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The political world is filled with upheaval at different times. There is always a political war in the making, or war is going on. The world took a moment to pause at such a time when President Trump faced impeachment on December 18th, 2019. It is believed that the president had tried to bend some international political powers to help him get positioned for running for reelection for the second time in 2020.

This impeachment process is not the first time that the president has faced the fire. He faced allegations against him during the 2016 US election, in which Russia was seen as having interfered with the elections. There have been several accusations the president has gone through. The impeachment has been the toughest trial he has had to go through. Yet in all this, the president stands with a resolve to stay and fight to the end.

The president has stood for this country and has fought against anyone who stands against this sovereign nation. He has given up his comfort and lavish life to better the lives of every American. And today there is something you can do for him. You can choose to stand with the president and show him your solidarity. You can do this by supporting him by getting the “Try to Impeach This” Trump Coin.

Trump Coin Review

About the Trump Coin

The “Try to Impeach This” Trump Coin is a limited-edition collector’s coin that has been made by Unicorn Politics, a private company that has a mission to keep America great. The company is not affiliated with President Trump or to his reelection campaign. The company only seeks to spread patriotism. They spread this patriotism through the Trump Coin that they have made following a unique process that creates memorabilia to celebrate the president. It is an enduring artifact that stands to show the president will get through this.

Trump Coin Description

The Trump Coin is an authentic JFK USA half a dollar that has been made by a licensed private bank. The coin is made within the US by US citizens with the back having the currency value. The front has a thin film of high definition color with a depiction of the president and his name. It also has a map of the election reach, showing how much Trump is appreciated in the US.

The collectible comes in an acrylic case designed to keep your coin from damage or weathering for a long while to come. It also has a display case to show off your coin to the different guests you get. You also get to have a full-color authenticity certificate that shows that this coin is authentic and that it is accepted around the world for the value that it is worth.

Trump Coin

How Does Trump Coin work?

This collectible item is made as a legal tender and can serve a greater purpose than being collected. It is a half-dollar coin that can be spent anywhere in the world with its value. The only reason you would not spend it is that it is a collectible. You would rather keep it to commemorate your patriotism towards your president.

The coin gives you a reminder of who the president is to the whole of the country. It helps you stay loyal as you look at his face and see the message of resilience written on the coin. You remind yourself of what the president has done for the country and why he should have another chance to take the country to a greater place.

You should be aware that the coin has a face of colored film with the president and some print on it. It is a high definition color film that portrays the president next to a USA map of the voting electorate. It is a testament that the country loves the president. The color film does not alter the authenticity of the coin as it can still be used as a half dollar tender.

How to Use Trump Coin

You can add this collectible item to your coin collection to serve as a reminder of what the US president means to you. You can also use this coin to gift a relative or friend to remind them of the patriotism they have towards their president. This coin can also be used as a regular half dollar coin as it is an official US currency. It comes with a certificate of authenticity to prove it is genuine.

You can use this coin as a display piece in your house just to let everyone who comes into your house where your loyalties lie. People need to be reminded of who they should be loyal to. This coin gives that constant reminder that you can lean on.

Is Trump Coin Safe to Use?

The Trump Coin is made with 90 percent silver. It is valued based on the silver used to make it. It has a high definition color film depicting the president and electoral majority that love the president. The metal, film, and color that make this coin are made in the highest of standards. The high definition film depiction cannot be gotten anywhere else. The materials used to make this coin to the point of the display are well done following American manufacturing standards.

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Benefits of the Trump Coin

You are assured of a renewed sense of patriotism when you buy this collectible. Here are some of the benefits it offers to you.

