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Week 12 Slump? Get motivated with these tips

Angel Lane, Features Editor

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It’s that time of the semester — hard to stay motivated. You’re thinking “Do I really need to go to class today?” or “What grade will I get if I just don’t do this assignment?”

It’s the slump — students are tired.

Trying to decide if you’ll hurt your GPA too badly by skipping a paper? Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Mandy Shannon, head of instruction and research services department at WSU Libraries says the best resources on campus to get on top of a tough paper assignment are the people.

“There’s often a misperception that you’re totally on your own, and that’s not the case. We have subject librarians who are available for individual research consultations. Our librarians are experts not only in research in the various subject areas, but also in teaching students how to do that research,” she said.

If you’re struggling to get out of bed and get to all of your classes each day, Shannon recommends finding an “accountability partner” to benefit the both of you. “I’d recommend finding a friend or classmate — even if you’re not in the same classes, having somebody you work with can help motivate you to keep going. Schedule regular times to work, but schedule breaks, too, so that you don’t get burnt out,” Shannon said.

For those who truly can’t wake up enough to pay attention, “we do have a Starbucks in the library,” Shannon said. If you can’t have caffeine, a quick snack could boost your mood enough to get through a class.

If you really find yourself struggling, reach out to a professor, advisor, friend or really anyone on campus.

“Obstacles are going to be different for each student, but one of the things I hear a lot from students that they wish they would’ve reached out to ask for help sooner than they did,” Shannon said. “There are so many people on campus who are truly committed to helping students succeed.”

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Wright State University
Week 12 Slump? Get motivated with these tips