Weight-loss and Toning Tips

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Whether you’re planning an upcoming trip or are just excited for bikini season, it can sometimes seem daunting to shed that holiday weight. It would seem that just living in a climate with cold winters could contribute to weight gain as we search for energy to keep us warm.

Below are some beginning tips for getting a healthy start to the summer months:


A healthy lifestyle starts with healthy foods. If you’re still accustomed to grabbing a fast food burger or even a gourmet pizza at every turn, your habits may have to change. Start swapping that pop or beer for a glass of water and eating salad as a substitute. Most places now offer salad in some form and you can even have meat added to it for your necessary proteins.


Though a full regiment may be hard to start, begin with a simple walk or jog during your open times, be it morning, afternoon or evening. From there, you can add stretches, join a class or begin using your tuition-paid admission to the Wright State Fitness Center.


Perhaps you have lost weight or have toned your muscles already, but does it show? Sometimes a shirt from a certain company will look good on one list of body types and not as good on others. This can even vary within the brand so don’t bar yourself from a whole company just yet. Look up some style tips for people with your body type or bring a trusted friend shopping with you. The right clothes can really make a different in how your physique is portrayed.

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