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More and more people today are becoming health conscious. They are struggling to stay fit and are opting for more appropriate dietary options. Although a lot of people prefer meat for proteins, they are coming to realize the benefits of eating seafood. Fish is an ideal source of proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins. Many Americans today are slowly shifting their diet from meat to include more fish. The problem, however, remains in finding fresh fish.

If you go to a supermarket, most times, you will find salmon that is farmed and not caught from the sea. If you are lucky and know any trusted fishmongers or stores, then you may just get freshly-caught fish. This uncertainty in the quality of fish has been a turn-off for many people, and of course, the taste of the farm versus sea also differs. Due to this very reason, a lot of people might end up eating at restaurants rather than cook fish at home. But now, Wild Alaskan Company is bringing you wild-caught seafood at your door-step with just a few clicks.

Wild Alaskan Seafood Box

About Wild Alaskan Company

The fisheries in Alaska work on the principle of sustainability, which is made mandatory for the benefit of the citizens there. Alaska has even put a ban on farming salmon and other fish due to its harmful environmental effects. The Wild Alaskan Company was formed to deliver sustainable wild fish to every household in America. The company was founded by Arron Kallenberg, who is a third-generation fisherman.

The company works with reliable providers and supplies some of the healthiest wild-caught fish in America. They mostly harvest seafood from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest seas. They bring you three generations of fishing experience, so you can be assured of the quality they deliver. Moreover, the company’s mission is to offer sustainable fish and not over-harvest or affect the fish population negatively.

About Founder

The Wild Alaskan Company was founded by Arron Kallenberg. He was born and raised in Alaska. Arron spent most of his childhood on commercial fishing boats with his father and grandfather, who were both experienced fishermen. This family experience is what Arron brings to the company.

Arron did not start-off by entering the family business. After college till about the age of 35 years, he worked in many startups. But the growing fraud in the seafood industry, and a rise in fish farming, is what led to him finally moving back to Alaska and starting his own company. He wanted to ensure that such unethical farming practices do not harm the natural habitats of the fish. He put his experience of working with startups and decided to connect seafood lovers directly to healthy, wild-caught fish via the internet and a reliable delivery system.

How Does The Seafood Box Work?

Buying fish can be confusing. A lot of questions arise, such as, is the fish fresh? Is it wild-caught or farmed? Are you paying the right price for it? If you are conscious about the environment, then you will even ask if the fish has come from a sustainable source. But with The Wild Alaskan Company, you no longer have to worry about these queries.

The Wild Alaskan Seafood Box works on a monthly subscription basis. You have to pick your plan out of the three that they offer. The next step is very simple. You have to provide them your billing details and delivery address. Within a couple of days, an insulated box of fish will be delivered at your door-step.

You can store them individually packed pieces of fish in your freezer and use them whenever you like. You will have to defrost the piece first and then season it before cooking it. You can enjoy the taste of wild-caught fish at affordable cost every month with this seafood box.

Wild Alaskan Seafood Box

What Type of Fish Do You Get?

The Wild Alaskan Seafood Box contains only a wild-caught variety of fish. The fish that you will receive in your box will largely depend on availability as the company practices sustainable fishing. However, Alaskan waters are famous for its mouth-watering salmon and white fish ranges. So, you can order a box of sockeye salmon and coho salmon, or buy an assortment of cuts, portion sizes of white fish such as halibut and cod.

How Is The Fish Delivered?

Reliable delivery is the key to retain the freshness of the fish. You may be worried that when you place an order for fish online, the chances of you getting fish that has already started thawing is very high. But the Wild Alaskan Company is conscientious about avoiding this specific flaw in delivery.

Each piece of fish in the Wild Alaskan Seafood Box is individually packed. The fish is frozen while it is still fresh to retain its taste before packing them in an insulated box. The box is then filled with dry ice to maintain its temperature during transit. The packaging ensures that the fish remains frozen until you receive it and transfer it to your freezer.

Advantages of Wild Alaskan Seafood Box

  • With the Wild Alaskan Seafood Box, you are guaranteed fresh caught and handled fish. You can be assured that the taste will be retained thanks to their expert packaging and delivery system.
  • Each piece you receive is individually packed. So, every time you want to cook, you can choose your portion size and defrost only that much. This way, you can preserve your fish longer.
  • If you are a conscious seafood lover, then you don’t have to worry about where you get your fish from with The Wild Alaskan Company. Their company mission is sustainable fishing. Also, the company is very open about where they get their fish from.
  • The subscription also comes with expert advice. The company will give you access to fishmongers who can answer your queries. These experts will also assist you with recipes and tips on cooking fish.
  • If you are ordering from The Wild Alaskan Company, you get the advantage of choosing your delivery date, so your box arrives on the same date every month. You can, however, change the delivery date of a particular month’s package, if you are unavailable. If you want a break in your monthly plan, you have to only inform them about the same, and they will do the needful.

