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Creative Writing professor Brady Allen publishes collection of short stories

Cheyanne Plewe, Contributing Writer

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Many students know Brady Allen for his teachings inside of the class but what some may not know is his recent success with publishing his first collection of short stories called “Back Roads and Frontal Lobes.” Allen has been working on the collection since the late 1990’s. He described them as, “Rural weird tales that might be offensive but will tell the truth about humanity.”

Allen grew up in Warren County where he spent most of his childhood reading anything he could get his hands on. His rustic upbringing is where most of his inspiration for his short stories came from. These “speculative fiction with a mix of sci-fi and horror” stories’ characters are derived from his own experiences growing up.

Allen’s advice for aspiring writers is to have confidence in your own writing. Write what you want to write and never say sorry for it. He also credits his trips to writer’s conventions to his success. Gaining the opinions of different authors and publishers helped him with his own writing.

Allen’s main advice was read everything. Read anything you can get your hands on, and read all types of genres from horror, to romance to magical realism.

Allen’s next plans are to work on his next book with three of his friends called, “Low Down, Desperate and Damned.” This book will be appearing in 2013 and will be a collection of novellas from each writer.

To check out “Back Roads and Frontal Lobes,” look at local stores or order it at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. If you’re looking for a peek into the darker side of  small town Ohio, this is the book for you!

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Wright State University
Creative Writing professor Brady Allen publishes collection of short stories