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CoLA holds job search workshop

Richard Hairston, Features Writer

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The Center for Liberal Arts Student Success (CLASS) held a job searching workshop on Wednesday, Sept. 13. The focus of this workshop was to show students how to navigate and find jobs after college in a tough economy, and to show students how to apply for jobs effectively.

“In a tough economy, you must be smarter, faster, and better than your competition,” Wayne Stark, Career Advisor for CoLA said.

Stark stressed the importance of taking advantage of the opportunities at Wright State before stepping into the real world.

“Bottom line is you have to take advantage of the different resources that are there for you. Wright State makes it very easy for you to connect with opportunities and people,” he said.

When students are starting their job search, it is good to know what jobs will suit their personalities, according to Stark.

“When you are looking for a job, it’s good to understand what about you relates to the world of work. There are a variety of self-assessments you can take to help know what type of jobs are best for you,” Stark said.

Student Iwona Goodrich said she felt more informed after the workshop.

“Wright State offers great resources that are available to students, some of them actually here on campus and some off campus,” Goodrich said. “The presentation was very interesting. It gave me a lot of information I was not even aware of. I do already have a workforce experience, working for different corporations for quite some time, but decided to come back to Wright State to get additional skills and a second degree that is really important to my career.”

After attending this event Goodrich became more up-to-date about other career websites for jobs.

“Most of us know of major career websites where we can submit our resume, but it’s also important that we update our resumes,” Goodrich said.

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CoLA holds job search workshop