The Mystery of the Male Libido

Male Libido or sex drive is an urge to have sex. The sex drive is not just biological chemistry, but there are other elements too that are responsible for it. The basic look out of a desire to have sex can differ from person to person like few relate it to be instinct basis, some as biological urge whereas a bunch of people consider it as an existential need. But in every aspect, the desire to have sex is considered to be important because, without it, nothing can work out actually.

But the Male Libido is one of the mysteries of the body. Libido has a pretty typical pattern but widely differs among everyone. Also, the Libido is sensitive vary by day and even by the hour, regardless of the testosterone levels. (Only if the testosterone does not fall too low). A sexual relationship has too many elements involved to reach satisfaction. But the base of this physical intimacy is very much dependent on the urge of having sex in both the partners. But sometimes it’s the urge that naturally doesn’t occur in the body, and that’s where the evaluation of Libido comes in the question.

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Let’s understand the various factors that contribute to the Male Libido.

Factors that influence Male Libido

Libido is influenced by biological, psychological, and social factors. Right from the body’s aging to the partner’s sex appeal, everything can contribute to the Libido’s arousal or sustainment. Below are the categorized factors that influence Male Libido.

1) Biological

  1. Testosterone level: Testosterone is a hormone that shapes the male body in various ways. Its functions include building muscle and bone mass. Men start losing interest in the idea of having intercourse with their partner if their testosterone levels dropdown.
  2. Estrogen: Estrogen is another hormone in the body that is essential for modulating Libido, erectile function, and conversion of testosterone to estrogen. This process is very much important for the sexual function of men. Low levels of estrogen can develop low sex drives
  3. Erection efficiency: Erection and sexual desire are connected because the arousal point in make means the erection point. The sexual act cannot take place without the erection in men. Erectile dysfunction that is a temporary or long term can cause decreased sexual urge
  4. Blood pressure status: Blood flow is that fuel in the body which keeps all organs functioning. The same goes for the erectile chambers of the penis, and abnormal blood levels cannot regulate blood circulation whenever required. Abnormal blood levels invite blood pressure and extend to diabetes, which can highly impact the male Libido.
  5. Sleep patterns: Enough sleep to the body is required for the functioning of certain organs during the night to provide energy to any human the other day. A disturbed sleep cycle can disturb the food body mechanism and hormones too. Sleep insomniac can reduce the sex drive too.
  6. Endocrine disorders: Endocrine health is important in males as it might affect sexual function and cause sexual dysfunction. Endocrine disorders can heavily affect erectile functioning and men to lose interest in sex, too, which can ultimately affect the sex drive.
  7. Fatigue: Their energy levels or mood very much influences men’s Libido. A constant feeling of being tired means men are facing fatigue and cannot withstand the energy to perform during sexual activity. So, this might make men not to have the urge to have sex.
  8. Obesity: Overweight is an obstruction in every sexual activity, makes everyone tired, lazy, and loses interest. The sex urge can get affected by the male’s weight. Overweight can lead to obesity, and obesity is a sign of low T too, further decreasing Male Libido.
  9. Diet: Our body needs all nutrients and circulates it to the required organ. Similarly, the glands that are involved in sex drive also need various nutrients to keep functioning. Hence, an imbalanced diet can lead to insufficient nutrients and lead to low levels of testosterone, leading to low male Libido.

2) Psychological

  1. Stress: Mental changes in the body can lead to tension and stress. The body tends to release a hormone to fight or flight stress named cortisol. This hormone has its side effects Low-T can affect the neurons and emotions, too, which can lower the sex drive.
  2. Depression: Depression is the state in which a person does not feel like undergoing any activity. In that case, the sex urge is too high expectation. Males tend to lose interest, and their brains, too, do not release such feelings to develop a sex drive.
  3. Confidence: Less confidence in the bed can be one of the major psychological reasons men do not get a sexual urge, constantly reminded by their brain of their low confidence, and thus do not feel to have sex.
  4. Sex approach: Many men look at sex differently, and also some have an approach towards it as a sin. Sex drive cannot easy to develop with negative thoughts.
  5. Past traumatic events: Sexual abuse or past incidences that occur in the mind while thinking of sex kills the desire to have sex.

3) Social

  1. Sex education and awareness: Sex education is important for every human being irrespective of gender, typically talking about men; if men are not aware of their functions and roles of hormones, they tend to lose interest and change in approach too.
  2. Lifestyle: Various daily habits can also lead to reduced sex drive because of busy chores, alcohol drinking, or continuous work pressures. A healthy lifestyle has its benefits to run the body and thus increase the hormonal balance too
  3. Quality and novelty of the relationship: Last but not least is the partner’s response or the chemistry between the two. Their partner’s sex appeal drives men. The irresponsive or uninterested partner can turn down things in bed and thus can affect the moment a future libido in men too.

These parameters are responsible for High or Low Male Libido depending upon their presence in the male body. Everything that happens in our body has a reason for the mechanism that the body wants to carry out. Similarly goes with the sex drive among Males. A male libido has a lot to do with erection and sustainment of it throughout the sexual act. The stamina, erection, sperm count everything is related to hormones in the Male body. Right from the blood flow to the pituitary gland has their roles to play during the sex drive and heavily affected by all three aspects known under Bio, psycho, and socio.

Treating a Low Male Libido

Solving the male mystery is difficult but not impossible. By understanding the various factors involved, it is solvable, and one can achieve a satisfactory sexual act too. Sometimes when this gets chronic, it is necessary to choose to treat the issue by taking medications as the expert’s better way can find the right cause and provide treatment related to the sex libido. Various medications and treatments can help to increase hormones or reduce the factors that are becoming a barrier in Male Libido. Bluechew is a service that provides chewable pills of sildenafil or tadalafil by licensed medical professionals that can help common people to choose convenient, affordable, and chewable tablets for satisfactory performance in bed.

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