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Do you fear that you are unable to sustain your erection for long and that you are not able to satisfy your partner because of this inability? Research on this subject has shown that men who have this fear actually have a penis that is normal sized and there is nothing wrong with their erection. However, there are many men whose fear is justified.

There are a lot of male enhancement products available in the market. There are so many of them that it would be difficult to know which product is worth buying and using and which is popular because of the way it has been marketed. The only way is to research all these products and read user reviews. You should read both the good and bad reviews so that you are able to judge how effective the product is.

About Viasil

One such product that is available in the market is Viasil. It is a male enhancement pill that boosts Nitric Oxide production in the body. Nitric Oxide gives the body the endurance that helps in hard erections that you can sustain for longer. It also gives you the stamina to perform well.

Our body has two energy systems – ATP and ADP. When the synergy of these systems improves, erection quality improves and is sustainable.

All this is done in a completely natural way by improving blood flow and oxygen delivery into the tissues of the penis. Due to increased blood flow, vasodilation improves and the results on erection are nothing short of miraculous.

In short, what Viasil does is resolve all erection dysfunction problems naturally.


viasil ingredients

The ingredients of a product should be effective and powerful for it to work efficiently and effectively. Viasil is manufactured using natural products that are powerful. This blend of ingredients makes Viasil a very effective and safe product. Here is the list of ingredients along with their function: –

  • Citrus Sinensis – Citrus Sinensis block proton leakage into mitochondria and boosts its respiratory abilities. It enhances the production of ATP in the body and gives you more energy, especially when you need it.
    Citrus Sinensis has flavonoids known to their ability to stimulate eNOS, which in turn produces Nitric Oxide. When the quantity of Nitric Oxide in the body increases, there is an increase in blood flow, resulting in vasodilation.
    This fruit is rich in Vitamin C and works with the flavonoids to ensure that your body’s blood vessels remain in good health and are, thus, able to stimulate erection and are sustainable.
  • Epimedium Brecovorum – Also known as the Horny Goat Week, this plant is rich in lacarrin. Leccarin is a compound that helps increase blood flow in the body by inhibiting the release of PDE5. When the quantity of PDE5 is reduced, there is an increase in nerve stimulation and blood circulation. Additional benefits include an increase in levels of arousal, sexual desire and levels of the male hormone.
  • Zinc – Zinc helps in protein synthesis. When the body has adequate quantities of zinc, the body is able to produce sufficient male hormones, which in turn are responsible for reproduction and fertility. Additionally, zinc has the ability to boost production of sperms, cell recovery and long-lasting erections with potent ejaculations.
  • Tribulus Terrestris – This plant has been used in medicines since ancient times. It is a popular ingredient in many herbal blends. It is mainly used to increase libido and for a healthy urinary tract. Nowadays, it is used as an ingredient in health supplements and male enhancement pills. Other benefits of Tribulus Terrestris include controlling blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels.
  • Pomegranate – Pomegranates are rich in polyphenols and nitrate. It has the ability to increase the production of Nitric Oxide, resulting in improved circulation and healthy blood vessels. Polyphenols have antioxidant capabilities and play a vital role in preventing cancer, cardiovascular diseases and in reducing the progression of diseases such as cancer, diabetes and other heart diseases. They are also responsible for weight control and prevention of diseases. These phytochemicals promote high energy levels.
    Pomegranate is a rich source of anthocyanins, ellagic acid and tannins, which help improve cardiovascular functions by reducing levels of triglycerides. It also helps to raise levels of male hormone resulting in a sustainable erection.
  • Extract of Root of Panax Ginseng – The extract of the root of Panax Ginseng has the ability to lower stress levels and improve sexual prowess. It has high levels of Ginsenosides known to enhance focus, concentration, alertness, endurance and sexual performance.

How Does Viasil Work?

The science behind Viasil is really very simple. Our body has two energy systems – ADP and ATP. Viasil improves the synergy between these two systems. As a result, there is an increase in energy, renewed vitality and improved endurance. This potent blend assists blood flow and delivery of oxygen to the penile tissues giving increased endurance and energy.

This supplement results in increased production of Nitric Acid in the body which helps in vasodilation. The combined effect of these two helps not only the penis but the other organs and muscle in the body to receive increased blood, thereby giving you more energy.

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Benefits of Viasil

Here are the benefits of Viasil, the male enhancement supplement: –

  • There is an increase in energy levels in the body.
  • There is an increase in sexual desire and libido
  • It helps in harder and stronger erections.
  • Erections are sustainable.
  • Orgasms are more intense.
  • As this supplement is made using organic and natural ingredients, it is safe to use and at the same time, it is very effective too.
  • Increased endurance and stamina.
  • Revival of confidence and sexual desire.

Side Effects of Viasil

Since Viasil is manufactured using completely natural and organic ingredients, it is safe to use. There are no documented or known side effects.

