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The cost of living is constantly on the rise. Bills surround you at every turn making life quite a hustle. You might even be stuck doing more than one job just to make ends meet. And if there’s one bill that will always be a constant in your life it is the electricity bill. Because you have to face it, there is very little you can do without electricity. And no matter how high it gets you just have to make ends meet to be able to afford it.

There are different ways to produce electricity other than sourcing it from the grid. You could always get a few solar panels or try on wind power to access a different power source and be independent from the grid. The reason why many people have not gone into solar power production is because the standard panels produce a maximum of 20% power conversion. This means you need to have a massive solar panel installation to get any usable electricity.

Wind power is the next best thing you might think. And it is true. The only downside to that is that it is very expensive to set up a wind power generating plant. This is true even for the miniature one you need to set up for your home. That being said, how can there not be another alternative that will be affordable? Tyranny Liberator is the one solution that will get you to stop depending on the grid and save tons of cash in the process.

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About Tyranny Liberator

Tyranny Liberator is a solution that was invented from the concept of the electric car’s electricity system. The latest electric car is able to store large amounts of electricity in a very limited storage area. This area is what is best described as batteries that are microscopic which can store large amounts of electricity. These batteries are called High Efficiency Concentrated Photovoltaic Cells (HCPV). One of them which only measures 1.5 inches has the same efficiency that a 6-foot solar panel.

The HCPV cell was invented by Fraunhofer Institute of Solar Energy Systems in 1995 and has 500 times the power of a silicon battery. This technology is far much better than normal solar panels in that it produces a great deal more power than the regular solar panels. If harnessed onto the national grid it would have had the potential of dropping down the power per kilowatt to mere pennies.


The Tyranny Liberator is for that person who is tired of spending a hell of a lot of money on their electricity bills. When you decide to purchase this package you will be saying no to the heavy expenditure you make on your electricity bill. You will be saying yes to huge savings that you get from this system.

The system comes equipped with a blueprint of how to make the device. It also comes with a detailed video guide with their accompanying materials list. The step by step process is made easy enough for anyone at whatever level of education to understand how it flows. You can easily set up this power generator for less than $200 and it will take you a maximum of a day with all materials assembled.

How Does Tyranny Liberator Work?

This program works by giving you a step by step guide on how to make a power generator that can power your house for days. It requires a very short charging period but can store enough electricity to last you a long time in the absence of electricity. This guide is in form of video tutorials that are easy enough for a five year old to understand.

The program also includes a materials list that comes in handy to help you assemble all the parts that you will need to build this power plant. The list is exhaustive ensuring you do not get stuck at any point in time. These materials can be gotten easily enough ensuring you do not struggle much in assembling them.

The program also comes with advice on where to best assemble the plant from. You will also get instant access to the whole program on an online portal. When you follow the program to the letter you are able to safely assemble your power saving and generating plant in just a few hours.

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How to Use Tyranny Liberator

You can be able to use the Tyranny Liberator program by watching the video tutorials. These give a detailed breakdown of what you need. You will be led every step of the way from beginning to the end so that you will not be stranded at any point. The PDF files are similar to the video program where they are divided into four modules.

Module one gives a detailed breakdown of what you will need in terms of tools and materials. This will ensure that you have everything ready before you begin so as not to get stranded at any point.

Module two gives a guide on the breakdown of the cells that are needed to store the power. It shows you how you are to assemble them together. It is a fun step that is all about stacking together just like you would in Lego.

Module three teaches you how to sort out dead cells and usable cells. This will ensure you are working with cells that are performing at optimum capacity.

Finally, module four gives you an understanding of how to charge the cells with the right voltage and how to discharge them correctly. Through this, you are able to clearly and safely build a power generator that is able to utilize the power of the sun and store it for future use.

Is Tyranny Liberator Safe to Use?

Tyranny Liberator is a product that has been put together following intense research carried out by Michael Morris. He made his mistakes through the years and learned from them. He chose to bring all those lessons together for you so that you do not have to go through the trying time he went through or spend the amount of money he did getting things right. He has ensured that the product follows a strict step by step guide to get you a power generator almost effortlessly.

The steps are very detailed ensuring you don’t miss a thing in the execution. You get to enjoy great guidance in both written and visual form following the video tutorials. With these two modes available it ensures you are not lost at any point. You are able to stay safe as it even tells you where best to work from and everything you need to get the right results. All these come together to ensure the process is safe for both you and your home.

