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About Unlock your Hip Flexors

Unlock your Hip Flexor program is something that people have been talking about for quite some time. As the name implies, the primary purpose of this guide is to provide the customers with improved hip mobility since they might be suffering from various hip-related issues that hamper their day to day activity. The guide provides you with ten dynamic exercises which an individual could follow to strengthen his or her hip flexors.

unlock your hip flexors

Hip flexors are also known as “psoas.” The term “psoas” refers to a set of essential muscles which happens to connect the upper and lower parts of the human physiology. This connecting muscle is quite crucial for various movements in the body, namely, jumping, walking, running, lifting an object, bending, and so on.

The primary purpose of this program is to focus on the total improvement of your hip mobility to increase its strength and thus make you achieve the highest amount of hip flexibility provided by your body. You can also decrease the amount of fat in your body and also increase your energy level while following this guide. A tight hip restricts a lot of movement for your body and thus decreases the overall well-being.

This is one of the main reasons why you should have flexible hips.

This program was created by Mike Westerdal, a renowned sports nutritionist, personal trainer, and a well-known contributor of Iron Man Magazine.

How does it work?

The complete program is designed in such a way so that you can quickly achieve a fit and healthy body within no time. By increasing the flexibility in your hip muscles, you will be gaining a lot of benefits, namely- increase in the amount of lipido in your body in addition to better athletic performance.

The course consists of two parts-

  • Central Manual
  • Videos

In the main manual, you will be provided with a detailed description of how various connections work between your central nervous system (CNS) and various other factors which lead to weight loss. The videos help you out with the process of executing all of these exercises that are in the manual.

If you follow the program correctly, you will be able to lose stubborn fat from your body within no time. It would also improve the tone of your stomach muscles, sexual performance, and help you out with the quality of your sleep. Thus, your overall health will be improving if the guide is followed correctly.

The program is particularly beneficial to people who have a terrible posture, high anxiety, nagging joint pains, weak immune system, sleeping problems, and locked hips. The work of this guide can be genuinely seen when your primal muscles in the body start to improvise, and you will personally feel that your overall potential for a healthy body is in progression.

Once you have started training your hip flexors, all of the good results will start showing up within no time.

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Some of the benefits of the “Unlock your Hip Flexor” program are as follows:

1. You can quickly notice the athletic performance in your body

If you are an athlete or a sports-enthusiastic person, then it must be known to you that physical strength is crucial when it comes to being in any kind of sport. Before improving your skills, you need to strengthen your body to such an extent that it can take the hectic workout schedules you imply on your body. The “Unlock Your Hip Flexor” program, will help you with this issue and make sure that you have an increased amount of strength with a month or two.

You will surely notice the changes with your athletic performance and thus able to do enduring activities with your body without any hassle.

2. It helps you to lose fat drastically

A fat-less stomach is what people look forward to when it comes to looking fit and beautiful and thus works wonders with your self-esteem. However, due to various issues, you might not be able to do so, but it is effortless now if you consider following the Unlock Hip Flexor program. This program is designed in such a way that any individual can achieve great abdominal muscles and hip flexors within a month or two of following the program.

Thus achieving a toned and lean belly has never been so easy. If your hip flexors are still and does not move smoothly, then you are more likely to gain weight in the long run.

3. Your back pain gets decreased

If your hip flexors are immobile, then you are more likely to suffer from chronic back pain. If you follow this provided guide correctly, then your back pain will get decreased with the application of correct exercise. Almost 80% of the adults suffer from lower back pain, and all this is due to lousy hip flexor muscles. Many people neglect this condition, and thus they are more likely to suffer in the long run.

4. Your posture is improved

Good posture will not only make you look smart, but it is also quite beneficial for a healthy body. If you train your hip flexor muscles correctly, you will have the right balance between your upper as well as your lower body. Thus, your posture will be well maintained while you are sitting, walking, running, or doing any sort of physical activity. People who struggle to maintain a correct position are more likely to suffer from an immobile hip flexor.

