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When men get past their 30s, they start losing their libido, sexual stamina, and erection quality. In such cases, a majority of males lose their confidence when they don’t perform well in bed as they used to in their youthful days. Some of the most common sexual health problems faced by males in their 40s are premature ejaculation, shorter erections, absence of libido, lower stamina and decreased confidence to perform in bed. If you’re going through these problems, you need to find a solution to overcome it so that you can enjoy your sex-life like before. There are tons of male enhancement products available in the market which lay huge claims to treat sexual disorders. However, not all of these products are reliable, and so, you need to thoroughly know about the genuine qualities of any male enhancement product before purchasing it. The Velofel Male Enhancement is an effective solution for disposing of your sexual health issues.


What exactly is Velofel?

There’s no good reason to be embarrassed if you are suffering from any sexual health issue. In fact, you should be keen to overcome your sexual problems so that you can enjoy your sex-life and provide the satisfaction your partner deserves. The Velofel Male Enhancement capsules are prepared with a blend of natural key ingredients to help you have a great and intense sex life. The formulation of these capsules is such that you will be able to restore your sexual performance which you once had in your 20s! The dual-action formula of Velofel Male Enhancement capsules treats the root cause of your sexual dysfunctions to ensure that you don’t have any lack of sexual performance and power while performing in bed. These male enhancement capsules will help your partner to achieve satisfaction with the right consistency. Velofel’s pro-sexual nutrient matrix might help in increasing the size of your penis along with boosting your stamina.


Five ingredients make up the Velofel Male Enhancement capsules. All the components of Velofel Male Enhancement are natural and safe for consumption. The following are the key ingredients of these capsules:

  • Monkey Head Hericium

Money Head Hericium is helpful for numerous health problems, including anxiety and depression. This ingredient will help you to lower your stress levels so that you can concentrate better on your partner and pay due attention to her ‘needs’ in bed.

  • Korean Ginseng powder

Korean Ginseng powder is known for enhancing sexual behaviour and treating sexual dysfunction. It also helps in improving sperm count and quality.

  • Horny Goat Weed extract

Horny Goat Weed is also called ‘Natural Viagra’ due to its properties. It is helpful for males suffering from low libido and erectile dysfunction.

  • Maca dry extract

Maca root can increase libido in both men and women. It can also increase sperm motility, count, and volume.

  • Longjack extract

Longjack promotes libido and boosts testosterone. It helps in increasing stamina and energy so that you can perform with high intensity in bed. 

Velofel review

How does Velofel Male Enhancement work?

Velofel uses ‘rapid absorption and extended-release’ technology. The users of Velofel Male Enhancement capsules experience an instant surge of energy when the ingredients get rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. As the extended-release technology leads to the delivery of sustained results, you will have exceptional stamina levels and on-command erections for making your night merrier.

Erections are mainly the result of blood flow to the penis. Your sexual stamina depends on the holding capacity of your penis chambers. The Velofel Male Enhancement capsules help you as well as your partner to experience satisfaction and intense orgasms. These capsules also stimulate the production of Nitric Oxide for boosting the blood flow to your penile chambers. As a result, you can experience more reliable and harder erections for giving your best performance in bed. The Velofel Male Enhancement capsules also led to an expansion of the penis chambers for holding more blood along with increasing sexual power. 

Benefits of Velofel Male Enhancement

The following are the benefits of using Velofel capsules:

  1. The Velofel capsules will help you to increase your testosterone levels.
  2. These capsules will enhance your libido, and you will experience an increase in your vitality levels. Thus, your overall sexual health will improve up to a great extent.
  3. The Velofel capsules will provide proper blood flow to your penile zone.
  4. With these capsules, you will experience harder and longer erections.
  5. These capsules will spike your confidence levels so that you won’t suffer from an inferiority complex while performing in bed.
  6. The Velofel capsules might increase the size of your penis and help you to dazzle your partner in bed.

Velofel Pricing

The cost of Velofel capsules will be £88.32 after your trial period is over. However, the free trial offer of Velofel Male Enhancement is available only in the United Kingdom. The free trial will charge you a small fee for shipping and handling.

