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Wristwatch is a thing of the past. Smartwatches have replaced wristwatches. They not only tell the time but also have a lot more functions. It is as good as wearing your smartphone on your wrist. There are smartwatches that are purpose specific and collect data about your heath or provide GPS navigation. There are those that track your heart beat. But, then, there are multipurpose smartwatches that do everything that your smartphone can, from answering phone calls, working as a pedometer or providing GPS. But, such gadgets are expensive. If you are looking for a smartwatch that will not dent your wallet, the XWatch is for you. Read on to know more.


XWatch Review

Before discussing about XWatch, it is necessary to answer the following questions.

What Is XWatch?

A simple answer to this question will be that XWatch is a smart watch. That is good enough for people to understand that this watch does many more functions than what an ordinary watch does. Hence the adjective smart watch.

So What Can The XWatch Offer?

Initially, the smartwatch had few features to offer. But now, in the era of competitions, it is seen that almost all the smartwatch have the basics updated. There are differences in the standards of the smartwatch. Few are better in comparison with others in different ways.

Now, let us consider XWatch as an example. The features of a smart watch are also present in XWatch. But do the features stop here? No, not at all. XWatch allows for calls to be made by connecting to your phone. It allows for messages to be checked. Apart from that, you can make use of that to check in with your health. It does a lot more than this. Of course, when so much is offered, it is natural for people to sit up and notice this clever smartwatch because it gives so many other extras.

xWatch reviews

XWatch Functions

It is indeed amazing to see the functions offered by this gadget.

Let us make a list of the functions available as follows:-

  • Phonebook
  • Bluetooth call
  • Call logs
  • Information
  • Notifications
  • Pedometer
  • Heart rate
  • ECG
  • Sedentary
  • Anti-lost
  • Calendar
  • Sleep monitor
  • Bluetooth camera
  • Stop watch
  • Calculator
  • Alarm
  • Bluetooth music
  • Multiple languages

Key Features of XWatch

  • Let us take a quick glance at the main features provided by XWatch.
  • It has a 4.0 version Bluetooth that is fast, stable and connected with the XWATCH mobile App.
  • With the pedometer installed you have the option to set your limits for achieving your health targets and it also allows you to view your everyday activities.
  • The LCD on the XWatch shows the number of steps walked, the distance covered and hence the calories burned.
  • There is also a remote camera. You can take your selfies within 10m.
  • Want a reminder to remind you of an important upcoming event, go ahead and set it.
  • Want to make a quick call, use the XWatch and make the phone call or want to send a message, have a WeChat, log in to WhatsApp or Skype or Twitter or Facebook?
  • This comes with ease of use option. There is one button method to operate and the function menu is not only clear but simple too.
  • The professional stopwatch included backs the background waking and subsection It is water resistant.
  • There is no need of replacing battery for 12 months as can be under power saving mode in standby time.
  • The strap that comes with the XWatch has a stylish design. It has a high tensile strength that is long-lasting.
  • The XWatch is compatible with the language of the mobile phone.

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XWatch Specification


  • Brand: AiWatch
  • Type of in-built chip: SI-BW03
  • Screen: LCD Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Operating Mode: Press of button
  • Size of Screen: 1.12 inch
  • IP: IP67 rating, it is waterproof

Dial And Band

  • Band material: TPU
  • Case material: TPU
  • Shape of the dial: Round


  • Battery Power: 380mAh
  • Standby time: 1 year
  • Batter Type: 1 x CR2032, the battery is included with the package

Weight And Size

  • Dial size: 5.50cm * 5.50cm * 1.80 cm / 2.17 inches * 2.17 inches * 0.71 inches
  • Package weight: 0.1710 kg
  • Size of Package (L*W*H): 10.00cm * 10.00cm * 7.50 cm / 3.94inches * 3.94inches * 2.95 inches
  • Product size (L*W*H): 25.00 * 5.50 * 1.80 cm / 9.84 * 2.17 * 0.71 inches
  • Wearing diameter: 170-200mm
  • Product weight: 0.0700 kg
  • Band size: 25.00 * 2.2 cm / 9.84 * 0.37 inches


