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Five unique self-care tips for a healthy mind

Bunny Roberts, Contributing Writer

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1. Get a Jar of Awesome. Tim Ferris, best-selling author of The Four Hour Work Week, suggests savoring your achievements. In an interview with Time Magazine he says, “I was instructed to every day write on a piece of paper something good that happened…then put it in the Jar of Awesome. Then when I’m feeling down…to dip into [it] and reflect on all these good things that happened…”

2. Incognito Act of Kindness. There’s an adage that says, “It’s better to give than to receive.” A huge part of caring for yourself is caring about others. Try doing an IAK and tell no one about it! As college students, most of us are on a tight budget so it can be something inexpensive. Maybe slip an encouraging note in a rented book or tell a stranger to have a magnificent day.

3. Break A Plate. This is unbelievably therapeutic. Many people take life way too seriously and that adds a lot of stress. Try breaking a plate, writing on your clothes with permanent marker or using a pencil to draw a picture on your bedroom wall. You’ll find that although these things are ill advised, they won’t ruin your life or end the world. That feeling of invincibility can be carried on into your daily life.

4. Tell Your Pet Your Secrets. You can talk to your pet, your lamp, your nail polish, it really doesn’t matter. But get those secrets out of your brain and off your chest! Humans tend to bottle things up and explode later on. Saying the worst thing you’ve ever done out loud (to something who can’t repeat it) will take a huge weight off.

5. Scream Affirmations. The best place to do this is in the car or in the woods. Literally scream awesome things about yourself. The act of yelling at the top of your lungs will get out all the nervous energy and anxiousness. Also, the more you acknowledge your awesome, the more awesome you become. Try saying, “I AM EXCITED ABOUT THIS DAY AND I WILL GET A LOT ACCOMPLISHED!!” or “I AM MORE THAN CAPABLE OF REACHING MY GOALS!!”

Bonus Tip: Take a day without screen time. Go somewhere and leave your phone, iPad and any other technology at home and just be mindful of yourself, your thoughts and your surroundings. During these moments of solitude you could discover a lot about yourself.

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Wright State University
Five unique self-care tips for a healthy mind