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Are you a hard-core smoothie fan? But do you feel your love for a smoothie is being a hindrance to your weight loss goals? There’s a common misconception these days that smoothies are not your perfect buddy during the weight loss journey. In this era of fast food and high tech technologies, we are more prone to an unhealthy lifestyle than following a healthy one. We tend to notice our health only when this unhealthy lifestyle starts to take a toll on us. Which is why we get restricted to a lot of food items that we love the most while following particular diets and workout regime.

Did you know that smoothies can actually help you lose weight (and that too without skipping any meals) if it is prepared the right way? I am not talking about the all-green smoothies or the ones that taste healthy but not tasty. I am talking about those smoothies that you all love. If the smoothies are prepared the proper way and consumed, it is potential enough to provide a lot of health benefits. It helps you lose weight, prevents dehydration, makes you feel full and keeps the hunger pangs in check. It also helps with improving digestion due to the high fiber content in it. Smoothies are also a good source of antioxidants.

Now you know that smoothies can be an excellent option when you are looking for weight loss. But as I already mentioned, one needs to be extremely careful while having a smoothie as the wrong preparation or the wrong combination of ingredients in a smoothie can only lead to gaining weight. Not every smoothie can be a good meal replacement. So what can you do to get a smoothie that is equally healthy and tasty?

We are here to review a 21-day smoothie diet that is in the market. It promises weight loss in a very short time along with detoxifying your body. This smoothie diet aims at lowering your sugar consumption by having freshly prepared smoothies that replace the intake of regular food on each day. The objective of this smoothie diet is to control the blood sugar levels and insulin production and achieve a sustainable weight loss. This smoothie diet also comes with a number of guaranteed health benefits. Now you may have questions like – Does it truly work? Is it worth your time and effort? Will it actually help you lose weight in just 21 days? Well, we are here to answer all of these questions and give you more insights about the product. To know more about this trending diet, keep reading the 21-day smoothie diet review.

The Smoothie Diet

About The Smoothie Diet

The 21-day smoothie diet is an e-book prepared by Drew Sgoutas which contains a schedule and recipes for three weeks instructing what smoothies to be taken for each day. It also contains a 3-day smoothie detox plan which has instructions to replace 3 meals a day with specific smoothies for a full body detox.

You get more than 36 delicious smoothie recipes in this pack that you are supposed to try each day. There is a well-planned shopping list for each recipe and for each week. This exclusive shopping list will make your shopping simpler and helps you save a lot of time as you no longer have to wonder what things are to be purchased for the smoothie. This e-book also contains smoothie making tips and prep guides, which will ensure that you spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your new energy levels and confidence.

Drew Sgoutas is a nutrition expert and a professional health coach who has prepared the smoothie diet keeping in mind his clients looking for weight loss in a shorter period. He has used his entire knowledge as a health coach and what he has learned from his clients while preparing this complete 3-week guide to make sure faster and efficient results. He has used the same proven 3-week weight loss and health improvement program that he shares with his clients. All the smoothies included in the diet are in a specific sequence which ensures to maximize the weight loss results. The nutrient and ingredient ratios in the smoothies vary every week ensuring that those extra pounds shed off and stay off.

A few of the benefits that you can reap by following the 21-day smoothie diet are increased levels of energy, better sleep cycles, and patterns, spotless skin, sharper thinking, and controlled blood sugar levels. Shed the extra weight in as little as 3 weeks and attain a toned body that you can flaunt. The 21-day smoothie diet helps you feel better about yourself and get more confidence than you have felt before.

The Smoothie Diet review

How Does The Smoothie Diet Work?

As per the instructions on the smoothie diet ebook, you have to prepare and drink 2 smoothies a day replacing two of your meals (mostly breakfast and lunch). The third meal is up to and you can have your favorite solid food meal. But be careful to not overeat or take too many calories in this meal as it can tamper the weight loss goal. For best results, you should keep your calorie intake low to medium. If you still have cravings for your non-healthy food, you are permitted to take one cheat day per week. The ebook also has a recommended food list for the cheat days. The rest of the details about each smoothie and how it helps your body is mentioned in the ebook guide. You can repeat the 21-day diet anytime as you wish to lose weight. All you have to do is to follow as per the author’s instructions and watch your body effortlessly shed off those stubborn pounds.