  • Patriotic Reminder: This patriotic coin serves as a beautiful reminder of your patriotism to your country. The coin has an attractive high definition pictorial of the president and the voting populace. Seeing this on a legal tender coin gives a reminder of how much the president means to the US.
  • Authentic US Currency: The half dollar coin that you purchase is a genuine legal tender that has been manufactured from the US. It can be used in the country and around the world for the exact value it is worth. You will always have the value of the coin with you beyond the collector’s value.
  • Certificate of Authenticity: A certificate of authenticity accompanies the purchase to show that the coin is authentic and that it can be used around the world for its value. The certificate is a declaration that the currency is legal tender and only has artwork on it.
  • Acrylic Coin Capsule: The coin comes with an acrylic coin capsule to help you put it up for display. It creates an aesthetically appealing display that you can have on your collection set or on any surface in your house or workspace.

Purchase & Price

There are four product packs that Unicorn Politics offers on its site. Note that you will only be able to get this product from the official product website.

The first product pack is a single coin pack. You can have this coin for $19.99. Purchasing a single coin gets you to tap into a 33% discount. The second product pack has three coins in it. It is valued at just $35.99 and allows you to tap into 40% saving. The third product pack has five coins and is the best offer pack. You are able to access this pack for just $54.99. Purchasing this pack lets you tap into a 45% saving. The five-coin pack is the best value pack.

A 10 coin true patriots collectors set of 10 coins is also available at just $99.99. You get to save a cool $50 when you purchase this item. You also get the advantage of having free shipping when you purchase the five-coin set.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

Unicorn Politics gives an assurance that the product it is selling is authentic. You should, therefore, not have a problem with it. You can request a full refund if at all you are not fully satisfied with the product you have bought. This money-back guarantee covers 30 days of trial where you can decide if you are fully happy with the product or want your money back.

All you need to do to get your money back is email customer support and give your receipt, order, or invoice number. You will then give a detailed description of what you find wrong with your product so that it can be recorded, and the product bettered. Customer support will then be able to advise you on the way forward concerning your refund.


What will I get with my purchase of the Trump Coin?
You will get the half dollar coin, an authenticity certificate, and the coin’s acrylic capsule for display.

What happens if I’m unhappy with the purchase?
A 30-day money-back guarantee is in force from the manufacturer. You can tap into it if you are uncomfortable with the product. Yo can email customer support with details of the purchase, like the receipt or invoice number. You are then required to explain what is wrong with the product so that support can validate and process your full refund.

How authentic is the Trump Coin?
The trump Coin is a genuine legal tender that has been made by a licensed private bank in the USA. It comes with a certificate of authenticity and can be used anywhere in the world for the value that it is worth.

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  • It is a genuine product.
  • It is a USA-made product.
  • It has a certificate of authenticity.
  • It comes with an acrylic coin display.
  • Orders are processed within 48 hours of being made.


Customer Testimonials

donald trump coin

“The “Try to Impeach This” Trump Coin has made for a great addition to my coin collection. I had been wondering how I could show my patriotism to my president beyond the usual old t-shirts. I finally found the perfect collectible item that does the trick. And it is genuine merchandise that I can still use as legal tender.” Bill Rivers.

“I have always wanted to start a coin collector’s hobby, but never quite had the inspiration. I didn’t know what to start with. The “Try to Impeach This” Trump Coin has been the best inspiration yet. I am now on my way to my tenth coin. This coin gives me a reminder of what I love and should always be loyal to.” Brett Bunny.

“I’ve always supported the president in power because we have felt that is the right thing to do. I was looking for something original that fit the profile of memorabilia that I could celebrate my patriotism with. I found it in the “Try to Impeach This” Trump Coin. I got to share it with my family too and a few close friends. We all love it to bits as that is where I came from. Charlie Wilkinson.


Patriotism is necessary to help you support your country. It brings citizens together and gives them one cause to believe in. There are different ways you can show support for your country. You can start a movement or create a group that works to better the country as it is. You can choose to lobby for a certain cause like the environment or a monument. National pride gives you the courage to stand up and be counted. You can choose a number of different ways you can show support to your president too.

You show support to your president because he is the current overall leader of the country. There are many ways you can show support to him, but one of the best ways is by using the “Try to Impeach This” Trump Coin. The Trump Coin helps you show your loyalty to those surrounding you. You can tell the world that you are standing by your president despite what he is going through. This act is one of the ones that you do that strengthens our leader.

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