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RCA is set to host the annual CAACURH conference

Holly Souther, Features Writer

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The Residential Community Association (RCA) is set to host an event called Central Atlantic Affiliate of College University Residence Hall (CAACURH) on Nov. 9, 10, and 11 of this year.

RCA won a bid over a video conference call to host the event at Wright State where over 400-500 student leaders and delegates from across the USA are expected to appear.

“CAACURH is where leaders from a bunch of different universities come together to do res-life stuff. Conferences are held throughout the year, such as business and leadership. There’s a big national conference that includes all of the regions, so we will be hosting RLC (Regional leadership Conference), which is the leadership conference in the fall,” said Marukla Clayton, conference co-chair for CAACURH.

The conferences take place every year at different locations and universities. Student leaders and delegates, up to nine of which can be residential students, will participate in the event.

“Every university has a residence hall association and a large on campus student body population. Wright State’s res hall is called the Residential Community Association,” said Clark Harrison, CAACURH’s Conference Hotel and Facilities Chair.

Harrison said that these conferences enable the different res hall associations to gain insights and take ideas from other universities on how they run their program. It provides opportunities for “leadership experiences and ways they advocate for their residents,” he said.

A schedule of events is planned to include keynote speakers, leadership discussions and legislations, and an array of activities and awards for leaders and delegates. Clayton believes this conference will be a way to shine some light on what Wright State has to offer, and that student leaders will “grow and be able to come together.”

Since the conference occurs in November, Clayton feels there is plenty of time for the students to work together “putting in the time and effort to make this event a success.”

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Wright State University
RCA is set to host the annual CAACURH conference