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The Dish: Ice Bubble

Adam Ramsey, Features Writer

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Place: Ice Bubble

Dish: Thai Tea Bubble Tea and Coffee Bubble Tea

Price- $3.50 for a medium size drink.

Ice Bubble, located at 3800 Colonel Glenn Highway, offers drinks like bubble tea, slushies, and flavored teas along with a self-service frozen yogurt bar.

Their drinks come in a variety of flavors–some a little more tame than others. There are standard fruit flavors like mango and pineapple, but Ice Bubble adds a few unique twists, like taromint.

As an added plus, Ice Bubble provides a 10 percent discount for students.

According to the cashier, bubble tea is a treat from Taiwan. It is a creamy drink with balls of tapioca resting on the bottom of the glass. Ice Bubble has bubble tea in traditional tea flavors like green tea and thai tea, but also offers other flavors, like coffee. Bubble tea can be served hot or cold.

As you drink you eat the tapioca balls, which have a chewy consistency much like gummy bears. It’s strange at first, but over time it begins to work well with the tea. The texture contrast between the bubbles and the drink is pleasant and plays off of the different flavors they serve.

The coffee bubble tea is standard iced coffee poured over tapioca bubbles, and was a refreshing choice. The thai tea bubble tea was different, though. It had a subtle floral flavor that was reminiscent of the spices in chai tea and was a pleasure to drink from brim to bottom.

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The Dish: Ice Bubble