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Life has a way of throwing curve balls at anyone it randomly picks. It can sometimes be a good thing as it gets you out of your comfort zone. It might be something so drastic that it completely shakes your foundation and puts you on a downward trend. These seasons of life are times that everyone ends up going through. Some people end up staying down while others rise up and take the bull by the horns.

You may have gone through a trying time in your life. Or maybe you ended up moving from one devastating season to another. If you have been hurting and experiencing different challenges then you are in the right place. If you have been undergoing health challenges or have been suffering untold financial strain then providence has led you right where you need to be. Here you get to learn about Ultra Manifestation, a system that allows you to get all the things you desire.

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About Ultra Manifestation

Ultra Manifestation is a program that has been formulated by David Sanderson to bring out your greatest potential through the untapped power that lies within you. It is a system that he developed having had a miserable start in life himself. While on the streets at a point when he was homeless he stumbled onto a secret of how he could tap into his subconscious and create the life that he desired. This is through projecting your thoughts out and creating whatever you desire.

David came to the realization that all things, whether positive or negative, were subconscious manifestations of our thoughts. Our desires were manifested from us as the waves of thought projected into the universe and directed it as we thought. This means that the negative subconscious thoughts that you have manifest out of you to impact your physical body, your finances, as well as your love life.

From this, David understood that sound has the same power of influence that the subconscious mind has. He discovered that there were sounds that interacted with the human mind to cause it to bring out the best from itself. And he created sounds specific to each need of the subconscious mind to cause a positive impact to your life within the course of a few days.

Modules of Ultra Manifestation

This system comes with five tracks that all work hand in hand to get you to fully manifest yourself through your subconscious. These are given below:-

Aligning Yourself With The Universe

The first track is called ‘Aligning yourself with the universe’. This is the process of opening up your subconscious so that the process of returning and rebalancing can begin.

Neural Genesis

The second track is called ‘Neural genesis’. This is the first step where your subconscious is returned and reprogrammed. Your negativity is tapped away to give your neural sense clarity.

Your Natural State

The third track is called ‘Your natural state’. It begins the process of syncing the two sides of the brain together so that they are working in sync. This allows you to get into a space of self-healing that has the power to heal you of natural illnesses.

Unlimited Abundance

The fourth track is called ‘Unlimited Abundance’. These sounds free your mind and give it understanding that it is limitless in what it can do. It is able to get your mind to manifest abundance and love just as you desire them to be.

Neural Guardian

Finally, the fifth track is called ‘Neural guardian’. This track keeps your thought patterns safe, guarding them against regressing into what they were. It acts as a nutrient to enable your subconscious to work at optimum levels of efficiency and protects it from negative energies that will affect you negatively.

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Benefits of Ultra Manifestation

There are a number of benefits that are gotten from listening to the Ultra Manifestation program. The first one you will reap is your internal roadmap is reset. It is recalibrated so that it is able to align with how the universe naturally works.

Once the roadmap has been reset the benefits start to manifest as they become physical. The first thing that will start to work in your life will be your physical body changing for the better. If you have been having any physical challenges they will start to ebb and then disappear. This is a miracle in itself but it is the body realigning itself to what it was originally meant to be.

As your mindset changes to a positive one, you start to attract things to you that should have been there in the first place. Financial prosperity becomes a part of you. If it is a job you did not have it miraculously comes your way. If your business was failing it starts to prosper and new opportunities present themselves to you that take you to the top. Good things start to unravel in your life the more you release good energy into the universe.

How Does Ultra Manifestation Work?

Ultra Manifestation works in a simple yet mystical way. David understood that the subconscious mind emits energy waves through the thoughts that you think. These energy waves get out into the world to influence what is around you. Two experiments have been used as an example to prove this theory. One is the famous “Rice Experiment” that was conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of New York Times bestseller, “Messages in The Water.”

In the “Rice Experiment,” Dr. Emoto put rice in three similar jars. He then put water gotten from one source in each jar equally. He then labeled the jars love, ignore, and hate. Then he covered them. Each day he would come and tell the jar labeled love “I love you”. He would then go to the second jar named ignore and ignore it. He would then go to the jar named hate and vehemently say, “Idiot. I hate you”.

After a few weeks of this treatment, the first jar named love fermented with lovely white colors. The second jar named ignore just turned a black color while the third jar named hate started to rot. Note that all these jars had the same dried rice and the same water. But the thoughts that Dr. Emoto projected had the power to change the water molecules which in turn affected the rice. This is the same way Ultra Manifestation works.

This system works by tapping into the power of the subconscious thoughts and manifesting whatever things you think into reality. The secret is to believe what you are thinking not just speaking things or wanting them. It has to come from deep within you to be powerful enough to change the universe.

