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Romance rocky? Cheer yourself up with stories of bad dates

Adam Ramsey, Features Writer

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Romance is in the air, and to some, it’s not a pleasant smell. We’ve heard about the cute crap all week and we’re tired of it. Romantic dinners, surprise gifts and other vomit-inducing tales are going to cloud social media for the next few days. But what about when it goes bad?

Sometimes people can be self-centered. Ashley Bell, senior business management major said that her date did nothing but talk about himself and interrupted her throughout the night.

“He checked out every woman’s backside as they walked by,” said Bell. “Very clearly, too. To the point of turning around in his chair to look.”

To top off the already uncomfortable evening, Bell also said that midway through the date, a man at the table near theirs began to choke, but Bell said that the staff had it under control.

Some dates can be pretty inconsiderate. Dillon McCowan, sophomore athletic training major said during his first year at Wright State he took a girl out to a dance for their first date. McCowan said after dropping a couple hundred bucks on new clothes for himself and a dozen roses for her, she said that she wanted her ex-boyfriend back shortly after they crossed the threshold into the dance.

“But a lot of people felt pretty bad for me,” said McCowan. “I got a few dancing partners and made some new friends before the night was over.”

Some dates are awkward. Alia Eckhardt, sophomore biological sciences major, said she asked an ex-boyfriend who was one of her best friends out to Wegerzyn Gardens for her birthday.

“He was the only one I wanted to celebrate with,” said Eckhardt.

Eckhardt said they went on a walk and he told her that he didn’t want to talk to her any more.

“Now his mom is my dad’s fiancé,” said Eckhardt. “He’s going to be my brother.”

Some dates are absolutely cringe-worthy. Sophomore Business major Brad Hensley said he and his girlfriend at the time went to play Dungeons and Dragons. Right before they started playing, Hensley said she told him she had been cheating on him with the man they were playing the game with.

“My parents were out of town until midnight,” said Hensley. “I had to stay.” So Hensley said he spent the next five hours watching them flirt back and forth.

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Wright State University
Romance rocky? Cheer yourself up with stories of bad dates