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The UAB brings bands to WSU for Rhythm Above the Rath

Sarah Olsen, Contributing Writer

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Two local bands, Fire on the Green and To Kill a Monster will perform at Rhythm Above the Rath. Fire on the Green plays a metal genre and To Kill a Monster plays a variety of genres such as rock and pop. The event will take place on Feb. 7 in the Heath Lounge at 7 p.m. The event is free for both the audience and the bands. There will also be free food.

“[The event is] a chance for bands to have experience and for the audience to have fun. There will even be a prize based off of music trivia,” Rhythm of Above the Rath Chair Shanna Hare said.

Rhythm Above the Rath was formally known as Rhythm in the Rath because it used to be hosted in the Rathskeller but this year they had to re-locate due to another event taking place in the Rathskeller.

“[The bands are] from campus or are local bands who have posted their music online,” Hare said. “We look for bands and artists that put on a good show that aids to the audience having a good time,” President of the University Activities Board (UAB) Kit Dysart said.

“The environment is like a mini concert,” Hare said. “I’m expecting an exciting and loud environment this year. My favorite memory from a past Rhythm in the Rath would have to be the outdoors ‘Rhythm in the Amphitheater’ which was held last spring. The weather was beautiful, the bands were great and, as it got later in the evening, you sat under the stars and listened to the bands’ music.”

The next Rhythm in the Rath will take place in April and is currently looking for four to five bands. There are no fees or costs for entering. For more information or to sign up for the April Rhythm in the Rath contact Kit Dysart at [email protected] or Shanna Hare at [email protected]

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Wright State University
The UAB brings bands to WSU for Rhythm Above the Rath