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Survival is every living being’s basic instinct. Animals, you may have noticed know how to make do in the worst of the situations; they can manage for days without food, water, and decent habitat. Humans too had the same survival instincts and the ability to fend for themselves and their kind.

With modernization, we have gained a lot of comfort and ease in our lifestyle, but unfortunately, with this cozy plush life, we have lost touch with our baser instincts. We are so dependent on the comforts around us that if you take it away, we do not know how to make do without it. We instantly begin to panic and our ability to think logically goes for a toss.

Man is the most intelligent of nature’s creation, our achievements in every filed is a stark example of that, then why is it that we become so dependent on our creations that we begin to trust the creation more than the creator? If you do not agree with me, then look around, the state of panic and chaos we are currently in, what is the cause of it? A virus outbreak? No. It’s the inability to deal with it calmly and the lack of faith in our abilities to get through it safely. We are looking at our governments for help. Why in such dire circumstances are we still being needy and dependant? We are very well capable of looking after ourselves, pulling through this and protecting our loved ones; more and in a better way than any government ever could. All we need to do is be prepared for the worst like the world is coming to an end-kind of worst, only then will you be able to survive.

Frank Marshall’s Ultimate Survival Code will walk you through, step by step and help you restore the lost faith in yourself. It will guide you on to what should you do to survive any disaster; manmade or natural, on your own, with the right kind of advance preparation.

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All you need to know about the Ultimate Survival Code

The Ultimate Survival Code is a series of books written by Frank Marshall, an ex-member of the US Army Humanitarian Relief Forces. It talks about disaster management at the most basic levels and how being prepared at an early stage can save you a lot of grief later. It is a survival guide based on the real-life experiences of an army veteran aiming to teach you the basic survival methods when calamity strikes.

The books are written in simple language and consist of easy to follow instructions. It makes you aware of the reality of the situation, real-life scenarios and not a painted rosy picture. It tells you about what is out there, the nature of the crisis you are dealing with and how to overcome it all and protect yourself and your family in such times.

The survival guide aims at preparing you for the worst of the situations, you will learn how to foresee the future circumstances and be ready for it. The knowledge will help you shake off any fear of facing the situation. It will equip you in the best of the ways to deal with everything peacefully and calmly. Panic will no longer be your first reaction in a crisis.

The Ultimate Survival Code is a pack of books dealing with different areas of survival mechanisms. These are available in two packs; the Essential Survival guide and the Ultimate Survival Guide. Each pack is complemented with an additional water crisis survival guide and medical crisis survival guide.

The Ultimate Survival Code is available in the digital form only, it is not available in the paperback format.

What does the Ultimate Survival Code consist of?

Let us find out what to expect from each survival guide combi-pack.

The Essential Survival Guide consists of the following:

  • Short term Survival guide: it teaches you everything from how to -prepare an emergency 72-hour survival kit consisting of all necessities to securing transport and communication in the event of lack of telecommunication facilities. This guide talks about the basic 3’s of survival. According to this rule, you cannot survive without air for more than 3 seconds, without water for more than 3 days and without food for more than 3 weeks. You will also learn about basic first aid care and how to be ready for unknown threats.
  • Home lockdown survival guide: This prepares you for the situation like the current coronavirus lockdown. How will you sustain if all outdoors movement is restricted? It will prepare you to adapt and survive in situations where you are forced to isolate yourself and stay indoors. The guide will teach you how to make your home safe for your loved ones so that you can survive weeks, months; even a year in your house safely. It will tell you how to make your home into an impenetrable fortress, keeping you safe from outside elements like burglars, thieves, and the likes. The guide also contains information about how to devise your safety weapons from household items, so that if the need arises, you are capable of protecting yourself from any unwelcome invasion. It contains details about the 4-layer defense technique and advance ways to prepare food, water, and medicine in the time of need.
  • Commerce Survival Guide: this will teach you how to provide for your family in times when money has no value. It will teach you how to generate items that will have a tradeable value at such times. There is a list of 100 items included that will of great importance in such situations, you can understand it and start stockpiling one of them, just one will be enough for you to trade for other essentials and leaving substantial scope to prosper in the future.

Along with these three, the Essential Survival guide comes with two bonus editions; water crisis survival and medical survival guide.

