What Happens to Your Body When You Wear a Waist Trainer

Who does not fancy an hourglass figure? At times it often becomes difficult to lose weight regardless of trying thousands of methods. But yet it’s not impossible. Waist trainers are considered to give a person an hourglass figure without getting involved in any exercises. Well, that might not be the only thing happening to your body; there are things beyond that too. Let’s get started with understanding what waist trainer means.

waist trainer

What is a Waist Trainer?

A waist trainer is similar to a corset when it comes to its appearance but functions differently. It is manufactured from an elastic material featuring a velcro strap that can be attested around the waist. It also has a hook and eye that can tighten the belt as per your requirement. But with the change in time, waist trainers are also made of different materials, now promising the same results. Waist trainers are worn on the midsection part of your body.

What is the use of Waist Trainer?

Waist trainers usually claim to tone & slim down and give a good shape to the waistline by cutting down the belly fat inch by inch. The hourglass shape would probably be the perfect word to be used while describing the ‘WHY’ factor of a waist trainer. The idea of using a waist trainer is not new. Tracking down the history, the use of waist trainers goes back to the 1500s when people used corsets to cut down the belly fat.

Downsides of Wearing a Waist Trainer 

Keeping into consideration the advantage of a waist trainer, the fact that it might have some downsides cannot be ignored. Wearing a waist trainer might get comfortable with time, but it can also reverse the actions. Let’s dive deep into the lesser-known facts about eating a waist trainer.

  1. Messes up with the breathing: Using a waist trainer while exercising is a big ‘NO’ as it leads to heavy breathing and eventually messes up with your breathing process. A respiratory care journal conducted a study in 2018, which included ten women. According to the research, women who tried the breathing technique while using the weight trainer displayed shortness of breath, sweating, and increased pain. Hence, the quality and depth of your breath get impacted when you exercise wearing a waist trainer.
  2. Cause shift in organ placement: Waist trainers might also reverse the right actions if worn for a long time. When we use a waist trainer, it affects both the outer and inner body. Due to the waist trainer’s tightness, it might also hamper productivity and damage the organs, especially causing significant damage to the ribs (at times it might fracture it too). The outer effect might look good, but the inner product would break you down. When worn very tight and for a long time, the waist trainer generally shifts the organs from their actual position. The upper part’s organs tend to move upwards more, and the organs are found towards downshifting more downwards.
  3. Other health issues: Apart from the displacement of the organs, wearing a waist trainer might cause other health problems. Health issues occur because of compression. The significant health risks include skin infections, kidney problems, lung issues, and digestive problems (such as the esophagus, stomach, and intestines).
  4. Core strength might suffer: The over usage of the waist trainer might directly affect your core strength as it is worn on the body’s midsection part. Wearing it for a very long time reduces the abdominal muscles’ ability, which leads to weakened abs and lower back muscles. Often, the core muscles also tend to depend on the support and stability of the waist trainer.
  5. Excessive sweating & temporary weight loss: Wearing the waist trainer produces a lot of sweat, one can imagine. It is because of the pressure applied to our body and its reaction to the latex material used in the strap. Due to the over sweating, weight loss happens temporarily.
  6. Does not get rid of body fat in the long run: Experts believe that a waist trainer makes you look slim, but that’s only when you are wearing it. Once you remove it, your body goes back to its actual shape. It is because the trainer has no immediate effect on the body fat, but it just takes the body shape and makes you look instantly slim without long run results.
  7. Causes dehydration: While exercising, the body temperature increases, and excessive sweating decreases the body’s water level causing dehydration.
  8. Never use while you are still young: These are mostly for the young girls who fancy the hourglass figure of the celebrities. And while following them, try the methods themselves. Using the waist trainer while you are still growing might permanently damage your muscles, and you might put your health at tremendous risk.

Temporary benefits

  1. Hourglass figure
  2. Better posture
  3. Postpartum support
  4. Weight loss


Of course, most of us fancy the hourglass figure like Kim while we are young, but we must not forget the other dark side. Everything has its own right time when it should be done. So moving too fast won’t help you. It might drag you in trouble again. So, don’t just do it because you are following someone and like their way of living and consult an expert before trying anything with your body because one wrong move can end you up in trouble for long years. Waist trainers might help you in temporary weight loss and give your body a slimming effect but not a permanent and meaningful weight loss. Experts recommend going for a healthy diet change or good exercise if you are willing to lose weight. Even if you want to use a waist trainer, make sure you consult the right expert who can advise you with proper rules and steps.

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