The Bronies start a club despite criticism

The Bronies, a new organization at WSU is a group of males who can relate to the cartoon “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” Beyond that characteristic, they reach a common ground of unity and friendship with people from different backgrounds.

“The Bronies that we started at WSU is a subculture to the nationally known bronies,” Stephen Bradley, President of the Bronies, said. “This is the first year this group has been brought to WSU. We found people from other groups on campus who were interested and that’s how the group got formed.”

“The best part so far is meeting a lot of friendly nice people,” Bradley said. “For the first meeting we had a big turnout. We’re looking to put something together for the premiere of season three of the show.”

However Bradley and other members of the club admit that they’ve faced a lot of challenges and hateful words being said to them.

“We know that this show is geared towards girls,” sophomore and Brony member Adam Stomp said. “However we like it and can relate to it; we’re not some type of pedophiles. We want to get away from that evil stigma this club has. You can watch a cartoon and not be a creepy person. We all have a lot of other things going on in our life besides watching ‘My Little Ponies.’”

“I saw on one of our flyers ‘You’re a pathetic human being,’ but I try to not let it bother me,” sophomore and Brony member Alex Poole said.

“One reason we made this group is to show people the real label,” Stomp said. “The show is about friendly, helpful ponies, which is how we all should be. When I first heard about it I thought it was creepy, but I gave it a chance and I started to like it.”

Bradley, Stomp and Poole all agree that if you’re curious and have questions come to one of their meetings and keep an open mind. As these members do, it’s a sure bet you’ll find a pony to relate with. Stomp, likes Applejack because she’s hardworking and honest. Poole likes Fluttershy because she’s shy and introverted just like him. Bradley likes Twilight Sparkle because she’s relatable, anti-social and very independent. She also has a baby dragon which Bradley says is very cool.

“A lot of Bronies don’t know about our group. We are trying to get an identity at WSU,” Stomp said.

For more information about the Bronies, go to their meetings Thursdays at 6 p.m. in 128 Allyn.

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