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Fall Fest brings out student crowds

Zara Qureshi, Features Writer

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As part of Wright State’s ongoing Welcome Week, the North Lawn and the quad were crowded with students attending Fall Fest, a student organization fair, on Friday, Aug. 29.

The various sights, smells, and sounds of Fall Fest were present in the middle of campus in the form of dozens of campus organizations’ colorfully decorated information tables, aromas of food trucks such as “Zombie Dogz,” speakers blasting popular tunes and students chatting at organization tables as they circled the event. Games and activities were offered to students as well.

WSU hosts Fall Fest annually and many new and returning students come to the event. However, for some, like senior chemistry major Connie James, this years’ festivities marked their first time attending.

“I had actually never heard about Fall Fest before so this is my first time here,” James said. “I like how it introduces organizations to the WSU community and you are able to meet new people and make study buddies, like in Chemistry Club, so it’s pretty cool.”

Fall Fest is definitely a first time for freshmen, who are given the chance to get involved on campus. Roberta Kemper, sophomore sociology major, said she thinks this opportunity is what is important about the event.

“I think Fall Fest is important because of the freshmen, Kemper said. “It’s a great way to find out about organizations, sign up, and meet new people.”

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Wright State University
Fall Fest brings out student crowds