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TotalShield Max


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Full Protection From Direct Droplets Exposure


Covering Nose, Mouth, Eyes and Ears from Droplets


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The world today is in a precarious place. Viral infections are spreading from one country to another. It has created a lockdown situation with many countries trying to contain it and prevent the virus from becoming a pandemic. This is the age of the Coronavirus, commonly referred to as COVID-19. This virus has infected people in epic proportions around the world and killed thousands in the process.

COVID-19 is reminiscent of influenza, which was a pandemic in its day. It killed around 50 million people in its onslaught between the years 1918 and 1919. It later emerged in the years 1957 and 1968 and wiped away several more million people. The flu virus has been mutating at this time. There have been other viruses that have come and caused concern to humans, one notably being the SARS virus.

Governments have instituted almost total shutdown procedures in their countries. Institutions, socializing spots, travel, borders, and any place that can potentially allow for the spread of the virus have been shut down. People are being advised to stay in their homes to prevent further spread of the contagious disease. Economies have been hard hit, and lives have changed at this time. Hundreds of thousands have been affected in different parts of the world, and governments are on high alert.

While governments rally up their forces to combat the spread of the virus, it is up to you as an individual to protect your family from COVID-19. There are measures you can put in place to prevent the disease from infecting you or your loved ones. One of the ways is to use a splash shield like the TotalShield Max that protects you from infection. Here’s how it works.

TotalShield Max

About TotalShield Max

TotalShield Max is a splash shield made from transparent and light plastic. It is a comfortable shield that is made in wrap-around fashion to protect you against liquid splashes onto your face. It gives you total protection against sneezes and coughs and works to ensure your face is protected from infection at this time. COVID-19 is a virus that spreads through the interaction of mucus and other bodily fluid that you get into contact with through your mouth, nose, and eyes. This shield protects you in these vital parts.

Product Description

The shield is designed with a wrap-around design that protects you from above the forehead to below the neck. It is wide enough to allow you to wear a cap inside it and still leave a little room. This room is vital for breathing space. You can also comfortably wear masks underneath this shield, which are necessary to give you added protection against respiratory infection.

The shield has a supporting frame that keeps the transparent plastic stiff when you have it on. It also has a roll-up design that allows you to roll it and carry it or store it comfortably. A cap is one way to keep the shield on your face, as the sides of the hat support it.

How Does TotalShield Max Work?

TotalShield Max is a simple gadget that is designed to keep all liquid matter, flying around in the air, away from your face. It is made with a transparent film of plastic that keeps out any liquid. It is one film that goes around your face, meaning the upper and lower sides of the shield are open to let you breathe. The clear and transparent plastic protection allows you an unobstructed view of the surrounding area.

How to Use TotalShield Max

This shield is a simple gadget to use. You unwrap it and wear it around your face. You can ideally support it using a head cap as it clips on the sides of the cap so that it stays put. The lower part of the shield then sits gently on the front part of your shoulders to give it support. You can then wind it up when you have finished using it.

TotalShield Max review


You should use the shield any time you know you are going to a volatile place. It is wise to use it if you feel you are likely to expose yourself to people who have been infected or potentially infected. You can use it anytime you are going to interact with the general public, or if you are exposing yourself in areas where infected people have been known to pass. Volatile areas like hospitals, nursing homes, subway stations, streets, and alleys, as well as banking halls, are areas where this shield should be used.

Is TotalShield Max Safe to Use?

TotalShield Max is a safe gadget made from a thin film of transparent plastic. It does not use any adhesive or strong chemicals to attach any other pieces to itself. It is a simple piece of protective gear that shields you from any flying matter that could potentially infect you. That makes it a safe gadget to use.


Benefits of TotalShield Max

  • TotalShield Max protects you from liquid splash.
  • It guards your eyes, nose, and mouth against sputum coming from sneezes and coughs, thereby protecting you from infection.
  • The shield also acts as a second block to aid the mask, protecting your nose and mouth from airborne virus particles.

Purchase & Price

The shield is available from the official manufacturer’s website through three pricing models. There is also a considerable price cut if you purchase this shield soon.

  • The first price model has one shield being sold at $49.
  • The second pricing model has two guards costing $98. It has two shields and gives you one free shield to go along with it
  • The third pricing model has three shields costing $135. This pricing model has two free shields attached to it.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company manufacturing this product gives a 30-day money-back guarantee in their terms of service. It expects you first to contact customer support if you feel the product has not performed to the requirements you had. You will be given a Returned Authorization Return number, which you will attach to your item when sending it back. Note that you will cater for shipping expenses.

Please read the Terms & Conditions of the company on their website for more details.


How heavy is the TotalShield Max device?
It is a very light protective gear weighing less than 20 grams. You will not feel any significant weight when you use it.

How fast will I receive my purchase after ordering?
You can get your package in the mail between 5-30 days after ordering. The time will be determined by your distance and the shipping method used.



  • It is light.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is a wind-up device for ease of storage.
  • It is safe.


Customer Testimonials

“I feel more secure knowing I have an extra shield from airborne infectious particles.” Greg Thomas.

“It has been a tough time embracing the state of the world right now. TotalShield Max has helped me to cope with it.” Maggy Price.

“The shield gives me confidence knowing I am well protected in our environment today.” Tommy Grace.


You need to take as many precautions as you can in this world today. Use TotalShield Max and gain confidence that you are protected more than you were before.

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