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Have your electricity bills panicked you? Adding to all your monthly expenses, does the start of every month make you fearful about how much power your house has consumed?

Electricity is so vital that almost everything in our life runs with this support. No one can imagine a day without power. Technology has advanced so much that every device in hand works on electricity. In a situation like this, you have to pay for this electricity too. Everyone wants to cut down their electricity bills but how. Would you be happy to know that there is a device that helps you cut down your bills? An alternate way to save energy and use all your appliances like you usually do. You do not have to power your air-conditioner to save energy. You even do not have to make enormous investments for this energy saver too.

Do all these make you curious? Read more to find about this incredible product. By the end of it, you will want to own one. This is a challenge.

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About the Ultimate Energizer

Do you want to save up to 67% or even more than that of your power bills each month? Isn’t this amount of savings going to be an excellent gain for you? Think about it.

You can build your own cost-effective, versatile device and use it to capture a vast amount of energy and power your electrical appliances. Not only that, you will be tapping energy from the natural surroundings. Your electricity will be renewable, clean and green too. This device is the Ultimate Energizer.

The discovery of this device has its story rooted back to the 1980s. A scientist came to meet a renowned physicist Lord Kelvin to share that alternating current was more efficient than the direct current. Arthur Matthews’ father was a lab assistant with the physicist. This scientist met the father and son. When Arthur Matthews was just 16 years old, this scientist took him as his apprentice and educated him on electrical engineering. Arthur Matthews was the last person to work so closely with this scientist, and he had access to all the secrets of this super-genius man. Sadly, Arthur did not continue much on this genius’s work.

While curious researchers or agencies came to enquire about this scientist’s work, he would direct them to the patented works, lectures and articles of his mentor.

Little did the world know that this remarkable scientist had left a significant achievement in his hands. He had a small device that could help people get clean and cheap electricity. The cost would be less than $500. In a few years, Arthur sat with his father’s blueprint and built a machine using the designs of his mentor. He transported power from him home to 1.3 miles away to the Cove fields. This power could light the lamp in the Cove fields just by using the energy from the earth and without any wires.

He continued with his experiments to transmit power beyond 3 miles to prove that his concept was sound and worked well. He continued with his father’s work silently for forty years without anyone noticing it. He documented all his works and proved that anyone could do it. Sadly, Matthews died before the world knew his work and his work remained buried.

Years ago, Steven Perkins moved to an evicted house in Quebec city with this father. His father found a strange-looking book that eventually turned out to be Arthur H.Matthews’ invention book.

Steve, along with his friend James, sat and worked out the discoveries to make it come alive. It took almost a year for these men to perfect the design. After several trials, the model came together, reducing the costs by 4 times.

This small device can power up any equipment. It works on renewable electricity and is even portable.

How Does the Ultimate Energizer Work?

All the energy comes from a single source and one center. Imagine that the sun is a positively charged ball of electricity with 200 billion volts and the earth is charged with negative power. These two are apart from each other for a hundred million miles in the solar system. This distance creates a virtual expressway for electrical energy up to 48.115-megawatt-hours. Grabbing a small amount of energy was almost impossible in the 20th century.

In the 21st century, this resource, which cost almost no money, can be used to generate electricity. This circuitry is also so simple that anyone can create it. Now you don’t have to worry about turning off your AC or any of your high power-consuming electrical devices.

Steve and James have worked out the new design to be sturdy and simple. The materials in the old design cost more, but the new design has reduced the material cost by four times. The design is so simple that even a twelve old can design his small generator.

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How to Use the Ultimate Energizer

This device is more practical with the advancement of technology. Over 70 years ago, this device must have been almost impossible. This device can now power up any equipment. It does not require rocket science. This device generates the energy that is on high demand these days. In a time, when power resources are depleting, this renewable resource is the ultimate substitute at hand.

Use this device to cut down your electric bills. You can power up your clocks, refrigerators, LED television, AC units, microwave oven, mobile phones, and all other electrical appliances. You can even take it with you while on travel or camping. You can power up your tent during your night camps too.

It creates a significant breakthrough on both small-scale devices and large-scale devices. This energizer is a simple small generator and very easy to use. This device can be easily built by following the instructions in the guide. You will make your generator quickly.

How Safe is the Ultimate Energizer?

This product is safe and requires less maintenance. There is no fear of a short circuit. Also, unlike solar panels, there is no fear of the device blowing up during storms or hurricanes. You will not have to fight fumes like the conventional generators. You do not have to spend on fuel to power up your device.

It will not be affected by any weather conditions. It is safe and can be installed anywhere in your backyard or in your basement.

