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Do you love doing yoga? Are you looking for a fitness plan, exclusively designed for women to help them lose weight at a fast pace? Today, women are ruling all industries, from technical to the movies. Of course, you would like to maintain your weight and the calories you intake in this busy world. It is important to maintain your shape to look attractive and have the energy, and strength to get through the day. If you want to lose weight quickly and fast, you must go for the Yoga Burn program which has been created by qualified yoga instructor, Zoe Bray-Cotton.

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About Yoga Burn

This 15 video series has been created by an internationally certified yoga instructor, women’s fitness trainer, and female transformation specialist, Zoe Bray-Cotton. The program has been devised in a scientific ‘Dynamic Sequencing’ method comprising of 3 phases. These 45 minutes, easy-to-follow videos teach you how to perform several movements of yoga. Then it continues to help you adapt to the program. It increases your challenges slowly and steadily without pressurizing you. This sequencing makes its success guaranteed.

This 3-phase program, which guides you through its 45-minute video series, can be done anytime, at any place. Following this program will help you achieve a fit, shapely and feminine body. Also, you will feel very energetic, happy, and confident.

What do you get when you Purchase Yoga Burn?

When you purchase the Yoga Burn program, you get instant access to a video series consisting of 15 videos for download. These 45-minutes long videos provide step-by-step yoga lessons, specially created for natural weight loss. You get lifelong access to this program and can perform the movements from the comfort of your home at your convenience.

You get bonus videos that improve your emotional well-being, self-confidence, and overall happiness. You will also get weekly bonus videos.

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How Does Yoga Burn Work?

Yoga Burn works on the principle of dynamic sequencing. This sequencing helps you to perform each and every movement properly. After your body gets adapted to the movements, this sequencing increases the challenge. This continuous challenging of your body will push it to adapt and change. This helps you build the feminine, well-shaped body you always desired. Dynamic sequencing not only makes you look great externally, but you will start to feel great from within too. The 3-phase program includes-

Phase 1: Foundation Flow – This is the first phase that supports you to build a strong yoga foundation, and that is where this phase derives its name from. It takes 4 weeks to complete this phase with total discipline. This course helps you to get lean muscles. Not only beginners but students who have knowledge of yoga will also benefit from this. This phase teaches you how to build a strong body-mind connection and implement proper form. Summarizing, this phase prepares you mentally and physically for the next 2 phases that will be challenging.

Phase 2: Transition Flow – The second phase helps you to combine all the movements that you learned in the first phase into a swift flow. This will enable you to burn more calories and increase stamina. Since your body is now comfortable with all the basic movements, it is now time to mix up. This phase will force your body to adapt to new moves and keep it guessing about the next one to come. Every video in the transition flow phase concentrates on your muscle groups. The videos in this phase are namely lower body, core, and upper body. In this phase, you basically learn how to link 2 movements smoothly. This will help increase focus on the task at hand, rather than your past and or future. The creator likes to call this phase moving meditation.

Phase 3: Mastery Flow – The last phase or phase 3 is all about mastering your moves and yoga. This teaches you how to combine all the movements that you have learned in the previous 2 phases and boost your metabolism up, creating the body you have always desired. The format of videos is different in the third phase. In this phase, there is a repetition of each pose to motivate the focused muscle to fatigue. There is also a combination of lower and upper movements. These will help you achieve your target body in the minimum time possible. Basically, the third phase will spice up things, rejuvenate you, and improve your focus so you can think clearly.

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How to Use Yoga Burn?

Yoga Burn is an online progressive and body shaping series which is designed for women. This program is based on easy-to-follow videos and instructions. Every move is demonstrated in these videos. You have to perform along with the demos. Use the videos sequentially. Try to finish the series in 12 weeks, and you will experience the benefits of yoga. If followed correctly, you will get a slim and fit, feminine body. Also, these yoga moves will make you feel more energetic and happy.

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Benefits of the Program

Yoga Burn works on Dynamic Sequencing. It teaches the users the basics of each yoga move, and when your body adapts to the program, it advances to a difficult level.

This program ensures that you lose weight and get a feminine, fit, and slim body.

It is a natural and safe way of weight loss and getting a feminine body.

The yoga moves you learn and practice with this program will make you more energetic and active. You become a happy and positive woman.

It can be followed by women of all ages and from all walks of life.

You don’t have to spend on yoga classes or gym. Also, there is no need to take any pills or supplements with this program. So you can save money and still get a body structure and figure of your dreams.

Yoga Burn has bonus videos that help improve your cognitive ability, focus, and mental health. It reduces stress, depression that makes you feel positive and ready to accept the challenges life throws on you.

