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The Lindy Hoppers teach members how to go back in time

Evie M. Warner, Contributing Writer

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The 1920’s are being revived at Wright State University. The dance moves of the era are making a come back thanks to the newly formed student club, The Lindy Hoppers.  They give lessons every Tuesday beginning at 7:30 p.m. in Studio B by the workout center in the Student Union.

The name refers to the style of dance the club teaches. The dance originated in New York in the 1920’s and originally evolved with the jazz music of that time.

“I’ve always loved to dance,” Emily Delman, a junior and President of The Lindy Hoppers, said. “I started in ballroom when I was in high school.”

 Delman discovered the lindy hop style her freshman year and spent two years learning with the University of Dayton Club. She then discovered an interest for a lindy hopper club at Wright State. Other schools that have similar clubs include OU, OSU, Purdue and Miami.  Area schools will often host other groups.

“We have a pretty large network within the tri-state,” Delman said.

Tuesday night lessons are open to everyone.

“We don’t discriminate against anyone.  It’s a partner dance but you don’t have to have a partner to participate,” Delman said. “We always advertise there is no experience necessary; no partner required.  Just show up and we will teach you everything.”

In the future the club hopes to have a team to attend competitions around the country, but for now they are focused on teaching the basics. 

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Wright State University
The Lindy Hoppers teach members how to go back in time