Viasil Review

How to Use Viasil

To achieve the best results from this male enhancement supplement, it is best to take it half an hour before you need to perform. The manufacturer recommends that after using it for one cycle, it is best to take a break of 3-4 months before you start with the next cycle.


The dosage for this supplement is quite easy to follow. Viasil is available as tablets. It is to be taken twice a day – morning and night – along with lukewarm water.

Diet Restrictions during Viasil Cycle

When you are using Viasil, you can follow any dietary plan. There are no food restrictions. The only restriction is to eat a balanced diet. You can calculate the nutrient and calorie intake required yourself or have a nutritionist calculate it for you.

Another restriction is on the consumption of alcohol in the entire time you take this supplement, so as to enable it to work effectively. Following these simple instructions would help you gain desired results in a short time.


A single pack of viasil has 10 tablets and cost 54.99 pounds. If you order two packs, you get a third pack free for the price of two. This will cost 109.99 pounds.

The third option of 30+20 tablets will cost 159.99 pounds.

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

In case you are dissatisfied with the product, you can return the unopened packs of the supplement within 67 days of receipt of your order. You will get a complete refund without any questions being asked. Since shipping is free, you do not lose anything.

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Delivery Discretion

Most men would be apprehensive of neighbours getting to know of their using this supplement. Well, no man would want anyone to know that he is not completely in charge in the bedroom. The manufacturer respects this desire for privacy and gives assurance that the packaging will be plain so that no one gets to know what is inside the package.

Does Viasil Really Work?

Viasil works by assisting the body’s ATP and functions of Nitric Oxide, It helps dilation of blood vessels and oxygen circulation to the penis and all the organs of the body. When there is vasodilation, the penis becomes hard and the Nitric Oxide ensures that your erection stays hard thus enabling you to satisfy your partner. You have increased endurance, strength and energy.

The effective natural ingredients of viasil ensure that you get multiple benefits like dilation of blood vessels, enhanced energy and improved circulation. Combined, this help achieve harder and more powerful erections that last longer.

The supplement works as long as you take it. So, when you stop taking the supplement, you no longer have hard erections. However, the manufacturer does recommend taking a break after 3 months so that your body does not develop an immunity to Viasil.

All said and done, you can experience the benefits of viasil the same day of taking it. Taking a supplement half an hour before activity will give you immediate and visible results.

Pros and Cons of Viasil


  • 60 day Money back guarantee
  • No questions asked for a refund.
  • Completely natural composition
  • Guaranteed results
  • No Side Effects


Customer Reviews

  • Michael~ Over the years, I have had problems with performance. My energy has been flagging and it showed in the bedroom. It was only worse because my partner understood my problem but I hated to see her so disappointed. I started using Viasil and in two months, I have been able to see a visible difference. My confidence is up, I am energetic, focussed and my erections are hard. The best part is that our relationship is back to where it was all those years ago.
  • Gary~ Erectile dysfunction ruined my life. I never thought that it would affect me or that I would be a victim of erectile dysfunction. I mean, it is something that we only read about; it doesn’t happen to us. But it did and luckily, I discovered Viasil. A 2-month course has made a huge difference. I am not in my 20s anymore but I never expected this huge difference in my life.
  • Owen~ I have had a problem for ages. Not a regular problem, but it would crop up its ugly head occasionally. Well, my wife has never complained, bless her soul. But, I felt bad about it. With time, this got to me. I became paranoid and our sex life was a sham. Viasil has helped me regain my confidence. In a month’s time, I have started feeling better. No more failed performances or disappointing my wife.
  • Sam~ My wife ordered this for me out of desperation. She was tired of my constant complaints of not being able to perform. Honestly, I was unhappy because of not being able to sustain my erection. I hated disappointing her but there was nothing to do! I am on this supplement for almost 10 weeks now and well sometimes, I feel like a new man! I am back to what I was when I was in my 20s.
  • Don~ Oh My God! This is just amazing! All those years of feeling ashamed of not being able to perform! And all it took was just one tablet of Viasil! I feel so young and I have no more erection problems. I have hard erections and can hold on until my wife is satisfied and then my orgasm is so intense that it shakes me to the core. I have never been so satisfied in my life!

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

Erectile dysfunction does not have to put a stop to your relationships. Instead, by using Viasil, you offer your body a tool to boost its Nitric Oxide and ATP efficiency. The aim of Viasil is to support what your body already has and use it to give natural results.

You get instant benefits like stronger erections as the penis gets the blood flow that it needs to become hard and to perform.

The use of antioxidant-rich ingredients ensures that you have enhanced energy and strength and are able to perform.

Simply put, this supplement promises to improve the quality of your sex life by improving blood flow and circulation, enhancing stamina and increasing levels of endurance, along with hard and sustainable erections. Erectile dysfunction is a thing of the past with Viasil.

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