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At this current time and age, Wifi is not a luxury anymore. It is a necessity and a vital part of our existence in today day and age. Wifi stands for Wireless Fidelity as per the name it provides wireless internet connectivity to various devices like Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, etc. It can connect to multiple devices at the same time, within some area limit.

Lots of cafes, co-working spaces, malls, public transport, and streets provide Wifi as well. Our world is recently getting to know the remote work culture; the shift in the working style of people is making Wifi more relevant now. We see so many YouTubers, freelancers, content creators these days. They solely make a living out of the internet. It is safe to say Wifi is changing the world for good. The standard range is approximately 100 meters in open space, typically 30-50 meters are more common.

Wifi devices are ubiquitous in organizations and households these days; hence it is clear that people cannot function without a good Wifi connection. A lot of the dependency relies on the internet starting from your job to booking a cab, navigating maps, buying groceries, and so much more. In 2017, the report confirmed that around 9 billion Wifi devices are in use worldwide, imagine the number by now. According to a survey done by Red Roof Inn where they asked around 800 economy travelers what amenities are necessary, about 80 percent said Wifi was on their top priority.

Wifi Pod

What is a Wifi Pod?

The main roadblock with Wifi devices is the area limitation. If you walk out of that area, you will immediately lose connectivity, which is not very convenient.

Wifi Pod is a mini 4G router that lets you connect to the internet anywhere. It is a portable device that can be easily carried in your pocket and you can take it with you wherever you go. It supports ten electronic devices at the same time without losing the speed on average. It comes with a 2400 MaH lithium battery which has a long-lasting working span. You can simply set the Wifi network name and password to start using and sharing. This router is wireless and doesn’t come with any cables, just insert the sim card and share it with your friends and work buddies anywhere you go.

How Does Wifi Pod Work?

It is a small elongated rectangular-shaped device which is very easy to carry as it is lightweight and small. It has four indicators on it, battery indicator, Wifi indicator, Data indicator and WPS indicator, which helps you keep track of everything. As soon as you switch On the Pod and install the 4g sim card in the sim card slot given, with the battery intact, it starts working. Connect with your computer to check the installation and connectivity. You can set up the WIFI network name and password from there as well and get started with the high-speed internet connection at your convenience of location.

Wifi Pod reviews

Benefits of Wifi Pod

  • No location barrier – Since wifi pod is a wireless portable device you can take it anywhere, it fits your pocket. So there is no area limit problem while using this device. You can use it outdoors, at your home, literally anywhere. Now you don’t have to sit in an overpriced coffee place just for the wifi; you have your portable owe now which you can use anywhere.
  • Better speed – Wifi pod supports up to 10 devices at a time without losing its speed on average, which makes it convenient to use multiple devices at once. Using public wifi can be a little exhausting at times as there is no constant speed. When so many people are using it at the same time, it drops occasionally. But with wifi pod, you don’t have to worry about fluctuating speed at all. It remains consistent, and you can do your work without any glitch.
  • Perfect size – Nobody wants to carry a bulky device along with so many electronics anyways. Still, since wifi pod is such an ideal size, it is convenient to take it around. This mini router is even lighter than a phone charger which adds a great advantage also it doesn’t take up much space. Its compact body is a cherry on top.
  • Strong battery strengths – One of the significant pros of using this device is its battery strength. It comes with a 2400 mah lithium battery which lasts a very long time. So you don’t have to charge it, again and again, to keep it working. Which is such an advantage because we already have too many devices to take care of we

It is a cost-efficient option for your small business let’s say you have less than ten team members or even at home this product is ideal for such purposes. The internet speed will not suffer as well. It is a great option, and you can consider it.

How Much Does It Cost?

Wifi Pod is very cost-efficient, you can buy it at a 50 percent discount. Earlier being priced at $178, but after the discount, it comes down to a whopping price of $89, including the free shipping. However, if you buy two units, it will cost you$74.50 per unit, and if you buy three of them, it will be $68.33 per unit which is an excellent deal for such a useful product. You can also improve your order by adding a warranty card to your purchase, for a two-year warranty it will be $9.95 and for one year warranty, it will be $5.95. The payment can be made quickly with your Debit/credit card or even Paypal.

