What You Should Know About Building Muscle Mass

Transforming your body is a very tough process and time-consuming process. Any journey, be it that of a weight loss or that of a weight gain requires consistent, effort, and patience to achieve the results. In the past few years, we have seen a very large growth in the number of people who are looking into building their bodies, increasing their muscle mass, and achieving those body goals. Different kinds of workouts, diets have come into existence in the last couple of years and this in fact makes it tougher for one to choose the right form of exercise or diet to achieve the said results. What might work out for one body type might not work out for your body type, therefore it is very important to understand the transformation process that you are pushing your body to go into, and then note down the pros and cons of the reactions of your body and then chart out a proper fitness regime that will work wonders on your body.

As much as losing weight can be very tiresome and time-consuming, we believe that adding more muscle mass to your body is a much more intense journey to step on. Ask anybody what should I do to gain those messages? The immediate answer would be to eat more and incorporate exercises that involve strength training. Of course, lifting those weights can make one feel very intimidated if you are someone who has always been walking or jogging in your neighborhood. Of course, again, results will not be achieved immediately but creating a routine of strength training will allow you to notice those muscle gains in just a few weeks or even several months. Read Apnews review to understand more about building mass muscle.

How do our muscles grow?

In our body, it is the skeletal muscle that is very adaptable tissue. When we perform any extreme exercise, for example, weightlifting, or muscle fibers tend to undergo some trauma and that is something that we call a muscle injury. When our muscles are injured in this manner, the satellite cells present on the outside of the muscle fibers get activated. These cells make an attempt and repair the injury by coming together and joining this results in an increase in the muscle fiber.

A body consists of certain hormones that help our muscles grow. These hormones control satellite cells and responsible for the following activities:

  • Management of muscle mass
  • Formation of blood capillaries
  • After exercise, it sent to sell stores are muscles
  • Repairing the muscle cells

How does one build muscle?

You don’t have to spend your entire day at the gym building your muscle. Dedicating just 20 or 30 minutes to weight training twice or thrice a week is sufficient to notice some results. While doing weight training you need to target the most important groups of muscles twice throughout your workout. It is guaranteed that you will not see results immediately, however, even doing one single strength training session will help promote your muscle growth. You see, exercises are known to stimulate protein synthesis in 2-4 hours of you finishing your workout. So, how do you know if your muscles are actually growing, we would say that you need to observe the way your muscles are defined, you will surely see more muscle definition. And if you do not notice the muscle definition, you will notice that you are capable of lifting heavier weights with utmost ease over time. An activity that involves strength training includes the following:

  • Resistance band movements
  • Exercises like squats, lunges, and push-ups
  • A workout that involves no weights
  • Workouts that involve using a stationary weight machine, for example, a leg curl machine

It is important to note that when you begin weightlifting, you need to try in between 8 to 15 repetitions in one room, this equals one set. And then you need to wait for a couple of minutes in between each of your sets and rest.

Understanding the difference between reps and resistance

When you are lifting a particular weight with the support of your body this is called as resistance and that weight needs to be heavy enough that it is challenging for your body to lift it. One of the things to note while selecting wait is that you need to select one that tires your muscles within 12 to 15 repetitions. If you are finding that that particular weight is very easy to lift, then you need to increase the weight to the next level. Lifting the weight 12 to 15 times is what is called reps.

Why is rest so important?

If you have started a strength training exercise regime, it is very important to allow your body enough rest. If you are not going to take those days off, then you will end up enjoying yourself and might end up taking months off from your exercise and this will not only slow down your process but might also nullify all the attempts that you have put into build the muscle mass.

Do women build their muscles faster than men or at the same pace as that of men?

This is one question that is been asked everywhere! Let us put it down in very simple words for you dear readers that men and women, their ways of building muscles and at the rate at which they build muscles is very different. If you ask why? The answer lies in the hormones present in men and women. They say that the hormone testosterone plays a very vital role in muscle development. And we all know that in men, the level and percentage of this hormone are more when compared to women. Let us look at some other factors that affect muscle growth :

  • Hormones
  • Body size
  • Body composition

Muscles and cardio

Another name for cardio exercises can be aerobic exercises — these are the exercises that increase your heart rate and your breathing rates. This helps strengthen the cardiovascular system. You might have heard that doing too much of cardio exercise is very bad when it comes to building muscles. However, there are certain studies that tell the otherwise, aerobic exercises help with muscle growth, overall exercise capacity, and muscle function. The sweet spot that can be considered with cardio is to promote muscle growth and it has everything to do with duration, intensity, and frequency. Scientists say that exercising at a percentage intensity of 70 to 80 with 30-45 minutes sessions and for 4-5 days a week is good. The bottom line here is that doing a combination of cardio and resistance training will help your body and your heart stay healthy and strong.

Muscles and diet

There is no doubt that what you eat helps build your muscle more. The protein intake especially plays a very important role in fuelling up your muscles. It is advised that 0.8 g/ kilogram is the amount of protein you should be consuming each day if you are aged about 19 years. We recommend that including foods that are protein-rich will help improve your body’s performance in building muscle mass.

Always make it a point to consult your doctor before starting any kind of workout routine especially if you have a past with the health condition. This will help you modify certain exercises so that you achieve your body goals while keeping yourself safe.

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