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Ask a person with poor eyesight what it is not to be able to see clearly without glasses, and you will know the real value of vision. Imagine how it would be to live in a world without colours and light. You will be in total darkness. You would be a burden to your family and friends who would need to look after you, and you will feel the discomfort in having to depend on others for everything.

You can use the Vision 20/20 Protocol Program that teaches you how to take care of your eyes and naturally restore vision without having to resort to surgery. When your vision is restored to 20/20, people will understand that it is not an impossible task. If you take steps to restore vision at the right time, you can see clearly.

Vision 20/20 Protocol

What Is Vision 20/20 Protocol?

Vision 20/20 Protocol is an ebook by Dr David Lewis. It is a program that has been researched by Dr David Lewis when he started losing his eyesight. When he was told that he had just 6 months of vision left, it saddened him that after working hard all these years and saving for retirement, he would not be able to travel around the world and visit the places with his wife. He was sad that he could not even see his grandson’s face clearly.

He started researching and was shocked by what he learnt. He realised that he had been lied to in medical school. During his research, he realised that our ancestors where who hunters and gatherers never needed glasses. There were no glasses available at that time. The males were hunters who needed a clear vision to be able to spot their prey at a distance. The women were gatherers, who needed crystal clear vision to spot the distinguishing marks between killer plants and edible medicinal plants.

This realisation led to the belief that our ancestors used their eyes a lot and ate food which gave them the nutrition needed for a clear vision. Armed with this realisation and with his research behind him, Dr Lewis went to visit a nutritionist with whose help he tried to formulate a nutritional plan. After a few days of the following the nutrition plan, he realised that while the diet plan was not helping him too much, his vision had stopped deteriorating.

In another few weeks, he was able to pinpoint the elements which were helping him, and he had also developed exercises that would restore his vision.

How Does Vision 20/20 Protocol Work?

Vision 20/20 Protocol helps to discover the real reason because of which your eyes are unable to do the work for which they are created. It has nothing to do with genetics, and it is also not age-related. It is all due to two nutrients that your body produces – two nutrients about which people are not aware. Only a small aboriginal Army unit knows about these nutrients. Dr Lewis discovered the secret, and he first tried it on himself to ensure that it worked. He then went up to his daughter, who also wore glasses, and she was his next patient. The Protocol Program worked on her, and within 3 weeks she had given up her glasses too.

The next step was to call up all his patients and offer them this plan for free because he had earned a lot of money by prescribing glasses to them all these years. Almost 94% of his patients benefitted from this Program and he was ready to reveal his secret to the world now.

Vision 20/20 Protocol consists of simple diet plans that include the nutrients necessary for your eyes to be able to perform their work well. These plans are very easy to follow and you can easily incorporate them into your diet. There is no dieting and you can eat anything and everything. You don’t have to give up your favourite food, stop eating outside or cook exotic food. All you have to do is follow the recipes which are not only delicious but also easy to prepare.

Apart from these meal plans, the Protocol also consists of a few exercises that will help your vision.

The Program has been recommended by many peers globally. It is clinically tested and has proved that it can, not only repair your eye cells but, also regenerate the dying retinal cells. This plan has proven that eye problems such as glaucoma, astigmatism, cataract, degeneration diabetic retinopathy and even myopia, which are the most common causes of blindness and loss of vision, can be reversed by following the Protocol.

Vision 20/20 Protocol review

Why Is Vision 20/20 Protocol Effective?

Vision 20/20 Protocol is effective because the recipes mentioned in this ebook uses ingredients that are essential for your eyes. Ever since medical science has discovered eyes, people have been told that the reason why they lose vision is because they are too close to the TV or always on the computer or on their phones. But these are all not valid reasons.

The root causes for vision impairment are lack of essential nutrients and antioxidants. The third and the most important reason for vision impairment is ocular atrophy. We do not use our eyes as they were meant to be used. We do not look far across open spaces because our vision is blocked by buildings and construction, which were not present earlier during the time of our ancestors. This is the cause of our weakening eyesight – because it is deprived of the exercises that it needs to remain healthy.

Since birth, your eyes have been attacked by the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. These rays damage your eyes and impair their function, which results in eye problems.

Your body needs lutein and zeaxanthin to combat and fight this damage, but since it does not produce these nutrients naturally, they eyes are unable to fight the diseases. These nutrients and antioxidants are available from foods such as eggs, spinach, Kale and others.

How Does Vision 20/20 Protocol Help You?

