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There is a new phone in the market and a lot of people have already purchased it . It is the Android version of iPhone X and looks similar to the Apple product . The price tag has been slashed for the Xone Phone. This Android phone uses the latest technology, making it an impressive phone.

Xone Phone has been launched by an European company and manufactured in Chinese factories like other well-known brands. Therefore, the quality is exactly the same as Huawei, Samsung and Apple.

Smartphones keep changing. A new phone is launched every day. However, it will not always be a better one. Not everyone is tech savvy. But everyone wants the latest phone even if they can’t use all the features. The need of the hour is to find a user-friendly phone, which is also good value for money. This is the kind of phone that will make a difference in the market.

Xone Phone

Features of Xone Phone

Xone Phone uses the latest technology, software and the best available parts. It is smooth and superfast. The operating system is optimised and it works without any lags.

The most impressive feature of a smartphone is its smart screen. If you pick up the cheapest smartphone in the market, which is the Xone Phone, you will see that despite compromising on some features, the Xone Phone is still the perfect choice for the masses .

Given below are the features of Xone Phone: –

Ease of Use – Xone Phone is very easy to use. And you can set it up very quickly. You can also understand and start using the Xone Phone very easily without asking for much help.

Safety – Loss of privacy and security breach is the biggest threat to all smartphone users. Companies don’t do enough to ensure the safety and protect the privacy of their customers. Xone Phone is ahead of many companies in this. It offers a solution to maintain the privacy and security of their customers. The phone offers face recognition and touch ID. It can be unlocked using five different fingerprints that has to be stored during the initial setup. It takes only about a split second to unlock it.

Battery Life – Xone Phone has 3350 m Ah Li- polymer battery, which is the best battery in the industry. The standby time of this battery is 290 hours. It has a talk time of approximately 9 hours. With so much standby time this is indeed powerful.

Camera – It has 16 MP + 5MP Dual/ rear camera. This ensures that you never miss any important moments and capture them very clearly.

Storage – Xone Phone has 16GB inbuilt storage which is generally enough. You can get a 128 GB SD card to store bigger files.

Display – Xone Phone has 5.7 HD + display. The side frames are minimal giving the front display the maximum space. The back panel has a dual camera fingerprint scanner and multimedia speaker grill. The screen is 5.7 inches with 1498 x 720 pixels front camera. RAM is 2GB with 16GB of flash memory.

Other Key Features of Xone Phone

Xone Phone has a lot of useful features that you would find only in a Samsung or an iPhone. Given below are the other key features of Xone Phone that makes it very popular with the masses: –

Fingerprint and face recognition ID means that you can unlock your phone in just 0.1 seconds. This also makes your phone very secure.

Xone Phone is a dual SIM phone and has a slot for memory card which makes it ideal for business people for those who travels a lot. In a way, you have two phones.

3350 mAh Li– polymer battery and the software that helps save energy means that you can use the phone throughout the day without having to charge it again and again.

Xone Phone battery

The display screen is 5.7 inches and crystal clear. It is ideal for using it with one hand and watching HD Plus videos.

It has Glonass and dual GPS which makes route planning and navigation ultra accurate.

Xone Phone also has all the common Google apps and the newest Android 8.1.

Ease of Use Of Xone Phone

The most difficult thing with a phone is the set up using it. Most smartphones come with complicated instructions and the features are too advanced for a common user to understand. Xone has been manufactured with due consideration for the not so tech savvy customer.

The set up instructions are easy enough to follow. This will enable you to start using it immediately.

How Safe Is Xone Phone ?

Your phone contains all your valuable data and precious information. It contains details of your bank account, transactions and your social media details including your personal photos which have not been uploaded on the social media. Therefore, your phone has to be very secure. Xone Phone comes with face recognition and touch ID which makes it ultra secure. You can store five different fingerprints for security and unlock the phone in a split second. The face recognition ID does not take more than 0.2 seconds. All this helps to keep your information private and safe from prying eyes.

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Camera Specifications

It would be better to tell you right away to not compare the camera of the Xone with that of the iPhone. Xone Phone has a 16mp rear camera and a 5mp front camera. When you compare it with other smartphones, it would seem very less but for someone who has not been using a smartphone, the camera is really good.

The results of this camera are good enough for sharing pictures of the social media. You know that when you shoot pictures, you share them first with your children or your parents and on Instagram and Facebook. You don’t need a DSLR for these pictures. The Xone Phone gives you good quality pictures. Another point to consider is that even if the pictures that you have shot are high quality, if the person to whom you are sending it does not have a phone with advanced features, they will not be able to the appreciate the picture quality.