Purchase & Price

The digital download and physical version of Yoga Burn are now available for purchase at a limited period discounted rate on the official website of the company.

When you purchase Yoga Burn, you get to download the program immediately on your device. Additionally, you get the physical version of this program delivered to your doorstep.

You can access one digital download plus one physical version of this program at $37 plus shipping and handling charges.

If you purchase 2 digital downloads and 2 physical versions of this program, you can get it at a discount price of $57 plus shipping and handling charges.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The creators of this 3 video program are very confident about the results.

This program is supported by a 100% money-back guarantee for sixty days from your date of purchase. If you are dissatisfied with the Yoga Burn program or its results, you can call the toll free number or email the company. And you have to return the physical version of the program within 60 days. You will be issued a full refund, no questions asked. Shipping and Handling charges are non-refundable.


How Does Yoga Burn Help Pregnant Women?

The bonus videos, The Beginner Flow and The Tranquility Flow teach you yoga poses which you can practice during your pregnancy. Additionally, the program teaches you the modifications for advancing trimesters of your pregnancy. After childbirth, you can follow the main videos to reduce weight and regain a shapely feminine body.

How Is This Program Different from Yoga Classes?

Firstly, this is a progressive program for weight loss and body shaping. The yoga poses are demonstrated from the basics and in different phases. Also, you don’t have to visit any yoga studio for learning these moves and spend a lot of money. You can watch these videos in the comfort of your own home and at your convenient time.

Is the Yoga Burn Program Difficult for Beginners?

This program is planned so that it can be followed by women of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced yoga students. The videos teach you the basics of each yoga pose and then progress to advanced levels. If you find a particular pose difficult, then you get many modifications in the videos for your fitness level.

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  • Yoga Burn teaches yoga poses for effective weight loss in sequential phases.
  • Along with weight loss, it also ensures that you get a perfect feminine body.
  • It is equally useful for women of all ages.
  • The videos of Yoga Burn are very easy-to-follow, and you never feel bored.
  • By following this program, you feel more energetic and happy.
  • You have to spend once to buy this program and still get a figure of your dreams.
  • The seller offers a 60-days money-back guarantee on the program.


  • You can order this program only from the manufacturer’s website to get the genuine program and also to avail of the discount offers.
  • This program is not created for lazy women. You have to work along for at least 12 weeks to get the results.

Customer Testimonials

When I turned 20, all I wanted was a body in good shape. Being a beginner at exercises, I was not very sure how to go about it. I started to work out in the gym but it was draining me out. I had to discontinue after a month and wasted a lot of money. I tried dieting but failed too. Finally, my mom ordered for me the Yoga Burn program. This program consists of both physical and digital versions. It is designed so well that it perfectly suits a beginner like me. It is a focused program that has helped me trim down and get into shape without using any gym equipment or dietary restrictions. Sophia Ramirez, 20, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I was overweight. My Body Mass Index (BMI) was above the normal range advisable for me. I developed an inferiority complex as I felt that I was not looking good in any clothes. I avoided going to parties and social gatherings. Then my colleague, who had a perfect body structure, recommended the Yoga Burn program. She said she has been using this program for the last 6 months and it worked for her. She said that this program is designed uniquely for women from any walk of life. Then I ordered this program online. It has helped me lose weight naturally without using any powders or pills. I didn’t have to spend a fortune on gym equipment or membership to the gym. The step-by-step, well explained, 3-phase program and 15-videos are so uniquely structured that I didn’t get bored or pressurized. By using this program, I have gained a well-shaped feminine body. I recommend!! Melanie Whitman, 40, Atlantic City, New Jersey.

When I was pregnant with my second baby, I thought of keeping myself fit and flexible. As lifting heavyweights in the gym is not allowed during pregnancy, the only way I could stay fit was through yoga. But I had no time to go to join classes at the nearby yoga studio. So I decided to take the help of the Yoga Burn program to achieve this objective. I followed the bonus videos and the Tranquility Flow and Beginner Flow videos. This program also specified as to what modifications should be made during each trimester of pregnancy. It also helped me come back to shape after delivery. And the best part is, I could do all this at home! Regina Smith, 33, Los Angeles, California.


This program is for those strong women who go out to work as well as manage their households. It is important to maintain a fit body so that you are always energetic at your office and at home. If you commit to the Yoga Burn Challenge, it will help you build a solid, feminine body in just 12 weeks. A good body will allow you to think more clearly, too.

So buy Yoga Burn right now and get a fit body and a clear mind now!

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