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Occasional snoring is nothing to worry about! But only if it is occasional. It becomes a cause for worry if you are a regular snorer – it disrupts your quality of sleep and the person sleeping next to you! It creates health problems and unhealthy relationship issues.

Snoring occurs when air is unable to pass through the nostrils and throat while you sleep. As a result, the surrounding tissues start vibrating causing the snoring. Snorers have excessive throat and nasal tissue that vibrates.

So, now that you know that your snoring is one of the major causes of the problems between you and your partner, what are you going to do? Sleep in separate bedrooms? That will work for a day or two. But what if you go out on a trip with a group of friends or family and have to share a room?

Thankfully, a separate bedroom is not the only available solution today. You can choose to use an anti-snore mouthpiece that will help you sleep better and stop or reduce the snoring. An anti-snoring mouthpiece is an effective solution, especially if it is from a reputed manufacturer and of good quality.

VitalSleep snore mouthpiece

About VitalSleep

VitalSleep is an anti-snoring device or a “mandibular adjustment device” that helps stop snoring by pulling the lower jaw towards the front. Pulling the jaw forward will prevent blockage of the airway and minimize snoring. It is available in small and large sizes for men and women.

This device has been co-developed by Dr Richard Koffler and David Hernandez. After just one year of getting into business, the company, Snore Reliver Company, LLC, gained momentum. This device was the brainchild of Hernandez who spent almost $3000 for an oral device prescribed by a dentist to prevent snoring. The device did not last long and he started working to give consumers a budget-friendly but effective alternative.

Main Features of VitalSleep Anti-Snore Mouthpiece

Here are the main features of VitalSleep Anti-Snore Mouthpiece: –

VitalSleep is a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) that pushes the lower jaw to the front, thus tightening the nasal and throat tissues that cause snoring. This device is superior to other mandibular advancement devices.

  • The device has a slim design and is thus easy to carry. It is not bulky at all.
  • VitalSleep allows ease of use. It allows 8mm adjustment of the lower tray. It has a precise and unique adjustment.
  • The company offers replacements free of cost for one year and all reasons.
  • Vitalsleep offers customized fitting. It is also available in 2 sizes for men and women. The smaller size is 10% smaller than the second size. This smaller size is specially manufactured for women.
  • When you purchase VitalSleep, you get a free e-book named “33 Tips to Reclaim a Good Night’s Sleep”.
  • VitalSleep has a small hex tool for making small adjustments according to your needs. The lower jaw fitting can be adjusted up to 7mm to the front.
  • VitalSleep has a hinged technology, because of which you can close or open your mouth up to 25 degrees. This increases the comfort of the user.
  • This device lasts for up to 2 years depending on how often and how well you use it. This is much longer than many anti-snore devices.
  • VitalSleep comes with Norton Shopping Guarantee.
  • This device is manufactured in the USA.
  • The device does not contain harmful latex or BPA, which is linked to many serious health conditions.
  • VitalSleep is manufactured using medical grade silicon that is FDA approved.

Summarization of the Main Features of VitalSleep Anti-Snore Mouthpiece

The following list summarizes everything about VitalSleep Anti-Snore Mouthpiece: –

Product Name VitalSleep Anti-Snore Mouthpiece
Mouthpiece Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)
Material Medical grade, Hypoallergenic Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA). Latex and BPA free
Size Two sizes – small and large – for men and women
Customization Boil and Bite
Adjustability 1mm. Can be adjusted up to 8 mm


How Does VitalSleep Work?

It has been mentioned above that the VitalSleep pushes the lower jaw to the front. This is very important.

The importance lies in the pact that when you sleep, nasal airway and the throat passage is partially obstructed. This is because of the muscle relation in the throat and tongue. The lower jaw relaxes and the surrounding muscles also relax. The tongue slides towards the throat due to gravity. And as a result the airway is restricted, thereby restricting airflow. Therefore, the air which passes through vibrates and there is a noise, which is snoring.

A MAD helps to remove the restriction in the air passage. It works to push the jaw to the front and away from the throat. When the jaw is pushed to the front, the tongue is also pushed away from the throat. This opens up the airway and reduces the vibration when the air passes through.

When you use VitalSleep you can make adjustments according to your comfort, needs and make it effective.

How To Use VitalSleep

To use VitalSleep, you should first customize it. Collect the items that you need first and set them out.

  1. Bowl
  2. Hot Water
  3. Bowl of cold water
  4. Pot
  5. Tongs
  6. Timer
  7. VitalSleep Anti-Snore Mouthpiece
  • Identify the top of the mouthpiece. You need to check if it is in a neutral position. The device comes with a hex key for making side adjustments so that the lower jaw is not pushed to the front.
  • Place your VitalSleep Anti-Snore Mouthpiece into the bowl and pour water over it. You don’t want boiling water. It should be just hot.
  • Remove the device after 5 seconds and check the up position.
  • After 10 seconds, place the MAD device inside your mouth.
  • Bite down on the device for 10 seconds and press the surface of the mouthpiece against your teeth gently but firmly. You are to get the impression of your teeth on the device.
  • Now remove the device from your mouth and place it in cold water. This will help set the mould.
  • When the mould is set, you can put VitalSleep Anti-Snore Mouthpiece inside your mouth and adjust the comfort.
  • Repeat the process till you find the comfortable fit.