  • Alert type: Ring
  • Bluetooth calling: Phone call reminder
  • Groups of alarm: 3
  • Health tracker: Pedometer
  • Messaging: Message reminder
  • Notification: Yes
  • Other Function: Alarm,Stopwatch
  • Notification type: Facebook, QQ, Skype, Twitter, Wechat, WhatsApp
  • Remote control function: Remote Camera


  • Colors: Black, Blue, Gold, Red
  • Compatible OS: Android, IOS

Package Contents

  • Package Contents: 1 Manual in English, 1 XWATCH

More About The XWatch

  • The feel and design of the XWatch makes it just too hard to resist the cool design of the XWatch. Put it on and you get to feel the touch of it.
  • The first look at any of the smartwatch, will look the same to any person. But in order to stand out and make others sit up and look again on the technology on your wrist, it has to be the XWatch.
  • The quality of material that is used in XWatch gives a luxurious feel and the smooth curves makes it stand out from the rest. Apart from that it is easy to wipr the front and back which are cased in a glass and hence easy to wipe and that looks clean and impressive.
  • While exercising as well as even for casual use, the XWatch can be worn continuously as the strap is very comfortable and made of silicone. It looks and feels nice on the wrist.
  • This is the exactly where, the XWatch excels, doing the basics right. You can take or make calls by using the in-built speaker and also check messages, even set reminders. The touchscreen display is easy to navigate thanks to the 1.54 display.


Who isn’t weight conscious these days? Who doesn’t want to remain slim? To lose weight for a healthy life, people run, walk and jog. The worthy feature in the XWatch to get the help for this, is the pedometer. It acts as your cardiometer, recording the distance walked as well as the number of steps taken.

Answering Call: The Power

While you are busy in exercising, and the phone rings, you feel annoyed because you have to stop the exercise or any other work that you may be doing just to answer the call. Imagine and feel the power of the phone on your wrist. You can receive the call then and there itself. With this power you need not stop whatever you are doing but still you can answer the call. As it is 1.54 display screen, and also the display is touchscreen, the navigation is easy.

Your Guide For Exercise

What’s the use of having a XWatch, if all the features are not known and used by you? There are many features that have been outdated in few of the earlier smartwatches but are available in XWatch.

XWatch can be a guide for keeping a measure on your health. It has the property to monitor your heartbeat. It can connect to music via Bluetooth. On the whole, you can exercise listening to the music, stay in shape as well get the result of your exercise.

You are able to see live ECG diagrams. A look at these diagrams makes you realise how your workout is shaping. In just a minute, you get those diagrams and in case of discomfort or chest pain, you can avail immediate doctor’s attention. Another feature is that you can also check the resting heart rate, even during your exercise.

How Long Does A Battery Last?

Using the smart watch to exercise? What about the battery power? The watch is working while you exercise, playing music. The pedometer is working. What happens if suddenly the battery runs out? The motivating music is lost.

This is not a worry at all. As this has been covered by the XWatch. Depending on the usage, it has been covered with a massive battery life of 3 to 5 days. Not only that, it also takes only one hour to charge. It can be charged by using a USB.

xWatch Battery

XWatch Display

The outstanding feature of any watch is obviously the display. The on-screen display being of good quality is bound to attract more users. The XWatch has an LCD display. When it is in use, one can make out the clean colors. Hence, that makes it easy to read the messages even while moving.

Excellent Value For Money

There are many options available to get a smart watch. That means the costs have to be competitive. There are a lot of low quality products available in market. Hence, you need to understand and have an idea before buying. Low quality watches are unreliable and the useful features are also not available in them. Hence, it is recommended to buy the XWatch, as it is a powerful, useful smartwatch having the required as well as the latest features. This type of smartwatch obviously makes life easier. You will be very happy once you start using the features and the watch goes with you, where ever you go.

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Direct Phone Calls Via The Built-In Speaker And Microphone

Is it not a good thing that you can answer calls directly using the XWatch? This is possible because the XWatch has a built-in speaker and it also has a microphone. Both of these are high quality. Hence, the call will be almost as good as a normal call.

