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Students plans for break ranges from alone time to more work

Kristina Thomas, Feature Writer

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With the semester change, winter break has been pushed back causing many students to be anxious for its arrival. Students are looking forward to going home for the holidays and spending time with friends and family.

“For this break, I’m ready to go home to visit my parents and hang out with friends. I’m from D.C.,” freshman Joey Lingat said.

Another student, senior Sarah Knight, said, “I really want to hang out with my family.”

During the holiday season, family is an important aspect, especially for the students who are far from home. This holiday break allows them several weeks to go to their hometown, unlike Thanksgiving break, which was only three days. The break is also a chance for students to visit their friends. Many WSU students are planning vacations with their friends.

According to senior Sarah Nickels, she’s looking forward to going to New York with friends and seeing the ball drop on New Year’s.

“Me and my friends planned to fly to Colorado during break, and enjoy the sites,” junior Elise Fellows said.

Other students are choosing to be productive, either working on their own projects or getting an extra job. Various retail stores are hiring seasonal workers during break and some students are taking advantage of the opportunity.

“I’m making a film during break,” junior Nick Rollins said.

“I’ll be working but I’m happy I do not have school work,” senior Casey Hess said.

“My main objective will be working, might try to go sledding for some fun,” freshman Erica Lukjanovo said.

On the flip side of working and being with family and friends during break, some students are valuing time by themselves and a chance to take a break from school and work. This holiday break can be used as a stress reliever and help students to re-focus for next semester.

“I can’t wait to relax and take a mental break from school,” senior Brittany Martino said.


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Wright State University
Students plans for break ranges from alone time to more work