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With the increase in competition and work pressure, women are constantly proving themselves in both the work and home environments. This has not only empowered women but also made them prone to certain negative aspects like stress, anxiety, unhealthy food habits, etc. These habits, in the long run, has proven to make them gain weight, obese which later causes hormonal imbalances.

The first thing you do when you notice an increase in your weight is to join the gym but that seldom works and if it does it stops again when you stop going to the gym. Another common yet very hard thing to do is go on a diet. Diets that are strictly designed to control your fat and carbohydrate intake and in the long run, deprive your body of the essential nutrients required for its functioning.

To overcome this confusion here is a product called The Venus Factor, which is uniquely designed for women to lose their weight naturally and in a healthy way. It also makes sure you don’t gain weight drastically once you have finished with the program.

Venus factor

About Venus Factor

Venus Factor is an all in one program that is specially designed for women. It enables weight loss by working on the less-explored path- metabolism. It increases metabolism and makes sure you lose the fat from the hard to slim parts of your body, like thighs and waist.

The product is uniquely designed by keeping in mind the body and health of modern women. It is a program that contains the complete guide to achieve a slim fit and healthy body. Additionally, it contains access to a virtual nutritionist with whom you can engage in conversations related to your health.

How Does Venus Factor Work?

Venus Factor is a program designed to help you lost weight. It is specially formulated to help you lose weight within the time span of 12 weeks.

It works by controlling a different aspect of your health, metabolism. Leptin is the hormone that controls metabolism and thus is responsible for burning your fat. This product controls the levels of Leptin in your blood circulation and thus controls in fat burning. It makes sure you follow the instructions given in the ebook and by the strict diet, it uses to ensure weight loss.

venus factor

How To Use Venus Factor

You can download Venus Factor after you have purchased it and go through it. It is an ebook that has guidelines to follow and exercises that if you follow step by step, will guide you into achieving a fit and slim body. It has an app that ensures you achieve your goal and follow the instructions.

Along with these, it comes with access to virtual Nutritionist that guides you during this program. It also has an eating plan that if you follow you will see an increase in the Leptin level that will later help in burning excess fat.

 Is It Safe To Use Venus Factor

Venus Factor is a guideline that comprises exercises, eating habits and nutritional facts that naturally aim in slimming your body. It has no chemical ingredients, harmful, artificial products and thus is completely safe for use.

 Why Choose Venus Factor

  • Are you tired of working out in the gym yet not getting any result?/
  • Do you envy the women who have a slim body and you long to attain it?
  • Have you tried most of the supplements but all in vain?
  • Are you sick of following strict diets that not only fail to decrease your weight but also most of the time keep you starving?
  • Have you lost your hopes of achieving the perfectly carved body?
  • Are you tired of investing heaps of money on popular supplements and food regimes?

Then, you must choose Venus Factor as it costs very less and you don’t need to worry about side effects as it is a program.

Venus factor review

Why choose Venus Factor Over Similar Products

  • While most similar products contain artificial ingredients and hormones that harm your body in the long run, Venus Factor is a program that helps you attain the perfect body through exercises and diet.
  • Venus Factor costs very less when compared to other slimming products that cost a fortune.
  • If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it and claim a refund. In the case of other similar products after you purchase the product, you have no other option if it doesn’t work. You are stuck with it.

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Benefits of Using Venus Factor

  • Easy– The Venus Factor is very easy to use. It is just a book of guidelines that tells you, step by step how you can lose weight by doing simple exercises and diets that are not very strict.
  • Quick– The product is technically designed to help you lose weight and attain the gap from obese to the perfect body within 12 weeks. As you can see, it is quick in its action.
  • Affordable– This guideline is easily attainable by anyone as it is very inexpensive and thus affordable by everyone.
  • Uniqueness– Venus Factor is uniquely designed keeping in mind the unique body of women and how women tend to gain weight very fast and how it becomes very hard for them to lose weight.
  • Nutritionist– This product along with guiding you, gives you access to a virtual nutritionist with whom you can discuss any problems or questions regarding your health or this program.
  • Refund– If you are not satisfied with the product you can lodge a complaint and claim for a refund.

Side Effects of Venus Factor

Venus Factor is a 12-week regime to help you get a slim and healthy body that follows exercise, diets and nutrition facts. As these are completely natural, this product has no side effects.

