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Seven time saving college hacks to help you finish the semester

Angel Lane, Features Editor

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One of the biggest issues in college is the lack of time, but there are ways you may have never thought of to save time easily. Whether it involves ways to quickly finish your household chores, or ways to study and get assignments done faster, here are seven time saving college hacks to get you through the rest of the semester with more time on your hands.

Double Speed

If you’ve waited until the last minute to watch a video assignment for class, watch it in double speed. Many video sharing websites and even film sharing sites allow up to two times the speed to watch it faster. If you’ve recorded a lecture and are trying to study more information more quickly, this tip applies here as well. When you decide to take a break to watch your favorite YouTuber, keep the distraction to a minimum by also watching this in double speed.


Fast food at home

There are tons of microwave hacks online to help you make your favorite meals in a pinch. For breakfast, there are scrambled eggs in a mug. At lunch time, there are tons of microwave meals, but Google can help you to find healthier options to simple frozen dinners. Craving dessert but don’t have the time or equipment for baking? Check out microwave brownie and cake meals.


Easy Grocery Shopping

Have you ever walked into the grocery store and you just can’t remember all of the things you need? Plus, no one wants to spend forever before a trip going through every cabinet and the fridge drawers to find every missing item. The hack here is to take a photo of your fridge and cabinets and as you stroll through the aisles and see something you think you might need, you have photo evidence to double-check.


Meal Prep

Everyone has heard this one before. Preparing meals for an entire week seems like a lot of work, but another method of food prep is just planning exactly what you are going to eat each day. This prevents you from standing in front of the fridge forever thinking you have “nothing to eat” when a simple plan the night before of what your meals for the next day will be can keep you from skipping meals and spending way too long contemplating.


Prepare as much as possible the night before

Spending too much time in the morning looking for the items you need and picking out clothes can cause you to be repeatedly late. If you decide on things the night before and have your bag already packed as the last step before you head to bed, you will get to sleep in slightly in the morning as well as have less stress and more time to get to class or work.


Don’t be afraid to rest

This one seems like you should be doing the opposite, but when you reason it out, it makes sense. If you know for a fact you are going to drowsily stare at your books or computer screen until you fall asleep, never getting the work done, let yourself have that small nap. Get everything ready for when you wake up, and go straight into the nap. If there is a time commitment, don’t forget to set an alarm. When you feel more rested and aren’t struggling to stay awake, you will get the assignment done much more quickly.



If you know you won’t put clothes away after laundry, get a second basket for clean clothes. The first basket is for dirty clothes that need to be washed, and having a separate basket to put clean clothes in after laundry will save you time and allow you to come back to fold and hang everything when you have more time (or energy).

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Seven time saving college hacks to help you finish the semester