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Benefits of Tyranny Liberator

Tyranny Liberator is a system created to get you free from the heavy burden of paying high electricity bills. The first benefit it offers you is an affordable process of first getting all the parts you need to create the system. Secondly, it teaches you how to put all these parts together in a simple step by step procedure that leaves no room for error. The video guide walks with you doing the same thing you are doing so you don’t get lost anywhere.

The second benefit is that you are able to save a lot of money on electricity. The power the generator produces brings down the amount of power that you use from the national grid. This saves you a ton of cash.

The third benefit is how you are able to take better care of the environment when you spend less electricity from the national grid. The fact that you are using power from the sun which is a renewable source of energy means you are reducing your carbon footprint. You are spending less of the non-renewable source of energy.

The fourth benefit is the fact that you will not spend a lot of money to put the generator together. You should be able to spend less than $200 when you have purchased everything. This is a small figure compared to how much you will be able to save in the first few months alone.

The fifth benefit is that the power generator is compact ensuring you do not need much space to keep it. This is always one of the challenges of power generating plants. This is especially so for those that use renewable sources of power. Power storage is usually bulky if you need a good amount of power stored. This system comes to make that significant difference by giving you massive storage in a compact package.

One of the most inconveniencing things about power generating systems is their maintenance cost. It can be pretty high depending on the type of system. This brings you to the sixth benefit which is the system that you will make is maintenance free. It does not use any fossil fuels neither does it depend on the standard grid.

Purchase & Price

The Tyranny Liberator is available for a small fee of just $49.97. The moment you pay for your purchase all the resources will be available for you to download. You can also order for them to be shipped to you where you are.

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Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The inventor of this power saver promises to refund your full purchase price if for some reason you do not see as if you have gotten what you expected. The money back guarantee covers 60 days from purchase. All that is required of you is that you email Michael Morris, the founder, and he will refund you without any questions as to why you want your money back.


How long does it take to assemble the power generator?
The generator takes a couple of hours to put together when you have everything in one place.

How much will the whole project cost to complete?
The project should cost $200 at most if you are buying everything. You will find that you may have a number of items in the house that you can use. This will cut the cost.

Should I involve an electrician to connect the system up for me?
The system comes with a very easy guide that will show you just how the connections go. You should be able to do it all by yourself.

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  • It is an affordable system.
  • It offers an easy step by step guide in both video and print.
  • It is a compact power generating system.
  • It uses easily obtained and affordable parts.
  • It is available both online and in hard copy that can be shipped.
  • The generator is compact allowing it to be used in small spaces.


  •  You will have to be cautious when building the system to produce exactly what is instructed.

Customer Testimonials

“I am a huge fan of saving the planet. I keep my environment as clean as can be and make sure I spend very little energy when I have to spend. I had been feeling that I still hadn’t been saving enough energy and have been looking for a renewable energy system I would be proud of. All the ones I ever thought of getting were either too big or too expensive. When I saw Tyranny Liberator I immediately thought it was a rip off. It was just too cheap.

But I read through the review and checked around for what people had to say about it. I decided to try it because I wouldn’t be losing much even if I was conned. They system delivered just what it had promised. I have been making huge savings on my monthly bill that already paid back the investment of the system way back. And I am satisfied that I made the right decision.” Martin Rivers.

“After the July storm I had to sit high and dry with electricity for 8 whole days. I vowed never to be caught flat footed again. I started searching for a power backup solution that would rid me of the discomfort I had endured. I found it in tyranny Liberator. It’s a simple solution that offers a great power source in an unbelievably small package.” Roger Stevens.

“I was always afraid building my own power generating plant was equals to disaster. I didn’t think I could pull it off. And maybe the reason was because I had been the head of a few botched experiments in my home. Hearing of the Tyranny Liberator gave me some hope however much I was still skeptical. I took hope in the fact that I could get my money back if worse came to worst. I loved the simplicity of the system as I could easily understand it. I’ve made it through!” Kevin Smiles.


The Tyranny Liberator promises you a quick and lasting solution to power outages and steep electricity bills. It offers you a change in the way you have been living by making you independent of the national grid. It is an easy system to put together with a straightforward guide in both video and print to lead you along the way. If you are looking to change the way you live then try this system with a 60 day money back guarantee that secures your investment.

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