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Office of Student Activities to require event planning certification for student organizations

Adam Ramsey, Features Writer

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The Office of Student Activities will require all student organizations to have at least one member certified in event planning starting in the spring of 2014.

Students that undergo the certification process to become a Certified Event Planner (CEP) are only required to become certified once at present, provided that they continue as a member of their organization and remain a Wright State University student.

According to Assistant Director of the Office of Student Activities Jack Pence, this certification is intended to inform student organizations about WSU’s policies about planning events and will supply CEPs with useful “tips and tricks” to plan events more efficiently.

Pence also said that for organizations that lacked knowledge of Wright State University’s event policies, the process of planning events was “choppy” and that the reason this requirement was instituted was to ensure each organization was aware of the event policy.

“This way, nothing is going to be hidden,” said Pence. “Everything will be out in the open, so that the expectations will be clear and concise. It’s one less thing for them to worry about planning events. That will also start to shape how they plan events, rather than planning an event and then trying to work around the policy, they’ll be able to plan the event in accordance with the policy.”

Pence also stated that one of the main concerns of the Office of Student Activities is how their policies will affect students.

“As we constantly move forward with our event planning and our organization registration process,” said Pence, “we’re constantly evaluating it, assessing it to make it something that is going to be beneficial for students rather than that extra step a nuisance in their already busy schedules.”

Andy Erickson, Campus Pastor of Chi Alpha said he believes that these changes could help make event planning run more smoothly for new organizations that are not yet acquainted with University Policy, but that he doesn’t believe it would be as beneficial for veteran organizations like Chi Alpha.

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Wright State University
Office of Student Activities to require event planning certification for student organizations