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Annual Study Abroad Fair a success

Holly Souther, Features Writer

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The Study Abroad Fair was hosted on Jan. 31 by the University Center for International Education (UCIE) and commences once a semester in the Student Union atrium or in the Millet atrium. UCIE’s Study Abroad Fair served to emphasize information to interested students about studying overseas, and scholarships about the fifteen international programs that were displayed there.

“I love being out here – just having our presence out here for the students – that way even if they didn’t get the emails or any of our flyers, they can see us and stop by to grab information,” said UCIE Peer Mentor and Volunteer Samantha Wood. Wood also mentioned about how she liked seeing the professors offer information about their study abroad programs to students.

“I would hope our students are interested in other places and interested in other parts of the world. I would hope as they are walking by here in between classes with these flags up, it peeks their interest to see what is going on,” Senior Lecturer and Director of ESL Robert E. Rubin said.

The fair was centered around UCIE’s ambassador programs such as France, Switzerland, India, Japan, Costa Rica and many more including the new UK program called ‘Community Accessibility for People with Disabilities.’

International Studies Major Phanh Pang sees the study abroad as “so many opportunities to go to different places,” and when people go on the trip, they see it “as one of the greatest things they have done in their whole lives.”

Education Abroad Program Coordinator Megan Trickler discussed about how the $100 fee is waived in regards to scholarships and how a small amount of students’ study abroad and when they do, “they can differentiate themselves,” among prospective employees and grad schools. More information about study abroad programs can be found here.

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Annual Study Abroad Fair a success