Accu Adjust System and Hinge Technology

The Mandibular device comes with a hex key that is used for making adjustments. Although the device is preset with certain positions but the manufacturer, it cannot be comfortable for everyone. Follow the steps given below to make the adjustments: -

  • Turn the screws on both sides and push the lower jaw to the front. Use the hex key to turn the screws.
  • Balance both sides symmetrically.
  • Use the device after this and measure the snoring. If the snoring continues, then push the bottom further to the front and test it again.
  • Repeat the process till you cease to snore.

The hinge technology improves effectiveness by opening the device to 25 degrees.

Sizes of VitalSleep Anti-Snore Mouthpiece

VitalSleep Anti-Snore Mouthpiece is available in two sizes – small size and a bigger size. 

The small size is for women and the larger size is for men. Most companies overlook women since the male population snores the most. But with the smaller size, women too can now find a solution to their snoring problems.

VitalSleep review

Benefits of VitalSleep Anti-Snore Mouthpiece

  • VitalSleep Anti-Snore Mouthpiece is available in two different sizes, for men and women.
  • The device gives a perfect fit by moulding the product with a deep bite. This helps the device to stay in place.
  • Small adjustments can be made for a customized and comfortable fit.
  • For mouth breathers, the airway hole variable is helpful.
  • You can wear the device over your dentures.
  • It offers the best available warranty and trial period.

How to Care for VitalSleep Anti-Snore Mouthpiece

To care for your MAD, you need to clean it after every use. Rinse it with cold water and use a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean it. After cleaning it, wipe it dry with a towel, and store it in its plastic case.

According to the instruction manual, you can soak the device in a denture cleaner to clean it.

Purchase and Price

The product can be purchased on the official website of the manufacturer. A single device is available at a cost of $69.95. If you order 2 pieces, then the package is priced at $108.95.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company offers 60-night money-back guarantee for dissatisfied users. It also offers a 1year replaceable warranty.

Side Effects of VitalSleep Anti-Snore Mouthpiece

There are no documented side effects of using VitalSleep Anti-Snore Mouthpiece. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully for the best fit and results.

Customer Reviews

VitalSleep testimonal

Ryan ~ Initially, I was disappointed with my anti-snore device. I have an overbite and the first device was messed up. But, living up to their promise, the company sent me a replacement for free. They suggested that I should try the moulding the mouthpiece upside down (the adjustments went backwards). I tried but messed up again. I called up the customer service explained my problem. Hesitantly, I asked for a refund and, (would you believe it!) I got a refund immediately. I had to send the used mouthpiece for the refund.

Vicky ~ I had to get the mouthpiece changed once because of a mess-up by me. But then, I got a new device. I removed the screws and used it the way it was described in the manual. It is a comfortable fit and I sleep better now. Another unexpected and unexplained result was the clearing of my sinuses.

I have been having nasal congestion and sinus blockage for many years. I have always believed that they are a result of some kind of allergy. Since I started using VitalSleep, the nasal blockage is gone! And it remains gone all night. I still don’t understand it and neither does the company.

Lynn ~ The customer service is just excellent! I used VitalSleep every day and I have an undisturbed night’s sleep without waking up even once. Resultantly, I am fresh at work every day. The device is durable and holds up well.

Linda ~ My husband is a big snorer and his snoring interrupted my sleep. It caused a lot of friction between us. I can understand that he cannot control it but losing my sleep was making me irritable. It wasn’t as if I stayed home while he went to work and caught up with my sleep during the day. Then we got VitalSleep and his snoring is now much lesser. Thankfully, we both can sleep well again. It’s a good product.


 Pros of VitalSleep Anti-Snore Mouthpiece

  • The option of 2 sizes (small and large) for men and women
  • Perfect fit. Can be customized.
  • Incremental adjustments for the perfect fit.
  • Airway hold variability for mouth breathers.
  • Over-the-denture fit.
  • Best warranty and trial period.

Cons of VitalSleep Anti-Snore Mouthpiece

  • The teeth impressions need a thorough cleaning.
  • Jaw soreness initially.
  • Shipping charges deducted on a refund.

Conclusion - The Final Verdict

Most mouthpieces including VitalSleep do need some getting used to. You are putting something inside your mouth before you sleep, so it will need you to get used to it. And it is normal to feel some discomfort initially. But as you use the device regularly, you stop feeling the discomfort.

Most of the chronic snorers find relief on using VitalSleep. This is a mandibular adjustment device and it can help stop the snoring, ensuring that you sleep well and get good rest.

The difference between VitalSleep and other MADs is the size option. You get to choose from two different sizes for men and women. The small size is best for women while the larger size is for men. It can be moulded to fit your mouth using the boil and bite method. After that, you can make incremental adjustments until you get the perfect fit.

This device can be worn overdentures, while most other MADs cannot be. The device is not designed for treating tooth grinding. But it prevents the lower and upper teeth from touching and therefore, it may help. However, if you suffer from bruxism, the device may have a shorter life.

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