Xone Phone review


A common issue with most smartphones is that the insufficient storage. You don’t always want to be deleting pictures and videos just so that you can shoot and store newer ones. Xone Phone comes with 16GB storage and a memory card slot, in case you want more space. This ensures that all your pictures and files are stored in one place and that they are accessible to you whenever you need them.

Purchase And Price

The Xone Phone can be purchased from the official website of the manufacturer with free shipping and exclusive limited time offers.

The price of this phone is jaw dropping! The cost of Xone Phone is approximately $180 and right now the company is offering free shipping with an additional discount of 50%. Also, there are various packages, if you want to purchase for your family too. Given below are the packages: –

  • When you buy two Xone Phones you get a third Xone Phone free. The cost of this package is $447.
  • Buy three Xone Phones and get 2 Xone Phones free. The cost of this packages $640.
  • You pay only $547 when you order four Xone Phones.

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What Makes The Xone Phone Affordable?

The reason why this phone is priced so low is because the company has not spent anything on advertising. It has chosen to let the product speak for itself and is banking on the reviews to market it.

Other big brands spend a lot of money on advertising and add those costs to the price of the phone, which is paid by the customer.

Pros and cons of Xone Phone


  • This smartphone is price quite low.
  • The display is excellent.
  • The camera is reasonably good.
  • It has a long battery life
  • It provides dual security of fingerprint and face recognition ID.
  • Xone Phone’s protective case is fairly good.


  • The phone seems to be a little slow when you switch between the screen and the apps.
  • The audio quality and volume level is inferior when compared to other smartphones.
  • It does not support NFC technology.

Customer Testimonials

Andrew ~ I love how the phone looks. I am not tech savvy and I find it difficult to set up phones. I should say that I am technologically challenged. But with Xone Phone, I didn’t have any problem. I could not only set it up, but could also use it immediately. The camera is good and I could play music all day long.

Kate ~ I found this phone so good! My boyfriend got it for my birthday so that I could shoot pictures and listen to music. I played music all day and the battery was still not completely drained by the end of the day!

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Xone Phone Review

Name – Xone Phone

Description – This phone is as good as an iPhone or Samsung.

Brand – Xone Phone

Technical Specifications

Brand Xone Phone
Display 5.7 inches IPS
Display Resolution 1498 x 720 pixels
CPU MediaTek MT6739; 4-core; 1.3ghz
GPU IMG powerVR GE8100
Internal Memory 16GB
Expandable Memory 128GB
Battery 3350mah; 5V/2A
OS Android 8.1
Dual Rear Camera 16 MP + 5 MP
Front Camera 8 MP
Weight 171.5 g
Dimension 149.2 x 72.2 x 9.7mm
Price $180

Summary of Xone Phone

Price – The Xone Phone is an affordable smartphone. It is a low-budget phone that gives you all the features of a smartphone without making a dent in your pocket. For $180, you are getting a smartphone.

Camera – The Xone Phone has a 16 MP + 5 MP dual rear camera and an 8 MP Front camera. The display is good with 5.7 inches IPS.

Security – For security, you get fingerprint and face recognition ID.

Memory – The Xone Phone has 2GB RAM with an internal memory of 16GB that can be expanded to 128 GB with an external card.

Battery – 3350mAh battery

CPU – 4-core

Dual SIM

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

When you compare the Xone Phone’s advantages and disadvantages, it seems to be a good buy for its price. You get almost 23 hours of music and nearly 7 hours of video. Another advantage is that your standard headphones will work with this phone.

The phone looks great and the display takes up the entire front panel. No space is wasted. The company has made all efforts to create a product with due consideration for the customers’ multimedia experience.

The company also offers great packages when you purchase multiple phones. You can choose a package and buy for your family too.

For $180, the Xone Phone has pretty good technical specifications. The OS is Android 8.1 Release, 4-core CPU amd3350 MaH Battery. The security is good too. For security, you get fingerprint and face recognition ID. The Xone Phone has 2GB RAM with an internal memory of 16GB that can be expanded to 128 GB with an external card.

The battery life is for almost 24 hours. The phone can go on the whole day without having to be recharged. The phone has 2 SIM card slots – 1 Nano SIM and 1 Micro SIM – which is as good as carrying two phones without the bulk.

And for those who love to listen to the radio on the move, the Xone Phone has a FM Radio Tuner.

With all these features, why would you go for a smartphone that you can ill afford. You are getting the same features with this relatively inexpensive Xone Phone, which is soon going to be out of stock. If you are planning to buy a smartphone, now is the time, when it is available and the prices are slashed by 50%.

If you hurry now, you can soon be the proud owner of a Xone Phone and take amazing pictures with it. It is a stylish, modern and affordable product within everyone’s budget.

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