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Valentine’s Day ideas for singles

Adam Ramsey, Features Writer

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By now, I’m sure all the single people on campus have already started to see couples everywhere. Fingers are interlinked, kisses are stolen out of the corner of your eye and gifts given to ecstatic boyfriends or girlfriends. This leaves singles annoyed and the lonely in desperation. How can they celebrate Valentine’s Day–or at least make it through unscathed?

Netflix it up

Ball up into a human burrito and watch copious amounts of cancelled television. This isn’t recommended, but sometimes people need to bathe in self-pity. This is suggested only to those who are don’t do this very often; it’s good to let go every once and a while.


Buy something nice. Video games, clothes, a book or an extra candy bar. It doesn’t matter how much money is blown or what is bought; the littlest indulgence can do a heart some good. It might only last until you hit the bottom of the ice-cream carton, but it’s beneficial nonetheless.

Get out and find someone

Wear something nice and hit the town’s favorite hang-outs. Jam out to some music, have a good time and scope out the action. Valentine’s Day has a tendency to bring out the desperation in people. The whole room could be looking to get a little less lonely.

Treat it like a normal day

Go see a movie. Relax—don’t wallow—at home. Catch up on some studying. Clean the apartment. Do normal things. After all, Valentine’s day is just another reason for people to buy cards, flowers and chocolate. A lot of couples don’t even celebrate it. So why not just go about your business?

Enjoy being single

There are things people can’t do while in a relationship. Why not spend the entire day doing those things? Embrace being single! It’s not a disease, it’s a phase. A lot of times people get hung up on needing a significant other in order to feel complete, but alone and lonely are two very different words. Learn to be complete on your own.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Just because Valentine’s Day is for romance doesn’t mean friends and family can’t be celebrated. Buy valentines and candy for them and let them know that they are important. Let them know that they are appreciated, thought about, admired and loved. Life is short. It’s always a good idea to let them know you care.

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Wright State University
Valentine’s Day ideas for singles