The Ultimate Energizer is the best replacement for your expensive electricity bills. You can choose alternative energy sources that might not be truly an alternative. Solar panels will make you spend a lot of your money. This device saves your money too. You can make this device with very less investment.

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Benefits of the Ultimate Energizer

With the Ultimate Energizer in your home, you have the following benefits added up.

  1. You can save 50% – 60 % or even more of your savings. You do not have to invest in large solar panels, giant wind turbines or pay thousands of dollars for your power bills.
  2. In less than 20 minutes, you can make three essential tweaks in your circuitry using this device. You can maximize power output up to 200%, and also increase your savings.
  3. You can use any kind of electrical appliances that you want to power up — power your lamps, fans, toasters, AC units, computers, television, refrigerators, etc.
  4. While your neighbors may experience blackouts, broken power lines or any other worse nightmares, you and your family can sit back and relax. You will have a continuous power supply.
  5. The Ultimate Energizer is a simple, portable, robust and light device.
  6. It is easy to design, user-friendly and the best emergency generator that you can carry with you wherever you go.
  7. Save hundreds of dollars every month, and altogether you will save more than a thousand dollars in a year.

Purchase and Price

The Ultimate Energizer guide with the prized secret is available in electronic format. You can download it instantly on your mobile or your computer.

It will not cost you $1000 or $500 or even $250. The cost is just to cover the expenses for research and design of the device.

Get the Ultimate Energizer guide for just $49.

This guide is inclusive of the manual with user instructions, schematics of the design, the name of all the parts and most importantly, the step-by-step instructions for designing the generator.

The offer price is for a limited time only.

Besides, you have unlimited email support for 12 months. Get the design today and test it yourself. You will see how easy it is to make your Ultimate Energizer that will power up your appliances.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

If you are not happy with the product, you have the assurance of getting your money back.

In 60 days, you can choose the product, test it and ask for your money back if you are not satisfied. Your refund will not be on hold. It will be sent to you immediately.

Do not be afraid to place your orders now.


Is this Ultimate Energizer too difficult to design?
This is very simple as a child’s play. Anybody can do it. The instructions are the guide will be so easy to follow. Every minute step is detailed in the guide. You can make the entire design in just 4 hours. You can design it with less manual power and even with little knowledge of electrical science.

Do many people use the Ultimate Energizer?
Over 30,000 people are using this device. The Ultimate Energizer does not brag much about its customers. A few have a fear of building it the right way. With the proper schematic and guidelines in hand, you will have this device working correctly.

How expensive are the parts?
The Ultimate Energizer uses cost-effective tools and high-quality tools for the assembly tool. Altogether, you will spend $73 for the parts. You can find these parts from your local electronics store. With all the elements in hand and the entire assembly of the device, your device will be perfect requiring less maintenance.

Will there be assistance given if required?
You have 12 months of assured and continuous guidance over email. You can detail your queries over email, and you will get ongoing support. This guidance is free of cost.

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Customer Testimonials

I moved to my new house, and my electricity bills were very high every month. Added to my house loans, this became a massive burden in my head. I decided to try the Ultimate Energizer. With a few dollars on this product, I customized my electricity supply. Now I enjoy a continuous power supply, and I save thousands of dollars every month. This device is worth the money spent. ~ Cindy Mac from New Jersey

I was tired of paying massive bills and could not bear the frequent power cuts. I came across the Ultimate Energizer guide. I was afraid to try it out at first because I have not designed anything on my own before. My children helped me out, and, together, we made our device. My family and I enjoy great peace of mind with low-cost uninterrupted power supply. ~ Lucas Wilder from Phoenix

Ultimate Energizer is an excellent technology for me. I can save hundreds of dollars with my small investment. Every appliance I use works excellently with this tiny generator. ~ Zyaire Grey from Alabama


Create your generator easily with the Ultimate Energizer guide. With the sources of energy depleting and the rates of electricity shooting up, there is a need for some alternative. Ultimate Energizer is the solution to your problem. You can save thousands of dollars every month. You can reduce your electricity bills by 50 % or even more.

The Ultimate Energizer will give you peace of mind. You and your family can enjoy continuous electricity and be free of all the hassles caused by the National Electricity Board. This simple device, created by a simple circuit, can power up your day-to-day and other heavy appliances like refrigerators, microwave oven, air conditioning units, etc.

What was a theory over 70-80 years ago has come into working in the 21st century, just at the right time. With these technological developments, the need for electricity has shot up, and this simple device is the solution.

What keeps you waiting? Just click the button to make your purchase your guide to creating your device. This guide makes you an engineer at home too.

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