It might cross your mind as to why you need to answer the phone calls from your watch, when it is simpler just to pick up the phone. When you are dedicatedly working, and when the phone rings, is it not easier to answer the call using the smartwatch, without pausing your work? Is it not a bother to scuffle for the phone?

Apart from receiving and making calls, the XWatch can also perform many other essential functions that any other smartphone can do. You can have a look at the messages, look at the call logs, set the alarms and more importantly, you can also set reminders by speaking to the XWatch. Being a user of the XWatch, you will definitely feel good when you know that you have the power of a smartphone on your wrist.

Cons of The XWatch

There are two sides to a coin. So, what about the XWatch? Yes, it too has some features that can be changed.

The first thing that can be looked into is that it can be bought online only. Regrettably, the official brand website is the only place from where a XWatch can be bought. There is an upside to this though. As it can be bought online, it does reduce the costs of the gadget. It can be seen that anything sold by the retailers will automatically add an extra cost to the price. In spite of that, many people would like to touch and feel the product before they buy it.

xwatch review

Who Can Use The XWatch? Any Specifications About The Users?

This is a curious question. Isn’t it? Anyone can use a smartwatch.

Suppose you have always wanted to use a smart watche like Samsung Galaxy or an Apple watch. But, it was very expensive to afford. In such a case, XWatch will be for you. The reason is that XWatch has all the great features of a high end smart watch and also the price is low enough to fit your budget. Apart from that, the designs are attractive and the XWatch on the wrist gives you a rich look.

Next, consider that you have never had a smartwatch before. You desire one. In such a case it is better to go for the XWatch, as it is low-priced as well as it starts you off in the world of smartwatches. This introduction of smart watch will be a smart move from you. The reason being that you will have a chance to experience all the cool as well as the great stuff a smartwatch can accomplish. It can track your sleep pattern. It can be used while walking for counting the number of steps, it can be used to count your pulse rate, and more importantly on the go you can make or receive phone calls and the list can continue.

Last but not the least, the XWatch is considered to be an appealing, cool all-round smartwatch. Hence, if you are considering to get a smartwatch, and you are eyeing for the best value for your money, then it recommended to go for the XWatch, as this is obviously a decent selection for you.

What’s The Cost And Where Can You Buy The XWatch?

Finally, the decision is made. You need to go for the XWatch. So, the question that arises is how much and how you purchase it?

The obvious answer to this question is that every time you choose to buy a product online, go for the most secure and the safest option. The safest and most secure option is always the official website of the product.

In the official website, it can be a guarantee that the product you receive will live up to all the hopes and expectations. Another advantage is that whenever special offers are available, you will come to know of those also. These offers for promoting the products will surely make the product more alluring.


The price of the XWatch is $99 and if you order from Official website you will get upto 50% discount.

xWatch SmartWatch

Summary And Review of XWatch

The XWatch has many desired functions that are spectacular even to think about. Like the Electrocardiogram, the phone calls from the watch, the pedometer and many such features.

The battery 380mAh runs for a long period of time and charges at a fast rate, in an hour.

All that needs to be done is to insert a SIM into the watch. It can be paired with the iOS or even with an Android phone using the Bluetooth option.

Imagine a medical helper on your wrist. If you are sitting for a long time, it will notify and ask you to stand up and move round. By looking at the XWatch, you can keep a record of your blood pressure. Not only that, the XWatch is a smart watch, keeping a look out for your heart rate, pulse beat and of course the blood pressure. It monitors your sleep at night. You can understand the quality of your sleep with the sleep data it provides and improve that too. The XWatch can wake you up in morning, refreshed.

Thus, the data it provides regarding your health, the music it plays, the calls it lets you answer and receive, and the motivation it gives you, enhances your health and makes you avoid the hazards of an inactive lifestyle.

Finally, it can be said that the XWatch lets you stay connected.

You can always be connected with family or friends without ever losing any call or message. Imagine answering them straight from the watch just by clicking a button. Of course, it tells the time.

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