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Does Velofel Male Enhancement offer any money-back guarantee?

All customers of the Velofel Male Enhancement can receive a full refund if they wish to return the product. You will be qualified for a settlement only if you contact the customer support service of Velofel Male Enhancement within 30 days from the date of delivery. Make sure that you first receive the RMA number from the customer support service (+44 808 168 3668). You must return the product with the RMA number.


Are Velofel Male Enhancement capsules safe to consume?

Yes, the critical ingredients of Velofel Male Enhancement capsules are natural ingredients that are totally safe to consume.

How many Velofel Male Enhancement capsules can I have per day?

You should take 2 Velofel Male Enhancement capsules per day along with a glass of water. If you want an upliftment in your energy levels, you need to do some exercises too.

Does Velofel Male Enhancement capsules have side-effects?

No, the Velofel Male Enhancement capsules don’t have any side-effects.

Do I require a prescription to order Velofel capsules?

No, you don’t need a prescription to order Velofel capsules.

Customer reviews

By Josh T.

Initially, I wasn’t sure if Velofel Male Enhancement capsules would solve my premature ejaculation issues. But I ordered a bottle on the recommendation of one of my close friends who tried out these capsules and got astonishing results. I cannot thank the producers of Velofel tablets enough as these capsules have brought a significant change in my sex life. Even at age 46, I’m experiencing my youthful energy and libido again due to these capsules. Velofel Male Enhancement capsules have given me sexual confidence which makes me more desirable to my beloved wife at bedtime. I’m able to last longer and provide her with a satisfying climax. These capsules have helped me to bid a farewell to premature ejaculations.

By Alan J.

These capsules have proven to be a boon for enhancing my sexual stamina! The main benefit of the Velofel Male Enhancement capsule is that your testosterone levels will get a considerable boost. You will definitely lose your ‘manliness’ if you severely lack testosterone. Just having one of these capsules before making love will increase your stamina and vitality levels. Velofel will also support your blood flow to discharge the nitric oxide effectively. It will help you to improve the capability of your penile chamber to hold blood. You will see a vast improvement in your erection quality. Your love-making sessions won’t be the same after you start consuming these capsules!

By John O.

If you think that you aren’t able to satisfy your partner as per her expectations, you should try out the Velofel Male Enhancement. This dietary supplement is the reason behind my enhanced sexual power and confidence. The Velofel Male Enhancement will increase your peak performance in bed and bestow you with various sexual health benefits for sure. It works by increasing the capacity of the penile chambers and boosting the flow of blood to the penis. It also helps to enlarge the penis during sexual activities. These capsules will remove all your stress related to poor sexual health and will help you to have an incredible sex life.

By Roger S.

The Velofel capsules have numerous benefits that have helped me to enhance my sex-life like never before. It replenishes my sexual energy and makes me experience immense passion and desire for my wife. My sexual sessions have improved drastically. I have a firm command on my erections now, thanks to these capsules! There were numerous nights when I was a victim of premature ejaculation. I have been using Velofel capsules for almost a month, and I didn’t experience a single sexual session where I had premature ejaculation throughout this period. These capsules have indeed increased my capability to satisfy my wife. 

The final verdict

The Velofel Male Enhancement capsules are not only safe to consume but are also useful in improving the sexual performance of males. The ingredients of these capsules mainly include herbs and natural extracts that have been clinically proven to work wonders for improving sexual health. The primary task of Velofel is to cure the root problem of your sexual issues. Inadequate testosterone is one of the most common root causes of the many sexual health issues. The Velofel Male Enhancement capsules will boost your testosterone levels and improve the blood flow to your penile zone. This will eventually lead to harder and firmer erections, more stamina and better sexual drive.

If you don’t think that the Velofel Male Enhancement will 100% work for you, opt for the free trial pack in order to judge the effectiveness of this product. There are no side-effects of this product, and it is one of the best male enhancement supplements one can use to bring a spark to their sexual life.

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