Purchase and Price of Venus Factor

Venus Factor is very easy to purchase by visiting their official website. All you have to do is click on the buy now option given on the page and enter your address and payment details.

When compared to similar products aiming at losing weight costs a fortune, Venus Factor costs only 37$ and is thus affordable for every woman in need of a perfectly carved body.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The manufacturers of Venus Factor completely back the product and make sure if you don’t get any results after using it, you are not stuck with it. The product thus comes with a money-back guarantee and return policy if you lodge a complaint within 60 days of its purchase and thus will get a complete refund.

Customer Testimonials

“ Due to my increasing weight, I was gradually deprived of my confidence. I could no longer work according to my potential in my office nor could I meet my friends. I was ashamed of my body and desperate to lose weight. I tried all the products available and enrolled in the gym with zero results. Not only did I  became frustrated but I also lost all my hopes. Then one day, like a miracle, I saw an ad for Venus Factor and thought of giving it a try. Just by using it for 4 weeks, I could see the difference. Along with losing weight, I gained confidence and felt healthier. I will be grateful to Venus Factor forever.”- Stella Johnson, 31, New York.

“ After I joined my new office, my colleagues started making fun of my weight. I was unable to concentrate on my work and thus creating a poor image of myself. My boss was unhappy with me. I started following strict diets which eventually made me sick. I was giving up all my hopes when one of my old friends recommended Venus Factor to me. After purchasing it I saw it was a very simple regime of exercises and diet. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical. Just after using it for 6 weeks I could see that it actually worked. My colleagues started to appreciate me and my boss liked my work as I was growing with confidence and enjoyed my work.  I am grateful to my friend and Venus Factor.”- Simone J., 35, California. 

“A couple of months back I was pregnant and delivered my second child.  Just after 2 months, I saw that I have attained a great bit of weight. I wanted to lose weight badly and go back to my original slim figure. Though I did a lot of workout at the gym and followed all kinds of popular diets available like the keto diet, none of them seemed to work for me.  I continued to gain weight and soon my weight became 83 kilos. I was frustrated and neglected my family and work. One day my husband saw an ad for Venus factor and bought the program for me. At first, I did not trust the product as it was very inexpensive but my husband was convinced about the product and told me to give it a shot. After I used it for 12 weeks, I was astonished to see the result. Not only did I lose weight but also I looked much healthier and happier.  I love this product and my husband.” – Cathy Adams, 36, New York. 

“ I was always the cheerleader in high school and always followed a strict diet throughout my life and went to the gym. After joining work, I started gaining weight drastically. This made me cranky and I lost all my confidence. I started doing more strict and heavy exercises and left most of my meals. Soon I started suffering from malnutrition and became very weak. Instead of losing weight, I started bloating and thus, seemed more fat. I was giving up on my life when one day my boyfriend gifted me the Venus factor and told me to try it. After following the program for 7 weeks I saw clear results. I have lost all the extra weight that I have gained and I was much healthier and lean.”- Jennifer Miller, 31, Boston. 


I am a man. Can I use Venus Factor?
Venus Factor is designed by keeping in mind the body of a woman. So, you can not use this product.

I am 48 years old, can I use this product?
Yes, any woman belonging to the age group of 30 to 60 can undergo this program.

How much time does it take to complete the program?
This program takes 12 weeks to complete.

What if I am not satisfied with the product?
If you are not satisfied with the product, you can get a complete refund within 60 days of your purchase.

How much weight will I lose with this product?
You can lose up to 12 pounds by using this product, following all the steps thoroughly. However, results might vary according to your body weight and health.

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Pros of Venus Factor

  • It is very easy to follow the regime of exercises and is not a strict program.
  • Venus Factor shows very quick results and thus you don’t have to wait for an eternity to see the result.
  • The exercises explained in the program are scientific and clinically proven to show results.
  • It also provides a platform that helps you to connect with other people who have used this program.
  • The price of the Venus Factor is very less compared to similar products.
  • It comes with a refund policy if you are not satisfied with it.

Cons of Venus Factor

  • Venus Factor is available only online and thus you need to have a working internet connection to use this program.


When the market is flooded with the numerous supplements and medicines that aim at losing your weight with harmful ingredients, the Venus Factor is like fresh air. It helps you get a perfectly toned body as you wished for and guide you throughout the program. It is a clinically proven regime of exercises that work towards the benefit of your health.

Without much worry, gift yourself this program and just after using it for 3 months, see the change in yourself.

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