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Want to audit a class at WSU? Here’s how.

Kathryn Shinlever, Editorial Intern

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The Guardian had an opportunity to talk with the Registrar office about auditing classes.

By definition, auditing means a student can take a course without the benefit of a grade or a credit. Most students who audit classes take them for self-enrichment or academic exploration. At Wright State, if class space permits, anyone may audit a course with written approval from the instructor before enrolling.

If you audit a class, talk with the instructor about the amount of participation required for the course. Different instructors will have different requirements, but they cannot exceed those of a regular student. Audited courses cannot be used for the student to meet full-time status, and after the fifth business day of the regular semester, the student cannot change their registration from audit to credit, or vice versa.

Is it worth it to audit a class? Well, it ultimately depends on the individual student’s needs. If you want to audit a class, you are required pay the full tuition price for the course. That means if you audit a course, you won’t get the grades or the credit hours that a regular student taking the course would get. So, the choice is up to you: pay full price to get the credit hours and grades or not?

What if you’re a non-traditional student who is sixty years or older? The Registrar office offers a program where sixty and above students can audit a course for free. Auditing a course can be enriching, and allow individuals to expand their knowledge. This is just one reason why students may consider auditing a class. Other reasons people may audit a course include someone who may be considering a new major, or they want to learn the information from the class without the stress of grades before taking the class for real.

So, is auditing a course for you? It all depends. If it’s a subject your interest in but you don’t want the credit, audit. If you want to learn something without the stress of tests, exams or grades, audit. Auditing the course is good for those who want to expand their knowledge and explore academic areas without having to worry about grades.

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Wright State University
Want to audit a class at WSU? Here’s how.