5. The blood circulation of the body is improved

Immobile and tight hip flexor muscles restrict the flow of blood in your body. This might result in chronic heart disease, stroke, or even weight gain. Keeping your hip flexor muscles well trained improves the overall blood circulation in your body. You will also have a good sleep at night and also notice an improvement in your sexual health as well.

6. Provides a boost to your sex drive

If you are not satisfied with your sex life, then you should step back a bit and look at your overall well-being of the body. Before the consumption of products which have a higher amount of libido in them, you must always make sure that you improve your health first. Well-trained hip flexor muscles do contribute to better sexual performance and thus help you out with a healthy sexual life.

7. The product is available in its physical form

For people who do not have access to steady internet connectivity and cannot have access to the e-book, a physical manifestation of the book can be ordered from the official website.

8. The content in the book is well written and is quite easy to understand

The “Unlock Your Hip Flexor” book is written in simple language so that no individual has any problem of going through the contents.

9. The program consists of a vast number of exercise which improves your hip mobility problem

The activities provided in the video log are easy to follow and maintain. There is no need for any complex movement of your hip flexor to achieve mobility of the muscles. All of the exercises are easy to perform.

10. The author of this guide is a highly qualified and well-known coach

The author of this guide is Mike Westerdal, a renowned sports nutritionist who has helped various clients to achieve a goal that they never thought could do so. The guide is pretty easy to follow and can be understood by anybody with the necessary vocabulary skills in English.

11. This program is suitable for both men and women alike

Both men and women can avail for this program so that he or she can improvise the hip mobility of the body.

12.   The program has an affordable rate of purchase

The “Unlock Your Hip Flexor” guide is quite affordable, and with the recent sale going on, it only cost around $10 for such an excellent manual written by Mike Westerdal.

unlock hip flexors video


Usually, the “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” costs around $50 (+ shipping charges), but if you buy it fast you may grab some early bird offer and get the product at $10 (+ shipping charges). All of your orders placed are 100% secure, and you will have instant access to the e-book available on their official website.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company provides its customers with a period of 60 days within which if any individual is not satisfied with the product, for ANY reason, he or she can return the product and a full refund will be initiated within the next 7-10 working days.

You can rely upon the company policy for the 60-days risk-free and satisfaction guaranteed service.


Although this product seems to be the best when it comes to improving your hip flexor muscles, there are no cons if you are using this product. However, some of these trivial issues might be a problem for some people:

  • This guide is only available for online purchase.
  • This guide provides no scientific backup to support the program.


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Customer Reviews

“To my wonder, I find the “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” program surely provides detailed information on how your hip muscle work and what are the most probable factors which lead to the tightening of this specific muscle group.

The guide contains detailed and descriptive anatomy of the hip, the most common injuries which might occur to the hand also nicely explained exercises and video tutorials to overcome your hip immobility issue. The program is quite helpful if you are looking forward to improving your pelvic-region muscle with safety and precaution.” – Jill

“I am not a fitness professional. However, I do work out sometimes, and my age is 62 years. I have been suffering from chronic back pain for a long time and happened to come across this website where I came to know about p”Unlock Your Hip Flexors” program.

I was a football player back in college, and my lower back problem has been causing me a lot of trouble since that time. However, I never expected that I might have had Hip Flexor muscle problem, but upon stumbling across this guide, I got to know about the various issues which I might be suffering from possibly.

The program is easy to follow, and the exercises and guides are available to you once you have purchased the same from the official website. My confidence level has been at its peak for the past 2 months since there is a significant improvement in my chronic back pain.” – Mark


Making improvements to your overall health can be quite enjoyable once you start to get results from your daily routine. All of the hard work will finally pay off once you enjoy the guide we have in store for you. For all those individual, who is looking forward to purchasing a super cheap but high-quality Hip Mobility program, should try considering the “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” programs without any problem.

It is the best guide if you are looking for a well-written guide book in addition to high-quality videos and excellent value for money. Super affordable at $10 per unit, and you are having access to one of the best books written by the renowned sports nutritionist Mike Westerdal.

So makes sure that start with this program right away and get yourself into the healthy lifestyle of achieving a goal. You will surely observe the changes in your life once you start using this program with dedication!

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