The second combi pack which is the Ultimate Survival Guide consists of the following:

  • Food survival guide: This will teach you exactly what all you need to help you in an emergency. What to buy and stock that will keep you fed and nourished for a long period without having to worry. The guide contains a list of 36 items that you can buy and store in the time of needs. It tells you what groceries, liquids and hygiene items you need to have and in what quantities to survive a long quarantine. You will have a complete list of the essentials needed. It rules out the risk of missing out on something important and regretting later.
  • Ultimate personal defense secrets: This will guide you about how to defend yourself from an attacker. It teaches you the basic rules, every individual must know when under attack, to help him secure his safety. It entails what should you do to defeat an attacker with bare-hands, what not to do when confronted with a firearm, it teaches you how to bring the opponent down by tapping the right pressure points and much more. The methods taught are easy and effective, people of all age group and gender can learn and be able to protect themselves if the need arises.
  • Ultimate Firearms Survival guide: This guide teaches you how to operate a weapon. It will teach you how to deal with a shortage of ammunition. A weapon is an important and effective way to dissuade an attacker, many times you may not even have to use it, just the display and a confident attitude scare the attackers away. It also teaches you how to build your rifle at home for protection.

The Ultimate survival also contains the short-term survival guide, home lockdown survival guide and commerce survival guide along with the bonus water crisis survival and medical survival guide.

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How does the Ultimate Survival code help you?

The Ultimate Survival code is very useful in times of crisis and disaster. It contains fool-proof methods to help you survive any natural or man-made disaster like an expert.

Whenever we are faced with a natural calamity, an epidemic breakout, lockdowns, etc; our first reaction is panic and then we just wait, watch the news and expect things to get better or wait for help to arrive.

We are able-bodied beings, since when did we start leading such dependant lives that we despite being well capable of protecting and providing in any situation, lose faith in our abilities so fast?

The Ultimate Survival code teaches you, lifesaving hacks. It addresses the issues with a logical approach and gives you clear and precise instructions of the dos and don’ts of a crisis. It prepares you for the worst so that no matter what situation arises you are prepared to deal with it calmly and efficiently. It prepares you to be able to fend for yourself and your family so that you are no longer vulnerable and at the mercy of others under any circumstances.

It is a series put together by an ex-member of the US Army Humanitarian Relief Forces, who has been in the thick of things and seen first-hand how people have struggled for their lives and what all could be done to avoid the severity of the situations. He has been in Wuhan too, in 2019, when it all started in China, he has seen people struggle and die due to this new virus and later observed as to what helped them bring things in control. How by following basic survival methods, they were able to deal with the situation better. This survival guide is not based on here-say. The life-saving skills have been practiced by US troops all over and used to help people from near-death situations.

Price and refund policy

This survival guide by Frank Marshall is an attempt to help the people of America from the knowledge he possesses. The author wants it to be available to the maximum number of people which is why it is being sold at very low prices.

The Essential pack consisting of the short-term survival guide, home lockdown survival guide and commerce survival guide along with the bonus water crisis survival and medical survival guide will cost you 39 USD only.

The Ultimate Survival guide pack consisting of the Firearms survival guide, food survival guide, ultimate personal defense guide, short-term survival guide, home lockdown survival guide and commerce survival guide along with the bonus water crisis survival and medical survival guide is available for a low cost of 59 USD only.

The survival guides are available in digital form only so, you will need a secure internet connection for reading, you can later save an offline copy or make prints for reference so that you can access it even without the availability of a computer or electricity.

In case you do not like or are dissatisfied with the product in any way, you can simply write to the author and get a refund with a no questions asked policy, that’s not all, you can keep your copy of the survival guide even after applying for a refund, as a token of appreciation from the author for giving this approach a try.

Ultimate Survival Code review

What are the customers saying?

People have benefitted from this product immensely, especially in such tough times, this survival guide comes like a breath of fresh air, letting us know that there is still hope. Let us see what the people of America have today about it.

With the ongoing pandemic, we are in the middle of widespread panic and chaos, people are suffering and dying and the hospitals are flooded to capacity. We all are trying in our capacity to protect ourselves and our families from this ever-increasing crisis. I keep looking for more ways to enhance the protection and provide for my family but we lack the right knowledge and means to help us survive such a situation without the right guidance and support. The Ultimate Survival code has everything that one should know to survive this and any other disastrous situation calmly and smartly. If you read the books completely, you will realize that you alone are capable to look after for your loved ones, there is no need to rely on and wait for help. I have made all my family members read this book so that everyone is aware and confidant and can help. It has driven the fear out of hearts and fill us with confidence. – Roger


The Ultimate Survival code is the beacon of hope we all need in these times of crisis. Don’t we all want to protect our families and ensure their wellbeing in times like this? What we all didn’t know was how to do that. with our limited resources we were forced to look at others for help and support, rely on other’s mercy; well, not anymore.

This survival will teach you everything right from how to be prepared in advance for any emergency to the art of stocking the most essential items on a budget, it teaches you how to make your home a safe and habitable area, the basic medical training, self-defense and so much more.

Armed with this knowledge you will be able to deal with any crisis like a survival expert and even be able to help those around you.

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