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How to Use Ultra Manifestation

The Ultra Manifestation program is used to reprogram your subconscious mind to release good desires into the universe. This creates a ripple effect that brings back to you the desires that you have expressed through your subconscious state. This is an almost too simple formula that does wonders for you when you start to use it. And all it takes is as little as 60 seconds of your time to get you moving in the right direction your life should have taken all along.

You ought to use this system at least once a day and see the difference in your life every single day. The sounds put together from different sources are in the form of theta waves, beta waves, delta waves, isochronic tones, and many others that are specifically set to tap into your subconscious state and produce the best from the well of goodness you have in your mind. All the best potential is within you and all it requires is particular sounds attuned to goodness to bring it out.

All that is required of you is 60 seconds of your time for you to begin this life changing process. And once you begin the process you are required to listen to these tracks at least once a day before you go to sleep or any other time during the day. The time before you retire to bed is often found best as you will let your mind to recreate the mind’s way of thinking even as you sleep. And every day you wake up after this becomes a new day you can manifest the changes that are taking place in you.

ultra manifestation review

Is Ultra Manifestation Safe to Use?

Ultra manifestation is a program that has been created to help people get out of the bad state they are in. It might be a state of health, wealth, or love. These major states of life determine how a person will live their life. And if one of these states is not right, then a person suffers greatly. Now imagine if more than one of these states is not okay with a person, then life becomes miserable. The program comes in to correct states that are sad to live in.

It has been created to bring out the best in you by destroying the mindsets that are destructive in you. It then recreates the right positive mindset for prosperity. It is able to do these using sound waves in their different forms. These sounds are from sacred chant mantras to alpha waves and delta waves. These sounds are not harmful in any way and possess healing properties that are beneficial to the human mind first, then to the rest of the body.

Purchase & Price

David has seen the worst of life in his early years. And so he understands what it is to struggle. He knows the value of the program he has created is high but he has purposed to let you have it at a very affordable one time fee of just $37. Once you pay this cost you will have the audio available to you at whatever time of the day or night you wish. You can listen to it from whichever device that has playback capability.

The purchase price covers an offer of an added program entitled ‘Manifest your Destiny’. This program guides you on how to direct your destiny. It comes with five added audio tracks that use the power of hypnosis to hard reset your mind. This practice is called neuroplasticity.

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

David has the decency to understand there are a number of naysayers out there. He has factored that in when he is giving his program. With that in mind, he has given a 60-day money-back guarantee that promises every cent back as long as you are not satisfied with the program.


How soon should I expect to manifest good things?
The mind is a fast-reacting organ and will only take a few days for the universe to respond to different things in your life.

Should I expect any side effects from listening to these sounds?
The only side effects are dangerously positive side effects that will change your life for the better.

When should I expect my tracks delivered after payment?
You can access your tracks as soon as you pay for them. You will get them on the official website.

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  • Reset the internal roadmap to restore the positive mind waves.
  • Create physical wellness by restoring the body to what it should be.
  • Attract prosperity to you in a manner of wealth and abundance.
  • Attract favor to you through people who are drawn to you.
  • Affordable program with a money back guarantee.
  • It starts to give results within a few days.


  • The program is only available in soft copy on the official website.

Customer Testimonials

“Getting into my thirties was not a thrill but a time of disappointment. I had really desired to have gotten a family and a stable source of income. But none of that had happened come 35. And to top it all off I had enough health issues I could write a book about. I finally decided to do something about it. I saw a program called Ultra Manifestation and thought the investment wouldn’t hurt even if I lost it. And what if it actually worked?

I’m in my seventh month since I got the program. And I am in my fifth month of a really good job and three months into a relationship I think is out of this world. I look forward to greater things happening in my life through this system.” Andy Pierce.

“I always thought prosperity was for the rich. You were either born with it or you didn’t have it. And I always thought I was not born with it. But at some point, I thought I needed to get out of depression. I was only looking for a way out of this one thing. But I can say I found a gold mine out of Ultra Manifestation. I had gone through so much but I now have life. I have a well-paying job, I live in a lavish apartment, and I’m counting days to getting married. Thank you!” Mary Dickenson.

“Life has a way of turning things around. I came across this program from a friend who suddenly turned his life around. I didn’t ask him too long what it is he had done. He was willing to share it with me. Well, it took some doing for my doubting mind to believe that sounds had the power to change my life around. But all I had to do was look at his life and believe. And now I am a testimony to what Ultra Manifestation can do.” Andre Michelson.


There are many struggles that humans go through in this life. But much of what they endure they could be able to overcome if they only knew the secrets lie around them. Ultra Manifestation is a clear sign of these answers. It is there to change the way you live your life fast. It only takes for you to take the chance today and make a drastic positive change. Your great life awaits ahead.

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