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Linkedin offers job connections

Elizabeth Schoppelrei, Contributing Writer

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Linkedin.com, created by Reid Hoffman in 2002, provides an opportunity for professional networking that, according to their website, “helps people make the most of their trusted professional relationships.”

According to Stephanie Spencer, the Assistant Director of Wright State University Career Services, networking is the “most effective and efficient tool in job searching.”  She recommends that students consider using Linkedin when conducting future job and internship searches as a supplemental resource.

Linkedin.com works much in the same way as Facebook. Instead of having friends, one can make “Connections” with people they know.  Once a person has connections, he can be introduced to connections of their connections, thus exponentially expanding his professional network especially considering the number of members using this service amounts to 175 million people and counting.

Members can join a number of groups on this website.  These are company groups or simply groups of people with a common professional interest.   Here people can pose questions to their groups, share information and gain new resources. Joining a company page can be beneficial considering more than 12,000 companies use Linkedin as a recruiting tool and can find people who match what they need.

Other ways Linkedin can help someone advance in the professional world is by offering a place on each person’s profile for résumés and even for recommendations.  This way, companies gain a complete picture of a person and if he or she may be a good fit for a job opening.

Some students at Wright State, like sophomore Jared Holloway, have already taken advantage of Linkedin.com.

“I used Linkedin to keep a record of contacts and connections in case I ever need a reference,” Holloway said. “I would recommend this to others, especially Business Students.  Networking is key, especially in this poor economy.  It is very professional, not like Facebook or Twitter.”

With great opportunities to expand professional networks, gain greater insights and increase advantages, students should keep in mind Linkedin.com the next time they consider networking and job searching.



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Wright State University
Linkedin offers job connections