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Bookstore hosts biannual De-Stress Fest

Holly Souther, Features Writer

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WSU’s Barnes and Nobles Bookstore hosted their biannual De-Stress Fest on Thursday, Apr. 19, where a variety of activities were offered to students as an opportunity to relax one more time before finals.

“Last year we had hot chocolate, Orbeez (a type of homemade stress ball) and coloring books. This year we’re going to do this at a bigger scale,” Assistant Manager for the WSU Bookstore, Liz Russell said.

For the spring semester, candy, coloring books, and the favorite activity called Orbeez where students created their own stress ball through a water bottle or balloon was available to the student body for them to enjoy.

“We’re going to do a lot more because last year we had a couple of water bottles out and I just didn’t have enough. This year we’re going to do this on a grander scale. We’re going to do a lot more. I have more people helping me and more options as far as balloons. I will have another table for coloring. It’s like adult coloring, so there will be different coloring books, printouts and stuff like that for people to sit down and relax to find their inner peace before finals,” Russell said.

Jennifer Lynn Gebhart, the general manager for the bookstore, said there is a potential for future collaborations with an organization or the possibility of upgrading their De-Stress Fest to another location.

In the past, over 100 students was the norm for student attendance to the event, but Russell hoped for a bigger crowd this year. “It’s really about that calming time before the storm – before finals happen and we would like to give them an opportunity for that,” Russell shared about what the fest signifies to students.

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Wright State University
Bookstore hosts biannual De-Stress Fest