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One of the most annoying things in life has to be charging your phone. You are forced to have a charging cable all the time and also an adapter.  Let’s not forget finding you an available outlet especially when in a public area.

It’s annoying enough to struggle with all those wires and let’s not forget that the outlet may be a bit far from your bed or couch hence you are forced out of your comfort zone.

Wireless charging aims to solve this day’s charging problem by getting rid of all those cables and that’s where the Winergy wireless charger comes in.

The wireless charger is the latest wireless charging pad that comes with a unique feature which is the fact that it is universal hence it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Another amazing feature it has is that it has QI wireless fast charging which means it saves on your device’s battery life since your devices are charged real fast.


About Winergy

The winergy wireless charger is a fast-charging device and works with all phones supporting wireless charging. This device is universal, appealing to the eye, portable and useful.

The Winergry wireless charger helps you leave all the cable and charger adopter life behind. This charging device is one of the best wireless chargers because it is universal meaning it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

This device has been created specifically to get rid of the cable and adopter hustle.

Product specifications

  • The output for this product is rated at 10 watts.
  • It uses QI fast-charging system that ensures your phone is charged really quickly and you don’t really have to waste time waiting for it.
  • The device is universal hence compatible with both Android and IOS devices provided the devices are QI technology-enabled.
  • It’s not a heavy item. It weighs around 64 grams.
  • The dimensions of this charger are 6 * 100 mm.
  • Winergy wireless charger is CE, FCC certified and is made of Aluminum and ABS.
  • Upon purchase, the wireless charger comes with a USB cable and a user Manual.

winergy review

How Does Winergy Charger Work?

The wireless charger uses QI which is a new standard for wireless charging that uses the induction coils technology. These coils are loops of wires which are built into the wireless charger and your devices either a Phone or a tablet.

When your device is placed on the wireless charger the induction coil transfer electric currencies via electromagnetic fields which are what charges your device.

It also has an indication light that tells you when your device has been charged fully.

How to use Winergy Charger

Setting up the device is very easy does not even take you ten minutes. You get it out of its packaging plug it and you are good to go, no difficult installation or setup procedures required.

The charger is safe and easy to use. It can charge your device faster and safer than other charging pads available on the market. The device also has a smart indication light that alerts you when your phone is fully charged which means it helps maintain your phone’s battery life.

All big phone manufacturing companies are fast adopting the wireless QI standard. Provided you have a smartphone that supports wireless charging you can be very sure that your phone uses QI technology and is compatible with the Winergy wireless charging device.

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Who can use Winergy Wireless Charger?

Anyone with a smartphone that has the QI technology which supports wireless charging can very much so use the wireless charging device.

Advantages of Winergy Wireless Charger

The device helps to maintain your phone’s battery life and also saves on electricity.

Another advantage is that the pad is the very light meaning you can carry it with you wherever you go. The device is also light and stylish.

Connecting the device to a charger or a computer is easy through the built-in Micro-USB connection.

It’s easy to use the device to be it at home or around the office which makes life a lot easier.

This wireless charger also has a safety feature that can detect items that are not your devices like keys or even pens.  The device will not work not unless a phone or a tablet is placed on it.

The device also has an advantage in that it has a 3 hour charging max time.

Benefits of the Winergy Wireless Charger

  • The charger is fast charging.
  • It is a QI technology compatible charger.
  • Lightweight not bulky.
  • The charger is Android and IOS Compatible.
  • Say goodbye to wires aka charging cables.

Disadvantages of Winergy Wireless Charger.

There are no disadvantages to using Winergy wireless charger. The device is very helpful and beneficial to those who want to get rid of charging cables and adapters.

Purchase, Price, and Discount

The manufacturer of Winergy has given an exclusive discount of 50% and free worldwide delivery. Please visit the official website of the manufacturer to purchase this product and redeem this amazing offer!

This discount is only available for a limited time so please take advantage of it as soon as you possibly can.

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Money-Back Guarantee and refund policy

If you are not satisfied with your product, the manufacturer is more than happy to refund your money. You can contact the customer service of the company to initiate the process of refund.

Please note that a refund is available only if you purchase the product from the official website of the manufacturer. If you have purchased it from some other place or got it from another user, then the return policy will be rendered null and void.



Does Wireless Charging Affect the Life of your Smart Phone Battery?
The answer is no, actually, the wireless Charging provides a more stable current compared to wired charging.

Is a wireless charger faster?
The answer is yes compared to the traditional wired charging the wireless pad is faster.

Is the Winergy wireless charger compatible with my device?
The charger is universal hence it is compatible with both Android and IOS devices provided they have the QI technology.

How do I know if my wireless charger is working?
When you place your device on the pad the LED light will light up indicating that your phone is charging.

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Customer Testimonials

Godfrey ~ With my busy life of always moving up and down it’s very difficult to get an available charging outlet and it’s also very easy to lose my charging cable or the adapter. But since I discovered the Winergry wireless charger, my life has been made easier I don’t need to worry about finding an outlet or carry around a charging cable and adapter.

Ann ~ I used to carry my charger with to the office with and people would always borrow my charger and sometimes the cable got spoilt or got lost. Thanks to my new found love Winergry wireless charger I no longer have to worry about it getting lost or getting spoilt.

winergy reviews

Cheryl ~ The fast charging feature on this device is amazing! It saves me a lot of time while maintaining the battery life of my two phones.

Diana ~ The charger is super amazing I would recommend it to friends and family any day at any time!


Winergy has been made for those who are tired of caring charging cables around as well as the slow standard charging. The device is very easy to set up and easy to use. All you need to do is just unpack it plug it in and you are good to go. It has no difficult installation procedure.

You just use the wireless device by placing your QI compatible phone on the charging pad and it starts charging.

When your phone is fully charged a small led light will light up and you can start using your phone again. The LED light will also light up when you place your device on the charging pad to indicate that it is charging.

The device can be used either at home or in the office and the best part is that the device is light and portable you can carry it with you anywhere you go.

The wireless charger is also a fast charger meaning you don’t have to wait for a long time to use your phone or tablet.

Winergy is fast charging and works with all phones supporting wireless charging. The device is universal, good looking and very useful.

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