided the benefits of an hour of meditation. It uses special brainwave sounds which helped my son to relax during meditation. It also increased his energy levels and boosted creativity. Charles Miller, 40, Austin, Texas.

After I separated from my husband after 25 years of marriage, I felt my world crumbling. I was stressed and tensed to cope up with my new life. My childhood friend recommended that I could start meditating to find inner peace. She recommended that I use Zen 12. Each meditation session of Zen 12 lasts for 12 minutes and there are 12 such sessions. With each session, I could feel the difference. I could meditate even deeper. I felt relieved from the stress and anxiety and was ready to face the world. I found the inner peace that I was looking for. Linda Brown, 58, Los Angeles, California.

I am a health freak when it comes to physical and mental well-being. I believe taking care of mental health is as important as taking care of physical health. I find people taking care of their diet and doing exercises for physical health. But when it comes to mental health, they are not aware of what to do about it. Meditation is one of the best ways to take care of mental health and I have been meditating from a very young age. However, using Zen 12 for meditation has changed my perception of meditation entirely. I just hit the play button and sit back and relax. Zen 12 takes care of the rest. It de-stresses me and helps me focus on a better tomorrow. Daniel Parker, 27, Denver, Colorado.

My husband works as a marketing manager in a consumer goods company. His life revolves around meeting targets, making budgets and forecasts, etc. I see him working round the clock and pre-occupied with thoughts all the time. Sometimes I could feel that even during sleep he was not being able to relax or be worry-free. I came across Zen 12 and suggested he try it for meditation. I was amazed to see the instant benefits that a 12-minute session of Zen 12 offered. It released stress and anxiety and helped my husband to relax. Which in turn boosted his energy levels and made him more focused. Barbara Smith, 35, Detroit, Michigan. 


Meditation has so many advantages and has become the latest technique to make you physically and mentally rejuvenated and active. People go for meditation training but feel that meditating is very difficult. With Zen12 you can meditate without any effort. You can attain a deep meditation state while you remain awake. And there is no need to reschedule your day. These short 12-minute sessions give you a positive effect for days. It makes meditation a pleasure. Listening to these sessions a few times a week can change your life for good and forever.

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