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WildSurvive Pro


All in One Kit Everything Needed


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Waterproof Tools All Weather


Military Grade Steel Used




Do you love to roam in the forests? Are you an adventurer? Then, you have to get the WildSurvive Pro survival kit. The survival kit will help you and your friends withstand every situation. It is the most important equipment that you need for an adventure. The survival kit contains everything you would need if you get lost in the forest or are faced with any other problems.

The wild is full of adventures, and sometimes things may go south. For these situations, it is significant to be prepared – prepared to either attack or defend yourself. This survival kit is also very lightweight and hence portable. This will become your best companion for all adventures.

wildsurvive pro

About WildSurvive Pro

This is a kit which contains all necessary things needed for camping, forest trips, trekking or adventure trips. There is every possibility that you face a difficult situation. You may be stranded in the forest or mountains for bad weather or you may get lost. Then this kit will help you survive. You can use a sharp knife against animals. There is a compass to navigate if you lose your way. There is a solution to almost all the problems you may face.

What does WildSurvive Pro kit contain?

The WildSurvive Pro kit contains the following items in a portable and waterproof ABS plastic case.

  • Alcohol pad,
  • A screwdriver,
  • A needle,
  • A bandage,
  • A gauze swab,
  • A water bottle clip,
  • A shockproof case,
  • Four band-aids,
  • A wire saw,
  • A whistle,
  • A saber card,
  • A tactical,
  • A folding military knife,
  • A mini key-chain light,
  • A multi-function compass,
  • A tactical torch flashlight,
  • An emergency thermal blanket,
  • A tactical pen,
  • A multi-function scraper, and
  • A flint fire starter.

wildsurvive pro review

Benefits of WildSurvive Pro

  • Value for money product.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Waterproof.
  • The high-quality material used.
  • Includes all the essential things you need in a survival kit.

Purchase & Price

The company gives you three packages to choose from. You get the survival kit at the best prices on the official website of the company.

  • If you purchase one unit of WildSurvive Pro, you get it for $59. You get it at a 50% discounted price.
  • Another deal is the 2+1 deal, where you get one unit of the survival kit with two survival kits. This deal is available at $79, which is a 70% discounted price.
  • The last deal that you can choose is the 3+2 deal, where you get 2 units of the survival kit free with 3 units of the product. You get it at a 75% discount on the official website of the company. This can be purchased at $149.
  • You can add to the order by purchasing 3 years’ warranty at just $9.

Furthermore, the company offers free shipping on all orders.

wildsurvive pro

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

  • The seller has a solid 30-day return policy on all its products.
  • For a refund, contact the customer care of the company, either by email or call and inform them about the refund.
  • You will be provided with a unique Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number by the company.
  • After this, you need to return the company unused products. The items you send have to be in their original condition.
  • The package should also have the RMA number on it.
  • Once your package is received and approved at the warehouse of the seller, your refund will be credited.
  • Make sure you ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase.


How is the tactical torch flashlight in the kit unique? 

It has a very strong zoom which helps you to see things which are farther much closer.

Does the flashlight need to be charged? 

No, the flashlight need not be charged. It runs on standard AA batteries, which need to be changed when it is required.

What is the size of the kit? 

The dimensions of the kit are 6.3 inches’ length, 4.3 inches’ breadth, and 1.9 inches in height. The weight of the kit is 1.4 pounds.

Does the company provide a guidance manual? 

No, the company doesn’t provide you with a guidance manual. Most of the products inside the kit are known to you and are self-explanatory. But some of the first aid pads are provided with some guidance below them. Also, the wallet size tools and the emergency blanket are provided, with the guidance manual, inside the packaging of the product.

What is the use of the tactical and folding military knife in the kit? 

The tactical and folding military knife is like a pocket knife in the kit. But it shouldn’t be given in the hands of children as it has a sharp edge.

What are the payment methods available on the authentic website of the company? 

The payment methods available on the authentic website of the company are Visa Card, MasterCard, and PayPal which are acceptable throughout the world.

Are the transactions safe on the website of the company? 

The transactions will be safe as it is approved by 256-bit agencies such as McAfee Secure, Norton Secured, and Truste Verified.



  • Very affordable.
  • Portable, sturdy ABS box.
  • There are all essential things that you need during camping, trekking or other adventure trips.
  • All the items are durable and premium quality.
  • There is a huge discount on the product for a limited period.
  • The company is offering a 3-year warranty.


  • It is advised to purchase WildSurvive Pro from the company’s authentic website to avoid fake products that may not work properly.
  • Limited stock is available with free shipping, so you have to order fast.

Customer Testimonials

I am going on a trekking trip with my college football team, next week. I wanted us to be fully ready for all situations. So I ordered one unit of the WildSurvive Pro kit for myself and also asked my team to buy one for themselves. I am satisfied that we are ready with all the necessary tools. Steve Green, 19, Manhattan, New York.

My wife was pestering me to take my 3 kids on a camping trip. I was worried about how to manage difficult situations. My wife said she has bought one WildSurvive Pro kit which will help in all emergencies. And that’s what happened, we lost our way in the forest, and used the compass and torch. Now I have kept the kit in my car and use it frequently. Thanks to manufacturers for such a useful kit. Walter Williams, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

People say survival kits are one-use products. But it is not true for WildSurvive Pro kit. I am using one for the past 4 excursions. I must say, it’s so useful. All the products are made of high-quality and durable material. And I always find an answer to my problem. This kit has never disappointed me. I recommend the WildSurvive kit to all fellow adventure crazy people. Adam Fischer, Madison, Wisconsin.


Whether you are someone who goes on adventure trips regularly, or whether you are just starting, you need to get the WildSurvive Pro survival kit. This is an essential kit that will help you in all your camping, trekking and adventure trips. You will also be able to attack or defend yourself in tough situations. The manufacturers offer the product at discounted rates and also offer free shipping on all purchases. So buy the WildSurvive Pro survival kit for yourself and your camping mates and be fully prepared for all adventures.

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