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Kendra Andrews inspires dancers at WSU

Cortney Veneman, Contributing Writer

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On Saturday, Jan.11th the WSU Emerald Jazz Dance team and cheerleaders hosted a master class instructed by Kendra Andrews, a very successful dancer that was featured in both Step Up 3D and the “X” Factor.

The McLin Gym at the Nutter Center was filled with excitement as students learned new hip-hop moves. The choreography for the master class was taught using popular songs like Katy Perry’s  “Dark Horse.” The event gave students an opportunity to branch out and build technique.

Kendra Andrews kept participants engaged in the class with her vibrant personality and motivation to keep the environment fun and instructive.

“I like teaching classes for college students because I was once on a dance team when I went to college,” said Andrews.

 She currently lives in Los Angeles where she teaches and travels to instruct classes to help aspiring dancers.

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Wright State University
Kendra Andrews inspires dancers at WSU