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Phi Kappa Tau celebrate their Wake

Sarah Olsen, Contributing Writer

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The Phi Kappa Tau Wake began in the 1980’s when the fraternity was down to three members.  Other fraternities were going around saying that “Phi Tau is dead.”  The chapter decided to make a play on that and hold their own Wake.  They held the first one with Zeta Tau Alpha and 33 people signed bids that night.  To this day, Phi Kappa Tau is still around thanks in part to that Wake.

The Wake will be March 23, at W.O Wright bar at 10 p.m. The event is $5 prepay or $7 at the door.

This Wake is a “mock wake,” president of Phi Kappa Tau Kyle Boze said.

“We rent out a hearse for the casket and drive around the city of Fairborn,” Boze said. “Our burial site will be at the W.O. Wright bar. And in the casket is an alumni of ours and behind the hearse are members of ZTA and Phi Tau.”

They then proceed to a eulogy and at the end the Phi Tau alumni will pop out of the casket and they celebrate “not being dead.”

According to Boze, the Wake is open to everyone even if they choose not to drink or are under 21, there will still be a party with a DJ. There are usually at least 100 people who attend.

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Wright State University
Phi Kappa Tau celebrate their Wake