Vision 20/20 Protocol will help you in the following ways:-

You get numerous recipes for making delicious smoothies. These smoothies can be prepared from readily available ingredients, which contain all the nutrients as in the original aboriginal method. Medical experts have evaluated these recipes for determining the combination of the necessary nutrients. Dr David Lewis found that the smoothies worked to restore his wife’s failing vision.

The ebook contains a fast start guide which helps you gain knowledge for achieving and maintaining crystal clear vision for your life. These steps include the original aboriginal foods that were discovered by the doctor in his initial research; and the toxic foods that you should avoid to keep free radicals away. These free radicals damage your eyesight by eating the cells of the eyes.

The ebook contains details of all the simple and naturally occurring foods that you need to flush the free radicals out of your macula and retina. These foods reverse vision impairment and restore 20/20 vision in just three weeks.

This is a 21-day Protocol that consists of a package called ‘ Essential Eight’. The package contains a home-based vision test and eye charts so that you can monitor and note down your progress and improvements.

Vision 20/20 Protocol reviews

What Does Vision 20/20 Protocol Teach You?

Vision 20/20 Protocol teaches you the following: –

  • How to cook delicious snacks, cocktails and meals without destroying their nutritional value;
  • Exercises that can help strengthen the eye muscles;
  • How to clean your eyes and flush out the free radicals;
  • The role of glasses and how they damage the eyes;
  • How to be rid of your spectacles;
  • How to track the progress made using the meal plans and exercises and note them down in your journal.

This guide covers everything that you need to know about your eyes, how they are made, what food they need, the nutrients they need and the exercises that you should do to keep the eye muscles from decaying. It also tells you all that you need to shop for to prepare yourself for this vision restoration journey.

Purchase And Price of Vision 20/20 Protocol

This ebook is available for purchase and download, only from the official website. The price of this ebook is $37, which includes taxes. All you have to do is fill in your country, address and card details, and the book is available for download.

Vision 20 20 Protocol Ebook

Pros of Vision 20/20 Protocol

  • You can immediately download the ebook after the purchase;
  • Since this is an ebook, you can carry it anywhere on any of your book reader devices;
  • The book is user-friendly. You don’t have to remember a lot of complicated steps, and the instructions are short clear and concise;
  • The printer offers a 60-day money-back guarantee;
  • The language used in the book is clear and very easily understandable;
  • The recipes involve only natural ingredients, and hence, there is no fear of side effects after consuming these foods;
  • It helps you restore vision and keep it 20/20 throughout your life.

Cons of Vision 20/20 Protocol

  • The book is not an overnight miracle solution for failing vision. You need to follow the recipes and exercises religiously for noticeable improvement.
  • The book is available for download only on the official website.

Customer Reviews

vision 20/20 protocol results

Marvin ~ This Program has completely changed my life! I can’t believe how much my life is changed after I started using the Vision 20/20 Protocol Program. To say that I was scared of the darkness and the blur in my life is putting it mildly. I was afraid and did not want to live anymore. That was the worst time of my life. The doctors advised surgery, and things only got worse. When I heard about this Program, I knew that I had to try it. I was desperate, and surgery scared me as much as the looming darkness. My vision started getting better in 21 days, and after 3 months, I could see clearly. It was unbelievable!

Kayla ~ I started wearing glasses at the age of 9, and the prescription would go up after every couple of years. I must have spent more time and money on my glasses that in front of the mirror trying out new clothes. At the age of 19, my glasses were starting to look like an old woman’s glasses. I didn’t want Lasik surgery because that scared me and I have not heard any good things about it. Wearing glasses was preferable over the operation. But I got desperate when I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face without the glasses. My dad heard about vision 20/20 Program, and he went and shopped for the ingredients. We started using the recipes and exercises. It was the family event every day. For 3 months, we sat together as a family, eating the same food and doing the same exercises. While for some, this would be a terrifying moment wondering whether or not the Program was going to work, for me, it was the happiest time in my life. In 3 weeks, I could start seeing clearly – so clearly that I could not wear the glasses anymore because they gave me a headache. After following the directions provided in the book, I am now completely free of glasses. The recipes are here to stay in my life as all the exercises. I don’t want to go back to wearing glasses or becoming blind.

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

Vision 20/20 Protocol is a very reliable ebook that has been written after a lot of research and clinical trials. This system is very easy to use. All you have to do is to download the ebook after purchase and go shopping for the ingredients needed for recipes.

The Program is a nutritional plan that will require you to incorporate all those basic foods in your life that contain the nutrients needed to repair the damaged eye cells. You also need to do the exercises regularly as recommended. You will see an improvement in 3 weeks. There is nothing more important than your eyes and don’t wait till you are almost blind before you start using this Program.

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