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Student health insurance — how does it work?

Holly Souther, Features Writer

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Students on campus have the option to purchase student health insurance plan the or use their own form of health insurance for medical needs like illness or injuries.

“The benefits of having student health insurance – any registered student regardless of undergraduate, graduate, medical school, whatever, can come to Student Health with that insurance and be seen with the nurse practitioner or our collaborating physician and a visit is paid at 100 percent. There’s no copay that is required at the time of check-in and the majority of any labs that are ordered by the nurse practitioner or physician are covered at 100 percent for a covered condition,” Nurse Practitioner Leatha Ross said.

Student health insurance can be used for Student Health Services, but it can also be used outside of the clinic and its services as well. Students enrolled in the plan pay a premium price for covered conditions and even if a student doesn’t have insurance, they can still check into the clinic but will pay an amount to their account at a future date.

The Student Insurance Plan is legitimate as it follows similar insurance plan benefits in place including the law enforced program (Affordable Care Act Compliant), according to Program Coordinator Nancy Caupp.

“Then we have the convenience of being able to come to the clinic with no out of pocket cost for covered conditions to be seen here,” she said.

Every insurance plan is different and students essentially check their plan in accordance with cost, according to Student Health Benefits Coordinator Robert Fox.

Ross mentioned how some insurances can’t be accepted if they haven’t been credentialed yet such as Medicaid and how it varies for out of state students, “but for the most part, third party insurance is accepted here and does cover like any other insurance, but not at 100 percent.”

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Student health insurance — how does it work?