Wifi Pod review

Refund And Return Policy

The return process will only be valid if there is some manufacturing defect if there is any. However, the product should reach the return address within 14 days if not, then the money won’t be refunded.

If you want to return, the product must be intact in the original packaging, and thee return delivery charges will be given by the buyer. As soon as the product reaches the warehouse, it will undergo some quality check. Then your refund money will be initiated as quickly as possible to the same source you used for purchasing. 


The guarantee policy will cover any manufacturing fault or system error, and you have to provide them with some digital evidence in the form of photos or videos. If after the delivery of the production there are some tearing, scratches, breaking it will not be considered for guarantee coverage at all. The one year or two-year guarantee starts from the day of delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between WIFI Pod and modem?
This question might come to your mind while learning about the WIFI Pod as both of them look very similar; however, both of them serve an entirely different purpose. WIFI pod is a mini router that establishes a local network and splits the internet connection to various devices. A modem connects directly to the internet, but it doesn’t set up a local system, you can use it in single electronic equipment only.

What is the benefit of using a WIFI pod?
You can use it while travelling or anywhere. The security is better than using Public Wifis; all your data will be safe for you. Moreover, you can connect multiple devices in a go, up to 10 with a high speed of course. The screen shows four indicators which help you track everything.

Is a WIFI Pod worth the money?
Yes, it is. It comes with an excellent 50 percent discount, including the free shipping, you can add one or two years of guarantee to it as per your wish. The fact that it is portable makes it even better as you can take it along with you anywhere. It is compact and light and can be carried in your pocket as well. Its durable battery power will keep you tension free all day.

If I add multiple devices to the WIFI Pod, will the speed get hampered?
We all have experienced this glitch, didn’t we? But this mini router takes care of it all. You can connect up to nine to ten devices to these tiny things at once, and I will not alter the overall speed of the connectivity at all. You can use all your devices like mobile phones, laptops, Smart TV, all at once and everything will function at high speed.

How to return the Wifi Pod, what is the policy?
Make sure to do your research while buying this mini router, in the worst case you can return within 14 days. Make sure the packaging is intact, and no seal should break. They will check the returned product and initiate a refund to your source payment account. If in any case the package is opened after receiving the product then it won’t be eligible for returns and refund.

Wifi Pod is available at a price of 89 USD (50% off) with free shipping

Customer Reviews

By Sanket – I bought this product to use unlimited internet because my internet usage is so high. I downloaded so many things that the regular internet plans fail for me, so I decided to buy a wifi-pod. It works; you can not believe that this is the only company that gives you unlimited 4g usage without and reduced speeds. I am amazed at how good this works, and I have been using it for almost a year now.

By Manav – I suggest you order this product, it’s the best, and you can not believe I have downloaded about 100 GB this month from this device. It’s so fresh and worth the money. The internet speed is excellent, and it comes in very handy. I am a student, and I wanted to invest in something like this, I am delighted with my purchase.

By Erin – I Work from home, and sometimes I like wandering in parks and small cafes to work on my projects. This device comes in very handy as I can carry it almost anywhere with me and get my work done without worrying about the connectivity. I got myself two years of warranty just in case. Also, it is an excellent value for money, such a great product at an affordable price.

By Rebecca – I use this while working on my assignments at home; I share it with my younger brother and my parents. It is very cost-efficient and also very easy to carry anywhere around. Before buying, I was a little nervous as to how to install it. Still, the guidebook gave all the details and to be honest; it was effortless to understand in the first go.

By Stanley – I am a photographer and video producer by profession, and I am always travelling; hence there was no constant source of internet. It was getting challenging for me to edit, send, modify content for my clients. A friend suggested this WIFI pod, and I am pleased with my purchase. It solved almost all my problems, and I can use it anywhere.

Final Verdict

This Mini 4G router can solve all the hassle of high-speed Wifi at once. You don’t have to stress about moving to places and places in search of a good connection. You can simply throw this in your handbag and call it a day. It comes with strong battery support, so you don’t need to charge it at short intervals. The delivery and return policy of this device is hassle-free as well, so buying this product can be all in all beneficial to you and also a fantastic investment. I have been using it ever since I bought it, and now it is one of my necessities.

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