Ways Trainers are Staying Engaged with Customers During Covid

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the government imposed a total lockdown for some time in almost all the cities. Even though the restrictions have been eased to an extent, places like gyms and training centers are going to be closed for a while yet. In these times it is more important to stay connected with your clients to maintain your relationship with them and to highlight the importance of good health while keeping yourself safe. Although you are supposed to practice social distancing, there are still many ways through which people can connect.

With the rise in technology almost every person uses some or the other source of social media to maintain contact with each other and to stay updated. A combination of some of these methods along with the use of social media is beneficial for trainers to maintain their contact with their customers during this pandemic. In the generation of technology physical distance doesn’t matter if you want to run a business, and trainers are adapting to this new method of work quickly. Some trainers find this more effective as they can communicate with a larger number of people and that too from around the world. Different people have different views and these views can be beneficial to learn something new and to see things from a different perspective. Experimenting with these new ideas is fun for many people and trainers are willing to assist everyone according to their needs.


There are different methods that trainers are using to keeping their clients and audience engaged. Some of them are given below:

Posting and sharing more content

Content is the main thing for any page or account that keeps it going and makes it famous. To keep their audience engaged many trainers are posting workout videos and healthy recipes to attract more audiences as well as to maintain their previous clients. They are doing live interactive sessions with their clients and seek suggestions from them on what kind of content they would like to see. Making your client your priority helps your client to understand that the trainer is dedicated to the clients and is willing to work hard for them. Similarly, trainers share similar content on their Instagram and Facebook pages to keep the discussion going that helps people to recall their name and provides them with a platform to discuss their health issues, their views with each other as well as with the trainer. This gives the message to the people to stay positive and to carry out the work from their homes itself as time doesn’t stop and doing something good for their body and mind can help them to have some good thoughts in the time of crisis.

Sharing personal experience

Many trainers find this method effective to connect with their clients and to develop a better relationship with them. In this, trainers share their personal experience on how they are dealing with all the changes due to the pandemic and what all changes are there in their lifestyle to cope with the problem and its effects. Many people find this useful and interesting, especially the people who are able to relate with the trainer form a deeper understanding of the trainer and results in loyal clients or customers.

Many trainers like to do a full day video in which they shoot from the moment they wake up until they hit the bed at night. In the video, they show what are their morning rituals, what they eat, how they pass time other than working out, and other things. This keeps the audience engaged throughout the day and helps them to understand their trainer better. Other methods that trainers use can be live sessions or creating a summarized video on their experience. However, live sessions can be more efficient to connect with people as it offers real-time interaction in which the audience can ask any question they want about their experience.

Providing some benefits to loyal customers

Loyal customers are rare to find however, they exist. With good assistance and service, trainers tend to win over their clients thus making the customers loyal to them. There can be many ways in which a customer can be loyal to the trainer. For instance, if a customer is supportive of the trainer’s thoughts and ideas and willing to volunteer for them. Other ways such as, if a customer refers the trainer to their friends and advises them to join the same and many more. All these activities make the customer loyal and such customers are often rewarded by their trainers in some or the other ways.

Some trainers also use a reward program, it is a system through which trainers can promote their business with the help of the customers and helps the customers to earn points for it. For instance, when a customer refers the trainer or any workout program to their friend they earn points, these points are then redeemable for some benefit that either reduces the cost of their program or provides them with a free trial to other programs. This system can make promotion interesting for the customers and results in more client engagement.

Introducing discounts and benefits for new members

Some trainers experience an increase in the number of their clients due to their popularity and goodwill however, others may notice a decline in the number of new entries. In such cases, many trainers provide some benefits to the new entries to boost the number of entries even more or to invite some members. People who are willing to join some workout plan often first compare all the plans and then choose the plan according to the deals and benefits. In such cases, trainers are benefited due to the introduction of exciting offers. Offers such as a free first-month trial, 3 months free in a whole year membership, free extra benefits such as 24/7 consultation from other certified trainers, personalized complementary diet plan for the first month, and many others. These benefits help the trainer to improve their number of clients and prevent any loss in the business due to the changes.

Modifying training methods

Due to changes in the place of workout, the majority of people do not have any equipment that can help them with their training at home. In such cases, people tend to get bored and tired of the training easily as not everyone likes to do cardio for a long time. Trainers use other items for the training to switch things up and to keep the workout interesting. For instance, reverse lunges can be practiced near the stairs to modify the exercise, a chair can be used while doing squats to make sure customers are doing it correctly as it is not possible for the trainer to ensure correctness virtually. Some trainers also prefer live workout sessions to ensure all the clients are engaged in the workout and it also provides the clients with some real-time assistance. Other alternatives such as water bottles are used in place of dumbells, exercise bands are also popular equipment to keep exercise fun. Some trainers who own a gym or some workout material are also willing to provide these things at a certain price to their clients in case their clients cannot do without them.

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