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Dance program to host concert for student choreographers

John Hamilton, Contributing Writer

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On Feb. 15 and 16, Wright State University’s Dance Program will be hosting the Emerging Choreographers Dance Concert.

The show is primarily performed by the juniors and seniors of the programs putting on their own choreographed shows, expressing their own stories and inspirations through dance.

“The show pieces that juniors and seniors dance students put on are the real first opportunities they have to choreograph their own show,” said senior dance major Allison Allen, “so those shows really mean a lot to them and are very heartfelt.”

Each show arranged by the dancers is meant to tell a story about what has inspired them. Senior dance major Kelly Spicer says that her performance is inspired by life events.

“Strong beliefs and feelings also play a big part in a lot of shows because this is the first real chance to express yourself through dance and to be really creative,” said Spicer, “those moments, life events, beliefs and feelings really help move the dancers and drive the feeling.”

The show will use mostly contemporary dance.

“If I were to explain contemporary dancing to someone who didn’t know anything about dancing, I would say that it is a mix of modern dancing and ballet.” Say Allen. “This form of dance has a lot of emotion in it which is great for the students and their concert pieces.”

Allen and Spicer, along with other dancers in the program, have been keeping a close eye on their health to make sure they are in ready for the show.

“We’ve been drinking a lot of green tea and just making sure we get plenty of sleep,” says Spicer, “but with all the active rehearsing  and preparation we’ve managed to avoid the occasional sniffle or two.”

Admission to the concert is free with the option of a donation. Performances with be held on Feb. 15 at 8 p.m. and Feb. 16 at 2 p.m.

Allen said student presence at the concerts would be much appreciated.

“It’s a great opportunity for anyone who doesn’t anything about dance or the dancing programs. It’s a great way to show support to the students especially,” said Spicer.

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Wright State University
Dance program to host concert for student choreographers