Purchase And Price

You can purchase the Wild Alaskan Seafood Box from the company’s official website. You can decide on whether you want the box monthly or bi-monthly. You can choose a box of wild-caught salmon, which will include varieties such as sockeye and Coho. Or you can select wild-caught white fish such as halibut and cod, or a combination of the two. Each piece of fish will be 6 ounces.

You can either choose a pack of 12 for a month or a pack of 24, depending on your monthly requirement. Roughly, every piece of 6 oz fish will cost you approximately $10. So a monthly package of 12 will cost you $131.88, including shipping and handling, and a box of 24 is priced at $239.76 with free shipping. If you are buying for the first time, you will get the packs at a discounted offer of $116.88 and $224.76, respectively.

Wild Alaskan Seafood Box review

Money-back Guarantee And Refund Policy

The Wild Alaskan Company offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the service or quality of the fish, then you have to inform the company within 7 days of purchase. The company will either replace your package or refund your money as per your request.


When will the box be delivered after the order is placed?
Once you place the order, the box will be delivered at your door-step within seven days. After that, your monthly supply will reach you on the same date, unless you ask them to change it for you.

What happens if I am unavailable to accept delivery?
The box that your fish is delivered in is designed by industry experts. There are enough insulation and dry ice in the box to ensure that the fish stays frozen till you get home and transfer it to your freezer. So, you don’t need to worry about staying at home to receive the package on time.


  • Wild-caught fish can be distinguished easily from farmed fish based on their pricing. The wild-caught variety tends to be a little more expensive. However, with their monthly subscription, the Wild Alaskan Seafood box ensures that you get wild-caught fish at an affordable price.
  • The company is very transparent about where they get their fish. It is a trustworthy company that is run by the experience of three generations of fishermen.
  • The company has eco-friendly packaging. The box you get will either be reusable, or it may dissolve in water. In some cases, the box is compostable as well.
  • The seafood market largely depends on the quality. Hence, the Wild Alaskan Company ensures that the fish you receive is wild-caught and of superior quality and not farmed fish, which can be toxic.
  • The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied in any way.


  • They only have a limited option while choosing your fish. You can select just one particular fish or one style of cut fish. Also, you can only opt for 12 or 24 pieces, you are not allowed to decide on the number other than that.
  • They only work on monthly memberships. So, if you want to order once in a while, then you might not be their ideal customer.
  • There is another company with a similar name in the market. So, you have to be very careful about which one you are ordering from.

Customer Reviews

I have recently started eating fish again after a long gap, thanks to The Wild Alaskan Company. I was advised by my doctor to eat more fish, but the quality always differed. Sometimes the taste was just terrible. I came across this company while looking for better options and decided to give it a try.

I have been ordering from this place for approximately six months now. The quality is consistent with what they have promised. The packaging is fantastic. It is definitely better than struggling to get the correct tasting fish every time. I would recommend it to all fish lovers.

– Robert Thompson, 38, Chicago

I have had wild-caught fish from the local stores before, but now I am starting to think they were framed fish that were wrongly labeled. The fish I received from The Wild Alaskan Company was any day tastier. I have subscribed to their monthly pack of 12 fish, and they are yet to disappoint. The fish tastes fresh no matter when I use it. My boyfriend, too, has started ordering from them ever since I cooked their salmon for dinner one night. Overall, a fantastic product and a must-try for all.

-Sandra Yates, 32, California

When I first ordered from The Wild Alaskan Company, I was worried that I was going to receive a box of fish that was already thawing. But I was glad to see that the fish was still frozen when I received it. Their salmon tastes delicious; I love their eco-friendly packaging. This is definitely better than the other places that I have ordered from.

– Michelle Rodrigues, 43, Dallas


The toxic effects and environmental issues with farmed fish are slowly coming to light in America. The problem with a lot of fishing businesses is that they don’t follow sustainable fishing, which is resulting in a decline of the fish population. Hence, people have no choice but to opt for farmed fish.

However, Wild Alaskan Company ensures that they deliver sustainable fish to their customers. The company is transparent about where the fish comes from and how they provide it. As a principle, they are strictly against farmed fish. Therefore, you can be assured of the taste and quality of their wild-caught fish all year round.

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