Benefits of The Smoothie Diet

  • By following the Smoothie diet, you can enjoy better sleep, improved levels of energy, and a clearer and spotless skin. It also helps improve your focus and get sharper thinking.
  • The Smoothie diet enhances your body immunity to a great extent. It is a proven and efficient diet to control sleep disorders. There is a good amount of calcium and magnesium in your smoothie diet that helps in inducing sleep and in giving you a healthy sleep pattern.
  • The smoothie diet helps in maintaining balanced blood sugar levels.
  • This 21-day smoothie diet will help you beat the bloating. It helps to keep the hunger pangs and the uncontrollable cravings under control which eventually results in weight loss.
  • The 21-day smoothie diet lets you experience a complete transformation in just three weeks of following the diet.
  • The 21-day smoothie diet has a wide variety of smoothie recipes which doesn’t let the users feel bored.


Let us now check the pros of the 21-day smoothie diet.

  • The smoothie diet detoxifies your body which is very important as the excess toxic fats within the body may make it difficult to reduce the excess fat even during the diet.
  • The smoothie diet keeps hunger pangs in control and thus helping in weight loss.
  • This smoothie diet is easy to prepare and consume. You can prepare the smoothie within the comfort of your own home.
  • You need not go to the gym or put in any kind of effort to lose weight.
  • This smoothie diet is proven to help people lose weight in a very short time.
  • This smoothie diet improves metabolism, controls sleep disorders, keeps the blood sugar level in check and has several other health benefits.
  • This smoothie diet is rich in fiber and contains no or less amount of sugar as compared to the smoothies you get in the shops.
  • Less calorie counting and food tracking needed. You need not keep track of your calorie intake or maintain a food diary as the diet itself contains a lot of decision-making and tracking is already done for you.
  • The preparation guidelines are explained in detail so that you know everything you have to do to start with your weight loss journey.
  • A cheat day in your diet lets you enjoy your favorite meal once a week along with getting healthy and in shape.


Now that we have seen the pros, let us examine what the cons of the smoothie diet are.

  • You might feel restrictive as you have to replace two of your meals in a day with smoothies. If you are someone who can not live without solid-food, you may find it a bit difficult in the initial stages.
  • You might feel that this 21-day smoothie diet is a bit time consuming as you have to prepare your smoothies every single day. Even though the steps and procedures for preparing smoothies are very simple as mentioned in the e-book, it can be a bit time consuming for those who hate to get into the kitchen and prepare.

Compared to the advantages and benefits of the smoothie diet, this product is definitely worth the time and effort. The cons are of the least significance here. If you are patient enough to prepare the smoothies and have the willpower to follow the diet, you can easily achieve that body shape that you have always dreamt of.

Pricing, Money Back Guarantee, And Refund Policy

You must be wondering about the rate of this smoothie diet. The great news is that you have to pay just a fraction of the rate compared to what you would have paid for a session with a nutritionist or a health expert. You get this amazing weight loss package at a discounted rate of $37, which is only for a limited period. Users get a $10 off from the original price on immediate purchases. The original rate of the Smoothie diet e-book is $47.

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Drew also promises a 100% user satisfaction and a 60-day money-back guarantee. If at any point you feel the product is not worth your time, you can just call or email and your money will be returned without any hassles and without even a single question being asked.

If you have any queries about this smoothie diet then just drop an email at [email protected]

Side Effects

There are no recorded side effects of the 21-day smoothie diet as it is prepared at home and is completely natural. You do not have to worry about any kind of side effects from the smoothie diet. The diet, in general, does not need any prescriptions or a doctor’s consultation. But, in case, you are allergic to food or are under some medications which can react with a particular food, it is best advised to consult your doctor before following this diet.

Before and After Results Pics

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Customer Reviews

Let us now have a look at what the users of the 21-day smoothie diet have got to say about the product and their experiences.

Danielle – Getting into this diet was super easy and I noticed the results in very less time. This diet worked wonders for me as I lost 8 pounds in just one week. I feel a lot better and more confident than I have felt in a very long time. I no longer have to suck in my stomach to button my pants. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight effectively in a shorter time.

Dawn – I just completed the 21-day smoothie diet and I can say it is completely fabulous! I have lost 14 pounds in these 21 days. I feel a lot lighter, active and energetic than I was a few backs back. The smoothies were so tasty, filling and I never felt bored with them. I got to try a lot of new recipes. I will continue to use these smoothies as it has become a part of my life now. If you want to lose weight and make a healthy life change then I recommend everyone to go ahead with this diet. Thank you so much!

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

Is the 21-day smoothie diet worth the splurge?

If you are a smoothie fan and want a quick weight loss along with detoxifying your body, then the 21 days Smoothie diet will be your perfect partner. You can definitely go ahead and try this product as it doesn’t have any artificial ingredients or components that lead to weight gain. And the best part of it all is that the smoothie is prepared by you at your own place without having to put in any extra effort. All you have got to do is just follow the instructions and witness the wonders this diet can do to your body.

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